Steem Monsters is Looking for Fantasy Writers! // Join the Writing Team to Help Create the Backstory of the Game!

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Steem Monsters is Looking for Fantasy Writers!

Steem Monsters is looking for Authors to help create the backstory for the Steem Monsters world!

The setting of the Steem Monsters world is called The Splinterlands.
The world was once whole, but then became splintered. The prophecy states that it will become whole again.
These different splintered groups are at war with one another and each elemental color splinter group has their own set of strengths and weaknesses.

@aggroed is working on the Campaign Template which is the core key guide that each color needs in order for each color story to be consistent and bring continuity and fit into the main story arc.

The Campaign Template will include:

  • The raw basics- Commonalities
  • Combat Basics
  • Elemental Characteristics
  • Combat Arenas
  • Types of Magic
  • Timeline
  • Major Events
  • Minor Events
  • Logistics

Join the Writing Team to Help Create the Backstory of the Game!

The plan is to organize 6 groups of writers based on the 6 elemental colors of the game.

In the Steem Monsters Discord I have set up the 6 elemental color channels.

Go to the #guidelines section of the writing channel in the Steem Monsters Discord and let us know what elemental color you are interested in.

This week we will be organizing the teams while @aggroed finalizes the Campaign Template.

Once the Campaign Template is in place then the writers can begin writing the backstory for their elemental color.

There will be compensation, but @aggroed is still working on the numbers. He will know more by the end of the week.

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Thank You for your continued support!


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Steem Monsters to the moon!

@lordnigel, get amongst it, mate.
If the game needs a tavern, I say we call it 'The Jade'.

I would love to be a part of this one! Are there any qualifications needed?

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I would love to help, but I am totally new to story writing, and am unsure I would be a real help, people when it comes to a group, are often fearful of the "I'm sorry we like you as a person, however...", of letting another individual know that they are not working out.

If I knew that someone could be honest and let me know if my writing was not working for the group, I could step away and watch from the sidelines, as I pretty much am doing now. I would like to try to help, but I do not want to feel like I am acting as an anchor to the group and not allowing the story to grow the way it needs to grow.

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I am interested to write :) Well I am not a fantasy writer. I usually write social stories, but would like to give it a try :)

I think I have some decent ideas, but I suck at writing.

I wrote 1 story about the Spineback Wolf already. But it was really poorly written


discord invite link expired. Can you post it again?

Just joined the Discord...
Ready to join one of the teams...
Hope there are many things that I can help...

Good luck...☕❤

Well this is fucking cool!


I would help you, but we must go to fight the dragons

I am going to write some stories and get my kids to write a few also. You never know ....

Cool! Can I share this ad on twitter?