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Love that website! Definitely a great tool! Love seeing the drop rates. Nice epics you got that there also!

4 Epics out of 6 packs, what are you doing to the math behind the packs?? For real, you are so lucky. And you even got more than one rare at a time.

Thanks a lot for sharing my art in your show! I really appreciate it! (By the way, I'm a he. lol)

I'll have to check out the begginer post. I still have more to learn about the game.

Do you remember me on SMT telegram group. I love your works. Keep it up man. Take some time out and visit my blog please. Thank you!

Raining epics :P just joined the discord :) another great steemmonsters update

Hello friend to you back me follow.

Hey @reseller, it's getting hard to keep up with all the new info, this is going so fast LOL.
When you have multiple normal cards, should I combine them all, or is it worth having a couple indivivuals to sell, and where would you recommend selling them?
I had a look at the steemmonsters bay, great for info, but i couldn't work out an individual cards value. is there a way ?