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Twitter followed under my account insideout ostomy, already follow on Steemit. I am new to @steemmonsters only getting my first pack on Saturday while reading a role on #steemstars Dlive, it was hilarious as I was playing the Goblin Sharman and they gave me a booster pack that had him in it, coincidence? I think not lol..


Congrats, you WON a Booster!


@reseller Awesome that's super exciting! I will have to go check that out! :D

I followed on twitter day 1..... I'm @ Sneaker76475515 I feel that you should follow everything so you can get all the news and helps with you homework info.... Thanks @reseller keep up the good work. I miss your eBay sales videos too....

There's my tweet. I know that you didn't ask for a copy of the tweet, nor even to tweet to you, just a follow. But as I was already following you on Twitter I thought I'd better make an extra special effort to be included in this competition. 😎

Is there anywhere left that I'm not following you for #SteemMonsters updates and information? Haha!

Nice Legend! That's one of the legends I have too. Also, I followed the twitter account!



Congrats you WON a Booster Pack!

I'm a follower (Twitter user id @melontsik). Cheers!


Congrats you WON a Booster Pack!


Awesome, thanks @reseller! :)

I can't open a starter pack, so another booster pack would be great for the stream tonight XD


We sent you a pack!

I would like to win a booster pack! I'm following here and on twitter. My handle on steemit and twitter are @malricinferno . Thanks for your consideration.


I agree, this guy should win.

already following u brotha

I have followed @steemmonsters on Twitter. My username is @chamudiliyanage

Followed. My Twitter handle is also @benadapt. 👍

I wish i could get a monster

I have been following the twitter account since I found out it existed.
Again... WOW to your luck...

Last time I opened 30 packs I only got 1 Legendary and some Epics. I respect the math, but you don´t... so lucky!

I want all of them...well I'm kidding. All the best to all the people who wish to get those packs

Thank you so much for the generous gold card gift. That was very kind of you to do. My first one! 😄


Nice, hold on to it! Welcome to Steem Monsters!

I used to play YuGiOh back in the day and collected a lot of cool cards. Neat to see a popular card game on the blockchain as well for collecting, trading, and competing.


Here's the math: Every time someone crafts a badge for a game, one eligible person receives a booster pack.

I have done what is requested, greetings from Black Team C.

I am following you on tweeter and love to get a booster pack :) My username on Tweeeter is @LittlKinderClub

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You did a good job!

Fantastic work with this one, kudos

My internet connection, especially for dlive is super crashy, cannot get to join most times, and taht sucks! I'm not sure but I think this promo is already over? I will be following and retweeting either way to help spread the word out about SteemMonsters, and my wife's account has almost 3K followers. Hopefully that wil honor the great game we're a part of! Cheers and can't wait to see what else this amazing project has in store for all of us. Have a great week everybody!

every thing about the booster i understand , but i am finding it difficult to understand the process to do it , kindly help

@reseller thanks for sharing sir

Congratulations @reseller!
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Hi #reseller !!! I gave you an upvote on your vid. Please give me a follow and I will give you a follow in return. :)


Followed on Twitter, username is @jonnyla08

Followed you on twitter!

Following @steemmonsters on Twitter (username: @Gabs_duh), really looking forward to getting into the game... just bought the starter pack yesterday!

stoked for steem monsters! def following

Pls vote me follow me