Upcoming Decisions- How Will Steemmonsters Win the Day and Year?

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Answers for Steemmonsters Near Future!


   Keep in mind I'm hoping to get some comments and opinions on this.  Two heads are better than one usually.

   What Needs to Happen Now?

1. Bring in New Members- 

   Many of our current players are happy with how much money they have spent getting the cards they have.  No future purchases are coming from them.  This might change if they are missing cards from a fully maxed set and they want to compete in the upcoming play Sunday and eventual tournaments.  If players know that 100.00 daily tournaments and 1,000.00 weekly tournaments are coming wouldn't they want to make purchases before the price rise happens?  To look deeper into why new members join you might enjoy https://steemit.com/steemmonsters/@marcuswahl/a-crypto-company-faces-decisions-do-you-have-the-answers

2. Increase Value to All Members Having Cards of All Levels-

   To be clear we are talking about size of investment.  Having high level cards takes a larger and larger investment until max.  I draw attention to the word ALL here.  I think that is important as we analyze tournament formats and ladder climbing for prizes for the benefit of everyone.

Solution Proposed

We have already had talk of having tournaments for level 1 cards.  This is something that will include everyone that has bought a starter pack.  We simply increase prize values as the level format gets higher and higher until max.  Ladder play could have different level requirements as well.  As far as gold tournaments go level 1 gold, level 2, and all the way to max could be out there.

Controversial Question

   Do we need to spread the prize money around?

   If someone places in a level 1 tournament should they be put on cool down for x hours so others have a chance to win that specific format?  If bots are possible it certainly would prevent their immediate participation in the next tournament.

   Handling Bots

   It looks like the founders have some complex strategy formats to discourage the use of bots by changing the mana levels up and restricting which splinters can be used.  Easy to play, but skill based is where we want to be.

Don't forget match and win folks, less than 72 hours left in round 3, only one four of a kind, and ZERO five of a kinds.   https://steemit.com/steemmonsters/@matchandwin/17-00-winner-match-and-win-round-3-plus-results-600-00-added

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Restricting winners is a bad Idea. Everyone paid to play this game so if they have the cards to play a specific tournament then they should be allowed to no matter how many times they won it.


ok glad to hear your opinion here, thanks for contributing to conversation :)