Join The Steem Monsters Affiliate Program Today! Daily Tip #003!

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Are you excited about Steem Monsters? Want to learn more about the community, cards, gameplay, tournaments, and rewards?! Well then you're going to love the start of STEEM MONSTERS DAILY TIPS!

Today is Episode #003 and we discuss how to join the Steem Monsters Affiliate Program!

Want to earn rewards just by signing up friends as an affiliate for Steem Monsters?! For anyone that used my link below to get started on Steem Monsters I am able to earn 5% on your purchases! This will allow me to do more giveaways, tutorials, and gameplay in the future!

I will have a full tutorial on how this affiliate system will work on Steem Monsters -- but here is the overall gist!

The goal of Steem Monsters Daily Tips is to provide value to newer users and share my excitement about Steem Monsters! These videos will be powered by DTUBE and I will be posting Daily! (For as long as I can :)

To Get Started Click Below!

Here is my referral Code again as an example! Feel Free to Use this to purchase packs today!

Click Here Discord Channel


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What the F*** is Steem Monsters..? Like Crypto kitties? Is that what we should fill Hot and Trending pages with?

looking forward

we love you handsome @joeparys xxxx

Great initiative and way to spread another great dApp Game and the platform together.

good info!