Steemmonsters Booster Pack Giveaway for June 11!

in steemmonsters •  11 months ago

This giveaway will consist of 10 Steemmonsters booster packs!


1. You must write a post about Steemmonsters and use #steemmonsters.
2. You must comment on this post and give the link to your post about #steemmonsters.

That's it!

Congratulations to the winners from the previous giveaway, your booster pack has been sent to your account!

P.S. - Please vote for witness @nextgencrypto!

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Thanks for the prize.. Much appreciated

Good luck to everyone in the round

You must work in marketing

Here is my entry , I try to put some text about steemmonsters progress on my auction post.Thanks for the Giveaway.

Hey @berniesanders, I'm running a 50 pack giveaway/contest!

You could enter both my contest AND bernie's contest at the same time for 2 times the chances to win :)

Part of the 50 pack giveaway, 25 packs will be given away through a raffle, where all proceeds will go towards helping Venezuelans combat hyperinflation in their country, and promote blockchain, cryptocurrency and Steem in a nation plagued by uncertainty and poverty.

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I gotta know about #steemmonsters before i play the game.

Done, i have made a post about in my language to invite my partners. I hope you visit my blog, there also i have a good article about the situation with Jerry Banfield. Go check it...

Thanks for doing these giveaways!

Funny, no scratch that, very sad story about my wannabe steemmonsters depressed army:

Awesome Giveaway! :-)

Thanks Dad x
@mys wanna swap booster packs? lol


Sure I am open to swap boosters :) How to do it in secure way? Lets meet at steemmonsters discord?


Uh now I see the boosters are de facto open, and I got Legendary card there :O
Everyone can see cards inside boosters sent by @ngc to us


Haha yeah, thought everyone knew about that site. Was just commenting on how you got lucky :)

I know this is my 2nd comment on this post, but I just finished this story of the Spineback Wolf.
idc about the giveaway I just want to share the story and maybe even get some feedback

I used to play D&D and Magic years ago. Steemmonsters has great potential.

Hey my constructive criticism post on Steemmonnsters community :) Thx for competition!

This is my first post about #steemmonsters, but I'm already preparing myself to make another one, love this game so much!

Hey hey! :D I didn't write a special post as an entry to your giveaway, but pretty much everything I've been posting lately is #steemmonsters related... I'm utterly obsessed. You don't need to include me in the giveaway. ;)

I wrote Steem Monsters Comedy Sketch (first of many, I presume)... you might get a kick out of it!

The Steem Monsters Tavern - A Radio Sketch

Awesome giveaway √ will do it soon.

This is my post on "Why steemmonsters cards are actually worth money"

Hey @berniesanders - congrats to the Rep 9 btw! I posted several times about #steemmonsters, two of them yesterday:

Thank you for doing another giveaway, @berniesanders.

Here’s my post:
an upvote would be awesome too, if you will :))

I am also doing a 10 pack Steem Monster giveaway! Bernie up your giveaway! 😁 Would love if you could bless my giveaway blog!!!
Between here is my post and I would like to participate in your competition.

I don't know if this counts for your giveaway, but thought you might want to know about it anyways! (more for the small guys/gals than you) :)

Estos sorteos si que son buenos.. quiero ganar...

Loving this steemmonster madness. Thank you for putting your support behind this project.

This is my fourth post on steemmonsters. In the last week I think I have only posted about steemonsters on my blog because I know that this is going to be a start of something truly epic.

hello there!!!
congrats to all winners. i have a question??
what are your expectations for this game??? this is a project to short or long term???
good luck!!!
have a great day!!!

This is a nice contest!!!
Steemmonsters card are so awesome..I like this,,i will join on this ..

Sorry, I was just teaching my orc how to hunt orange things with weird hairdos. Might be hunting Asian next.


Anyhow... let me show you how Akox does business

Akox' Auction - Undead Priest [LVL 8]

I am challenging myself to post once a day! Luckily my post for today is another one for steemmonsters (for Neoxian's contest)! Seems to me like I can participate with that here as well.. Am I getting greedy? YES!
I want to catch'em all!

Former posts include:

Hola @berniesanders, vaya buen trabajo!!! Es muy bueno recibir estos trabajos, motiva a participar, gracias por compartir!

Here is my post.
My First 24 hours with SteemMonsters

I just found about about @steemmonsters a few days ago and now I am hooked! I think this will be really great for steemit and I have joined the development team already.

Thank you for holding this giveaway :)

Yay! another contest! This is fun! Here is my post:

SteemMonsters GiveAWAY

please also see my original stories!

I, Pangor and Firebugs!

Hi bernie, could need some Legendarys. Made an Elliott Wave analysis for our friend haejin.
Selfvoted to get this comment visible.


Oh no. More war.

Okay, is this an Ethereum asset or what blockchain is it on?


Steem blockchain!

Congratulations @berniesanders!
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Hey thanks, man. That's really cool.