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Get your head out of the crypto blood bath and join us for the future digital blood bath of simulated monster combat. This show is technically the Minnow Mayor Town Hall. For the first hour I spend time talking to @offoodandart for her food contest that she shares with a few friends. We discuss crypto current prices for a few minutes, then talk contest, and then talk about the writing components of what we're doing over with Steem Monsters.

The next 90 min is really all about stats in the game that we're planning on using for the cards.


Monsters will have

Physical attack- Physical Damage done
Magic attack- Damage done to health
Armor- Physical damage absorbed before damage to health
Health- hit points before dead
Speed- determines who goes first and liklihood of landing a hit
Special Abilities- A long list of abilities that monsters can have to give them special powers.

Card value

Generally speaking a Mana cost 5 common = mana cost 4 rare = mana cost 3 epic = mana cost 2 legendary in terms of overall strength

Generally speaking a common a level 2 common would be a like a level 1 rare. A level 3 common would be like a 1 epic. A level 4 common would be a like a level 1 legendary.


Essentially there are three dials you have for card power.

Mana cost

Tweaking the mana cost up by 1 = common level up by 1 = rarity up by 1.

It's trickier to think of the other rarities because they don't have 10 levels, but if you need a guage of how good a card is relative to another this is a pretty good metric.

Enjoy the show

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I don't know if you answer this in the show. It's 2 1/2 hours long and I don't have that spend right now. I was wondering what the numbers mean on the cards. When it says 0/4 or 2/4. I think it has something to do with the power of the card, but can you explain it? Or tell me where to find the answer?



we did a written recap that may help. If you have the time watch (on 2x speed)
But even still the written notes can still help


that's experience. If it's at the bottom. That's how many more fights it'll have to win or cards you'll have to burn to move up a level.

This is best game have ever seen a friend showed me but have not played it yet

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Start the tournament guys! I'm really excited what the special skills of my favorite monster will be! I hope the good ones got some good skills too not just good design.


you guys should consider making a closed alpha or beta to get a lot of real data

My Latest @steemmonsters Prediction: One day we will be playing a @steemmonsters Virtual Reality Game based on these cards and there will even be a @steemmonsters Movie.

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It was such an awesome show! I was taking serious notes, lol! Thanks for having the show!