Master Baking Class with @ albertocotua ( Weekly Series) Issue no 8 Donuts !!!!!

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Hello steemers, for today's class I bring you a recipe for donuts super easy and fast. Perfect to make at home and share a delicious snack with the family.

Very good as always I show you the technical data sheet with all the necessary data to make these delicious donuts.


We begin with the step by step.

Mise in Place.

As always in all preparations, we make our Mise in Place.



First we mix the dried, sugar, salt and yeast.


I'm going to show you another technique to mix the ingredients before kneading, we spread the dry ingredients on the table and with the help of the same bowl we open a hole in the center and add the eggs.


With the help of Taroco (the white utensil). add the flour from the edges to the eggs and let's join little by little. When the eggs are united, it is the turn of the milk.


When the ingredients are united, place the butter and stop using the taroco to continue the kneading with your hands.



We knead manually as in the previous mixes.

First fermentation.

As I always tell you, this is the most important fermentation phase.


When the initial fermentation ends, with the help of a rolling pin we proceed to stretch the dough leaving it with a thickness of approximately 2 centimeters.


When we have the dough stretched and with the desired thickness, with the help of a cutter (the one of your preference) we give shape to the donuts.


Cut all the donuts we can and remove the excess dough to stretch and cut again.


Final fermentation.

Let stand 60 minutes on the table, with a little flour down so they do not stick.


When the final fermentation time has passed, we preheat the oil to fry the donuts until they are golden brown.


Let it rest and cover with sugar and cinnamon or with your favorite topping.


And these donuts are ready to be tasted.

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Se ven muy deliciosas esa rosquitas como la llamamos en Venezuela. Que tenga una feliz tarde .


En este lado del país se les llama rosquitas a las mandocas, saludos muchas gracias por su comentario!

They looks good :-) I will try them ✌️😀


I want see your post my friend!

Will definitely try this sometime coz I love sweets!🍩
& will try to do my come back SK article writing next week & hoping that Steem/SBD will go up again soon ☹️


Im wait for your post joy!

We hope you can, and Steem keep up!

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