Biggest Statue in the World of Virgin Mary with Jesus

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Dear Steemians,

would like to share with you some info + pics from my two hometowns in Bulgaria. Dimitrovgrad and Haskovo, that are separated by 15 km. distance from each other, and are located by an hour drive from the Turkish and Greek borders in South Bulgaria.

I rarely travel to Bulgaria over the last years, but I am always pleased and feeling relaxed whenever I am back home.

So for now I will just upload pics of the Biggest Statue of Virgin Marry with Jesus in the world. Soon to follow with some more posts regarding my two home cities.
All pics were taken today.

11 (1).jpg

The statue is located on the hill overlooking Haskovo, which is in the top ten biggest Bulgarian cities. I was wondering, if it is true this statue could be the biggest in the World, as I know that the same one could be erected in any country in the world, and might be that that there are many " The biggest" of the same kind in the world.

The sign says:

Material: polymer-concrete,
Weight- 80 t., Height of the statue 14 m.,
Height of the base: 17 m., Total height:32.8 m.
Unveiled on 08.09.2003 and consecrated
by His Eminence Arsenius
Metropolitan of Plovdiv

Actually, I guess and wish there could be a Crypto Statue, BTC or STEEM, than a religious one, as we are non-religious society and we should put stress on innovations and Human Development. Of course there are old people, who might like it, but it is understandable and I do respect their opinion...


I did my due diligence and double checked the info in wikipedia, as being a Global person for me the most important thing is to know the truth, I do not care if it is in Bulgaria, or South Africa or New Zealand for example. For me is the same!!!

Found a huge one in Venezuela, bigger than the Bulgarian, but it turned out to be without Jesus, but all of the sudden looks like I found a bigger one in Bolivia. Called Virgin de la Candellaria and the height is about 45 meters.So few meters taller.
12 (1).jpg

The park and in the farthest background can be seen the mountains of Greece.

13 (1).jpg

Next to the Statue stands the Bell Tower.I took the stairs up and the vantage point was the best for shooting pics of Haskovo from a bird view.





Monument of the Fallen Bulgarians against Fascism over the period of 1923-1944.


Hope you liked my pics, stay positive and be happy!!!

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@yanipetkov Very interesting article I really enjoyed, beautiful warm pictures, it feels some special spirit of this place. And you did quite a research! I am almost sure we are not so far away from BTC statue to appear, but I would live such statues as this, because first of all it appeals to the right archetypes - Mother taking care and loving her Child, while father is making money at work and if in thousand years there will be no more Christianity people still will understand the meaning of it and it will influence them in a positive way.
But talking about old statues for demontage - I would love to take out all Lenin statues out of every single Russian city, for there is no reason for whole generations to look every day at the guy staying in the center of city or village who killed (or better say gave the order to kill) the whole Tsar Family
Is Bulgaria FREE from Lenin statues?


Hi @johnstone! Thanks for liking my article and pics. I do agree with your comments, just want to add something else. As per the historical stats, I would say that Religion and all superstitions it brings with itself, is as dangerous as keeping Humankind at the lowest of its development.
That is why it looks now backward and as per my observances it is outdated nearly all over the world.
As per Lenin is the same situation, in Bulgaria I have never seen any statues of Lenin, could be before, but never heard of it.
I think for the sake of prosperous Humankind, our major goal is to implement ASAP blockchain technologies, and the time will show how wrong we have been with the other two ideologies above mentioned.


@yanipetkov your way of thinking appeals to me very much. Very interesting thoughts. And yes we all here in some kind moving blockchain technology to the new level. I am absolutely sure that in some years looking back someone would compare this invention due to its impact on the lives of human race with electricity invention. Because it already helps to build a new society relations, more honest than ever before and I can't even imagine all the potential it has in itself. But I feel - this is the Future! and we are building this Future here today, everyone in his own way staying inside of steem blockchain and generating power from our ideas and thoughts, constantly cooperating and helping each other, this inspires me so much, that I can't express it even!)))


Hi @johnstone! What an inspiring comment! Thumbs up, I totally agree with what you have said земляк. Родился в Новочеркасске!!! На связи!
Well said about the invention of the electricity. I got to know that it had to overcome sooo many stoppages imposed by the American big capitalists from Steel, timber etc. industries, before it gets green light from the US government back in the late 19th century. The old Industry Tycoons raised the propaganda against it, saying is senseless and dangerous for the society.... Can you imagine that?!?!?

Same was in Russia, and only after 1922-1924 by NEP policy it got its green light.
History teaches us on many examples.
The same path had to go Printing, Banking System, Cash Money, just few to mention!!!


Wow! These are really interesting facts that you mentioned! На связи!))

Очень хорошие снимки!
В них есть какая-то теплота.
Наверное схожее с личным отношением.


Спасибо большое @edwardsun55!

@yanipetkov, this is a great post! Thank you for the nice picture! The city of Haskovo looks quite well!

Много хубави снимки! Радвам се! Хасково изглежда красиво. А и времето изглежда много приятно.


Mersi Vesko za priyatniya kommentar! Naistina Haskovo mi haresva!


@yanipetkov, Хасково изглежда много интересно!


Thanks a lot for your kind comments @korea-news!


I read good articles.
Have a nice day. :D

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@steemitworldmap, thank you very much!

Que bien por promover la cultura y estas estatuas. Saludos.


Muchas gracias!


De nada a la orden; saludos.

the monument is still well is very beautiful.


Thanks for liking it! It was built just 15 years ago, so that is one of the reasons of its good shape!

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Thank you for the good post


Happy that you liked it!

The monument is amazing and i Hope to see it in my own eyes soon.


If you like especially such type of monuments, of course is worthy to see it! As I saw that you are from the Phillipines, the easiest way to travel is, if you get a flight to Istanbul and then a 250 km drive to the city.

With regards,


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