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Been up since 5am. 

Too dark and definitely too cold to go outside at this ungodly time in the morning. Well too cold being relative of course, as most would think it was a warm night, but cold enough to avoid me getting into a damp wetsuit and go surfing. 

I will do after I have finished writing this up and kneaded some dough again. 

Before any of the local shops were open. I was already in deep thought about @jaybird 's Steemit Sandwich Contest. I haven't entered a sandwich for weeks, but I keep seeing them pop on my feed and I love all the creativity. Plus it seems to activate my hunger button.

I had just gone market shopping yesterday and I had loaded up on fresh ingredients. Friday's are the best days to hit the main market as everything is delivered fresh that same morning. From sweet potatoes, to basil and all the way through to fresh garlic. Everything tastes amazing, but I forgot eggs and had to wait until the shop opened.

Seeing as it was chilly and combined with the thought of going surfing later. I needed to make myself an energy sandwich that would keep me warm in the water. Though I have been told the water has warmed up here in Lobitos recently. 

I had no more homemade bread left over. I didn't bake any yesterday. There is are markedly less travelers around at the moment. 

But being in the land of the potato,  I had two types in stock: yellow and sweet potatoes. 

Hash up Saturday is then. 

Pretty simple to make. I finely grated both types of potato into a pan containing water. I did the to leach out the starch. Left to soak for 20 minutes, drained and dried the shredded potatoes. 

In a mixing bowl, I also added one small egg, some flour and a dash of salt. Mix it all up. 

In a heavy duty pan. Fried up a couple of eggs, some diced onion, sliced garlic and shredded basil. With a wooden spoon a took some the shredded potato mix and spread on the hot pan. Cook for a few minutes on each side and until golden brown. 

I really feel no need to comment anymore on how I composed my final sandwich. I will let the photos do the talking. 

The internal look of the hash up and time to go for a surf. 


 If you would like to see my posts, then find me here @intrepidsurfer 

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oh it was delicious :)

Oh my!!! Such a creation at such an early hour! Wow, you have really outdone yourself today...all that time away your creative thoughts really cooked up a great sandwich! @jaybird will love this goodie! Good luck!


thank you :) I needed it this morning and then I went for a surf. Well more like a long paddle against the current, but I had fun.

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Your Saturday hash up looks very good indeed @intrepidsurfer, nice to see a sarmie from you again!