We want your AWESOMENESS!!!! - I say - "THE" BEST COMMUNITY ON STEEMIT! - Have you applied to join? -

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Ola Peeps!

I am often asked by people how they can join the @steemitbloggers community so here it is...


As the founder of this FANTASTICAL community,
and on behalf of my Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious partner @zord189

I would like to extend an invite
to the dedicated writers and content creators of Steemit,
to put in an application to join
our crazy, quirky and one of a kind discord family!

The @SteemitBloggers Community

is a discord community of individuals who are committed
to producing content which adds value to the Steemit platform.
We are also strongly focused on supporting our fellow members
and their growth on the platform as well as offering support
to those that are new to the community
and still trying to get ahead.


We are a close knit community of individuals,
each with our own strengths, passions and input,
yet each and every one of us
is willing to do whatever it takes
to support one another!!!!


On the topic of SUPPORT...

Besides our our exceptional member support
and our variety of daily member support initiatives -
we also have an SUPER collaboration
with @Appreciator (aka @bluemist)
and every single day (Mon - Fri)
two of our members receive a complimentary upvote.

AAAnew logo.png

it is an AWESOME platform to meet other bloggers,
chat, learn, engage, share content
and get consistent support,
not only on your posts but for YOU as a blogger!

So, to summarise...


Do you consider yourself a DEDICATED Steemit blogger?

(and with that term, I mean the following...)

• You take your blog seriously •
• You are committed to your growth as a blogger •
• Your content is 100% original (no copy, paste artists please) •
• Your posts have depth and substance •
• You are WILLING to go the EXTRA MILE for your fellow members •




First things first, let's make one thing ABUNDANTELY clear.
We have a ZERO TOLERANCE policy
for spammers, scammers, plagiarists and the like.
So to all the "chancers" out there...
don't waste your time reading any further -
because you will not even make it over the threshold.

When I say we are a community of
I mean that in every sense!

The only applicants that will stand a snowballs chance
of walking through our doors, are enthusiastic and authentic individuals,
who are prepared to become an ACTIVE and DEDICATED part of our community.

However, having said that...
this is not specific to any particular niche or category,
so whether you are into photography,
creative writing, tech, vlogging, whatever...

If your content is original and is of a good standard,
you will most certainly be considered.

NOT everyone who applies will be accepted,
so no whining please.

Please also be aware of the fact that
this is a Discord Server Community,
so if you are not willing or able to be active on discord,
then please don't bother applying.



If you think you would be an asset to our community
and would like to apply
then please hop on to the.......


and you will be directed from there...

NB: This is NOT our actual community server... it is an intermittent stop for application processing. Those who are accepted into the community will be contacted directly via DM once their application has been approved.


Until next time...
Much Love from Cape Town, South Africa xxx

Steemit logo Jaynielea.png



The @steemitbloggers is a discord community of individuals who are committed to producing content which adds value to the Steemit platform. We are STRONGLY focused on supporting our fellow members individual growth as well as offering support to those that are new to Steemit and still trying to get ahead. We are a CLOSE KNIT community of individuals, each with our own strengths, passions and input, yet ALL willing to go the extra mile for our family members... WHY? - because, simply put - we CARE about one another and MANY HANDS make light work! - THAT is what FAMILY is about! - To infinity and beyond...

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Looks like a great initiative!
Are you gonna be attending Steemfest?


Thanks hon :) About a year down the line, I can say without question, that we have the most AWESOME group of collectives! ALL such amazing people!

Sadly, no - I won't be attending... having a 9 year old doesn't really afford that kind of freedom, but soon enough I will hopefully nab him and bring him with! haha :)

Have dropped you a DM on discord x


Thanks for getting back, @jaynie! I will check out your message on discord.
Family first - I totally second your standpoint here :-)
We'll keep in touch.


No probs hon :)

I'm so lucky to have found and joined Steemit Bloggers. It is the best community on Steemit for sure! All thanks to the awesome leadership of you and uncle @zord189. You two are the best!


hehehe!!! Thanks @derekrichardson!

Awesome Community, I'm assuming. Great idea. Thanks for inviting, for encouraging folks to join the #SteemitBloggers Hash Tag Community on Steem. I've yet to join but it does sound awesome. I'm mostly in the #InformationWar World. But this looks great as well. Here is an upvote. Thanks for sharing. I'm Oatmeal.


Thanks ;) Much appreciated

Highly recommended to anyone passing by and reading this! Definitely one of Steemit's friendliest and most supportive communities!



MWAH! Thank you x

Welcome to Steem @jaynie.

Do read A thumb rule for steemit minnows - 50:100:200:25 for starter tips.

Spend time reading Steem Blue Paper to know how Steem blockchain works and if you still have any queries ask them on our Ask me anything about Steemit post and we will try to answer that.

All the Best!!!

Its a little blurry for me.
Actually im pretty active on steemhunt, i know, its not about the "writing quality" thing, but i made another project too.
I dig on steemhunt for cryptostuffs (for future financial freedom), and already wrote few article, and i dig for gardening/farming stuffs (for my future farm), but i havent article yet, about it.

So, this mean, i think, right now my posts doesnt have "depth and substance" for others, maybe just for myself. Even if i feel myself as dedicated my own future :)

Can i join the club, or need some changing/evolving in my activity?


Hey @kriptonik, we all started off somewhere, some of us being very 'shy' towards even blogging but ended up growing together. I guess this is what @steemitbloggers aim for. We grow together with the support from one another. We have really new Steemians join us as long as they're genuine in actually finding engagement and having the will to support others as well.

I encourage you to head on over to the Bus Stop link above and submit your application. You never know :)

and in regards to @joeyarnoldvn's reply, the hashtag is unfortunately only exclusive for our members. However, you may opt to use @theluvbug which is a collaboration of @jaynie, our founder of @steemitbloggers too!


Thanks the answers!
Im not shy, in case of blogging, just my english is very weak for any high-quality, philosophic or any other topic articles :D
I learn it, of course, but the goal-line is far. Btw the life is long, so i have time...


Ur English sounds alright! No worries about that. It doesn't have to be some deep thinking, poetic article that we're looking for. For all I know, it can be as simple as how your life went AKA #ulog. We have many members of various niches, from crypto enthusiasts, photographers, tech geeks, u name it!~ but end of the day, we're just looking for authentic and genuine bloggers who is willing to dig in with us on Steemit for the long term.


I think you can use the #SteemitBloggers hashtag whenever you meet the requirements to the best of your abilities, perhaps. When you have a good blog post, then why not use that tag? You could make it a goal to use the tag once a week or once a month or however often you have something you want more people to see that fits this. Here is an upvote. But yeah, we are always evolving, too, at the same time and that is good too.


Yep, its clear, but what if i think, my post is good, and the others think it is not? :D In that case im just spamming the community, and im not a spammer.


Yeah, there are differences between verbs & nouns in regards to the debate on SPAM and that is true but is not the whole story to the whole evolution to what truly matters in life.

Dear @jaynie,

Thank you for supporting our tag #archisteem. For your information, we are currently running the project – 1001 Places to Remember. Do drop by and take a look :)

Stay tuned and Steem on!

Sincerely from,

@archisteem and team

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Thank you so much for your interest!

Just got your msg, can't wait to meet you guys! :)

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I still think to join steemit bloggers community, i follow many of your bloggers and the post quality it's really good, i see you are a strong community but i do not know if i have all the requirements for join the community ^^ By the way this weekend i am outside for a little trip but on Monday i will look better at the community application rules ^^ It would be nice to join your blogger world ^^

resteemed with pleasure

hope you will find worthy candidates!

I would love join 😁