Daily Steem Price Update 21/8/2018

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Good day Steemian welcome to today's Steem price update for 21/08/2018 I have been posting the Steem price update since almost the very beginning of Steemit.com many have came here to discuss the daily Steem prices and changes for almost 2 years.

I also want to mention just incase your thinking something doesn't seem normal from the other regular Price update posts that the daily Steem price posts do slightly change from time to time.

But regardless of changes we will carry on as usual and by this I mean knowing the price of Steem as its important for your daily plan or strategy and honestly even if you are not planing to do anything with your Steem I still recommend checking out these updates and keeping an eye on the price, so without further ado lets take a look at today's Daily Steem Price Change for 21/08/2018

Should you be trading with Steem today..


Steem Daily Price TemplateTTM21082018.jpg

Today Steem didn't do too bad, yes that is considering its gone down further then yesterday not by much, but basically Steem as actually recovered a little bit and became slightly more steady which could mean it might start treading upwards again as its build some ground now but we shall see, Steem nearly got out from under $0.90 and reached $0.89 at around ⏰10.00, cheapest sells I have seen were at $0.84 lovely for those buying in / SBD was alot more bumpy today reaching $0.99 oh nearly $1 but for today its gone down.

DQmXkzN9kxMf-Imageby @rimicane 25042018 steemitmeeting-.png


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Thanks for posting todays update


It went down further then yesterday not by much but steem as became a little steadier @jkenny

I am patiently waiting to see my favorite color, green.


Yea right now there are too many looking for great deals on SP in a sense this is good so those who are more dedicated to steem can purchase SP in hope this will balance the place out better in the end @whatisnew


I hope that works @simonjay. What do you think about the upcoming Hard Fork 20? Do you expect good changes? Inquiring minds (me) are wondering. I think you would be the perfect person to explain these things in your posts...just an idea. : )


Me too it will take time plus Steemit is in a confused state right now which is why we may need this clear-out and be left with those wanting to continue taking Steem forward until its ready, as for the next hardfork most of it is not for general users but I was indeed thinking of still doing a post or posts about it closer to the time as a reminder, thanks for the idea @whatisnew


Oh good. You describe things so well and it is easy for all of us to understand. I will be looking forward to it. : )

Thanks @simonjay for your daily update and I really like your daily pictures with all the steemians.


Thanks very much @joalvarez I enjoy doing them and yes its strictly only Steemian photos that I have met, glad you picked up on this, if we ever meet we must take a picture together so you can be part of it lol.

SBD this time less than one dollar not good

Oh well maybe tomorrow will be better ....


Well yes maybe..most likely not @manorvillemike lol.

Good updates friend..
Thanks for share with us...