You are Beginner on Steemit? So Read it! (Just an Introductory )

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I know many of you want to make money on internet creating nice contents. I guess there are many well-hidden talents in you. But do not think that making money is an easy task. First of all, without advertising there can be no earning worth mentioning. But in today’s World, there are many applications running on web to prevent people from seeing advertisements. This is an disadvantage for all . Sometimes payment barriers are not welcome either. Steemit as a platform has the power to solve such a problem with its crypto currency payment model. #blockchain #steemit #beginners #cryptocurrencies

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Steemit has a simple idea, it pays for the contents which are being admired most by people, in the cryptocurrency created by it This currency is called Steem as well. These tokens are not stored but used for transaction.

Instead, users are encouraged to turn their Steem tokens into one of two smart contracts. One of them is called Steem Power (SP). It directly affects how much your upvotes are worth on Steemit. In other words, the more you own, the more others will have, if you revamp their contents. However, you can only convert back to Steem for over two years, split into 104 equal weekly payouts. This way, users should be motivated to make longer-term investments.

Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.
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