STEEM Witness Pages Look Changed

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Right now witness voting page changed, we can see top100 (not top50) and also we can see disabled ones.

If you are not aware its here -

but if you dont know what you are doing dont click on anything :)

So from most known/top ones (by votes!) a few are now down:

  • jerrybanfield (disabled 4 days ago)
  • wackou (disabled 12 weeks ago)
  • asbear (disabled 3 days ago)
  • steempty (disabled 17 weeks ago)
  • roadscape (disabled 38 weeks ago)
  • arhag (disabled 44 weeks ago)
  • datasecuritynode (disabled 27 weeks ago)

I sometimes drop this line as i know most of my readers dont have time to chose right witnesses and it costs them nothing (this is not connected to votes!) to add me so consider to do so by this tutorial -

So consider to add me as your proxy to be aware or just keep eyes on whos down!

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Got a question !
What happened when they are disabled?
How come they are still part of top 100?

thank you sir.i very lucky for your information. you are a crieative content hopefully i learning by you.

This is informative, thanks for the good work done

Thanks for the update. I don't understand why people stay on the list for even more than a few weeks if they are disabled. The person is at #100 has been disabled for 50 weeks. That doesn't seem like good use of the web page for a top 100 when so many of the accounts are disabled. How about an option getting added to "not show" disabled accounts and show the the true top 100 names that are enabled witness accounts? Wouldn't that make a whole lot more sense? I am voting for 3 people who are not even on the top 100 list, yet there are tons of parking spots of people with disabled accounts in the top 100.

I'm updating this reply to also say that I will look at your witness votes @kingscrown - to see who you are voting for and add as many of the people you support as I can. I am voting for a handful of people that you aren't and would like to be able to do so, rather than set you to be full proxy. I do appreciate your efforts and research and will continue to follow it and take it into consideration.


I believe this is to make people aware of that someone they have voted for are no longer running or have issues with their witness node. If they where not visible they wouldn't be able to remove their vote.

However, there could be a list of "Disabled Witnesses" if you had a vote for someone that was disabled. Just like you now have a list of "Not Top 100 Witnesses".

Though, none should have a vote for someone that has a disabled witness cause it hurts the network in so many ways. Not only aren't they adding towards the support they have been given, but they are hindering new witnesses from gaining their share of the votes as well.

Sure, it's up to every witness to promote themselves as well, but it could all be much more clear.

I'm also a witness, and recently just entered the new Top 100 list, making me more visible. Though, if some of the disabled witnesses where not listed in this list I would have been on it way longer as I'm currently the 88th Active Witness. Source:

Good information

thanks @kingscrown, have shared a very useful update

thank-u @kingscrown for timely update

@kingscrown what is basically a witness as i am new to steemit i am unable to understand the whole thing and one more question everybody is saying that without using bots you are not able to earn then how you manage to earn 87 dollar without a single bot? please guide me,


Kingscrown earned $87 on this post thanks to his many followers and their large stake in the Steem ecosystem. A larger account value means a larger say in how much someone will be earning on a post.

Witness Votes and Post Votes are two different things, neither takes out the other or affect the outcome, but both depend on how much Steem you have in your account.

About Witnesses

A witness is a regular person, running a dedicated server with specialized software. This software is open-source and together with all the other witnesses they keep a distributed ledger on what is happening on the Steem Blockchain.

The Steem Blockchain is an open ledger, free for anyone to read and use, and is widely used on pages like (the original) but is also used on for example and online tools that read and display data from the chain, like and

This system is called DPoS, which stands for Distributed Proof of Stake, where Stake is the value of the account that votes on a witness. The chain has many witnesses, and they all need support from the community by voting on

I wrote about this in a post a few days ago in Voting for Witnesses Got Even Easier

it's good to know that, and be updated, thanks for the information


It's good to know that,
And be updated, thanks for
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Thanks for your update news. But the change is desirable to the situation.

Thx for informing the people about this. You have a lot of followers and it's important to vote for witnesses. Regards @rival ( Witness)

Oh my, why are they disabled? 😱

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i don't know about Witness how do i know more about witness please help me #kingscrown

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