Poloniex STEEM Wallets Up + More News for Steemit

in steemit •  7 months ago

Finally after a year (?) Polo fixed wallets and you can deposit and withdrawal STEEM again.

STEEM Markets

I still suggest to use Binance as main place.

Within 24h there will be also BIG news for STEEMit posted, so follow me and subscribe ie with email to http://fuk.io

If the news is delayed i will just say but seems it wont be.

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A full year later lmao

you can register for free byteballs here from STEEM - https://steem-byteball.org/#7ZTUY2VRZAREX2DDA3EMP5WLVS2IZBOB

Do people still use this exchange for trading steem?


I guess not, since it has been unavailable for about a year. I just hope people have learned this time, and don't deposit their Steem or SBD on Polo anymore.


Trustable exchange is still so important for cryptocurrency users.


Yes, that's definitely true.

Always something with this place


Thanks for letting us know man. I hope that the people who were stuck get to move their funds the way they see fit.

6 and 1/2 months actually. It's been a while.

Great news for STEEM! Thanks for posting

Just patiently waiting here for market to bottom out

Thanks for the info!

I wonder when hitbtc will get their wallet sorted at the moment sbd is like at a 10x premium there so great earning potential if you catch the moment just after making deposits availiable


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I always read your posts, I like your posts, I hope you get more beautiful post afterwards.

Dang i didn't think they were even trying!!

wow this is very good news

amazing info

Thanks for your update news, kingscrown. Steemit is our future but it has ups and down recent time. I am waiting to see the Crypto on top in the market.

Good news. Thanks Bro.

very good exchange for altcoins i am using from last one year

thnks poloniex for re-enabled the transaction i hope bull run is coming soon. : )

Is big news the hard fork?!?!?

Thanks for letting us know. I’m planning on buying around 20k worth of STEEM in the next couple of weeks. It’s so cheap right now!

Oh! Finally. Even I want to steem now because it is priced very low now....Thanks for letting us know.😀😀

I still have a Poloniex account that I haven't used in years. I didn't even know it was offline haha.

How long has BINANCE been down?

Binance   Deposit.png


The more places you can get Steem the better

effect of steem power

great news..polonix its my favourite exchange

Alright! STEEM got a nice little boost today!

Binance is no better - their wallet has been in maintenance for over a week and there is no time frame, when it will work again. The only place where I had no problems with Steem wallets is on Bittrex. Maintenance is no problem, but I think, they should always give a time frame for how long it is planned.