Where Will the Good Ship Steemit Take Us?

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Sometimes, I find myself wondering where this place is "going."

There are lots of "developments" in the hopper, but on the whole, I am not sure what that means to someone like me: a blogger and end user.

I think it's absolutely cool that @ned and the Steemit, Inc. team are setting their sites on apps, SMTs and building the Steem blockchain... but that still doesn't answer what the intended plan for Steemit is.

As I said, I see a lot of interesting apps and developments, but as an old MARKETING person, the primary question that comes to MY mind is "Cool, but who's going to USE them?"

In the long run, it seems to me that the strongest sales pitch for the Steem blockchain might be that it delivers a huge and dedicated user base through the Steemit network. Because, after all, all these apps distribute what they they generate onto the Steem blockchain... which in turn means that Steemit users see every single thing that goes by... from personal essays to actifit updates to steemmonsters news.

Seems to me that selling the impression that Steemians are just using ONE front end... isn't very realistic. As in, depending on any one front end to "provide the traffic and new members" is not exactly a realistic aspiration.

It's late, and I am just musing out loud here.

What do YOU think? How — and where — is the community going to grow? Will all these new apps be bringing their own traffic, or will they be depending on the built in support of Steemit? Leave a comment — be part of the conversation!


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It seems to me the expectation will be on Dapps to recruit and fund their projects although many may crowd fund or look for resources within the community as well.

We are just kind of letting our users slip through the cracks, so they better expect to bring their own users.


What do YOU think? How — and where — is the community going to grow?
Through all of the Dapps - it is leading it away from just blogging. I have started to use some of them and have been very impressed.

I think it will add a more vast array of content, and have people engaged in what they are actually interested in rather than trying to write blogs - they are not for everyone!

Well Ned is working on something new where we will all be invited to join. Hopefully he will start a new blogging site only for bloggers, then he can focus on developing steemit as a company. The main reason most users are here is because of blogging and earning from that. That should be the main focus I think. Just don't know where we are going to end up. There are so many other steemit clones popping up everywhere, so we might have an option to go over to these other platforms if this one doesn't work out. People are focusing on weku and whaleshares etc but it doesn't bring in money yet, and plenty of steemitusers are blogging to earn money. You can't even use the slogan "came for the rewards and stayed for the community" anymore because it is no where like that anymore. Steemit is just a mining site at this stage and hopefully things will change with communities coming in but not sure.


I have to agree with you, this platform is far away from the blogging one we once knew. Hopefully, @ned can create a separate site for purely blogging sake, because weku seems like a bit of scam and i'll probably have to check out whaleshares to see if its worth it.

I don't really see how Steemit the blogging platform can survive @denmarkguy except by there being a core of people who love to blog for blogging's sake.

And, maybe new people will join who really care about not being censured.

Other than that, what is there? Earning is getting harder and harder and engagement is getting less and less. At least, that's been my experience.

A number of people who used to be high engagers have already left. Not the blockchain but Steemit and blogging.

I'm not sure how long I'll continue either. It depends how long the current levels of engagement last I suppose. I'm not expecting it to go up because it's so hard to get anywhere now if you're new.

This boat is sinking.

Unfortunately, @dantheman and @ned never believed Steem would be successful as a publishing platform. That was just a tool to get something bigger started - as you say, to create a user base. Before he left, @dantheman wrote that he expected Steem to become a peer-to-peer marketplace. Nowadays, @ned seems to think that if Steemit, Inc. focuses on building infrastructure, app developers, community managers and token issuers will figure out what to do with it.

I do believe in Steem as a publishing platform. I think it's working better than anyone expected, including the founders. It offers better incentives for news media than an advertising-based model. That's why I'm starting @newforyou as a semi-professional news channel.

I think many of the apps are just want an attention and the they get a good numbers of user. They just want profit. On the other hand some apps are supporting steemit or steemians . it's really hard to make any conclusion.

Pretty much agree with what @whatsup said.

STEEM seems purpose-built as a marketplace blockchain with the SBD incorporated for its intended price stability and dollar parity. It needs an ebay-style dapp to unleash that potential.

Hey, @denmarkguy.

I think it's fairly clear that Steemit the app isn't going much of anywhere. It is what it is. That's why we have busy and Steempeak and eSteem, the desktop app, along with all the mobile apps and other short form apps. The emphasis has never been on Steemit app, but on the blockchain and the things that will make it even more usable beyond the social media/publishing platform.

Personally, I don't know if dapps like dMania, dlike, etc., are going to survive, because there is a scale of value. Grabbing something off the internet and sharing it is low value, no effort, and really shouldn't be rewarded.

Original and authentic content is still going to be valued more. So, when people can't make any headway on those dapps, well, that will be that.

Things like dTube that are video based will have a better chance, but people will have to step up their game or have something unique to offer other than openmic covers and rambling about the state of crypto/STEEM, what have you.

STEEM is supposed to become a greater market place beyond the publishing part. This is just the lure to get people here. While we are the creators now, we become even greater consumers the more that arrives here. And when there are other products and services built on the platform, we will start to see all of that manifest. Steemit the app will be a small portion of what is meant to be here.

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