Plagiarism is downvoted here but what if somebody copied steemit as a whole?

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Yes, it is true!

Recently I came across a blockchain based social media platform weku and really surprised to see that it is a complete copy of our Steemit. Yes, it is a clone, everything is same here the only name is changed.
It seems really funny when I knew the terms weku (steem), weku power (steem power), weku $ (steem $), ReWeku (ReSteem) etc , etc.
weku ss.jpg

To know more when I signed up weku I didn't realize that I am not on steemit. Right now weku coin is not listed anywhere (It could take next 6 months to list in any exchange) and it is in beta phase where they claim that "Rewards are incorrect. Contributors will be rewarded."
Plagiarism is also demotivated on plagiarism site :-)
There are few features which are different from steemit. What are that? To know more about it you have to once visit weku

  • Are you already registered there? What is your take on Weku?
  • If you are not, just have an experience and share your views here in the comment.

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I really don't know about this site. Thanks for info.

Hi @chetanpadliya, Weku is a fork of Steemit and it was never hidden and this is a common thing in the open source community. Forking a huge project like Steemit means thousand of line of code, some will be kept and some other will be modified to improve or add new futures to the forked project.

I am on Weku, I enjoy the welcoming community and my original stories are more exposed than on Steem due to less traffic, liked to get 100 POWER at registration, the platform let you host images

Just wanted to say, forking an open source is not plagiarism. Now if some people stole content from Steemint to Weku with copy/past this is plagiarism. Nothing is white or black, they is a middle, they is alsosome Steemians witch are cross-poosting to Weku, witch is fine I guess. Let's see how it goes.

As you described, it seems to me a copy of Steemit. Has Steemit copyright over its concept?

Is he paying people as well?

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si eso pensé y realmente son muy parecidas creo que es una estafa y que saben que la gente sigue a steemit.

Weku is a great site. He is capable of doing something in the coming time. I think it will soon be equal to Steemit .. My account weku.

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It will be interesting to see what will be born out of this all :)

Here we go again with the originality issue. Steemit will be Steemit anyway.

Yeah at the first view it seems like a 1:1 copy of steemit. But there are some differeces:

  1. The sign up is way faster: condirm mail , confirm mobile number. And you are done !

  2. You get paid to invite friends -> faster grow.

  3. They use a different blockchain technology

Of course even with that differences it is really bad to steal most parts from steemit.