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To me, Casey Neistat is the best content creator and the most motivating content creator there is around at the moment. He tells a story and entertains easily without having to buy into the crappy trends or taking advantage of any fads to get cheap views. His honest personality and immense creative capacity attracts people to him for all the right reasons. People enjoy hearing what he has to say and respect him for that. Someone once told me that money shouldn’t drive your work and your actions. Instead, focus on creating and adding value to everything you do, and the monetary rewards will look after themselves without you having to focus on them. Casey epitomises this mantra.

For me, I believe in the massive potential that Steemit offers. I believe it is an amazing platform that provides massive potential and opportunity to anyone that wishes to put in the effort. However, for me at the moment, the thing that separates Steemit from other successful content platforms such as YouTube, and the thing holding it back is there is too much focus on the monetary benefits. As a result, I believe the content on this platform at the moment is suffering heavily. I have talked about it in previous posts before that there is too much posting just for the sake of posting. Far far far too much of the content is lacking in any considerable thought, effort, creativity and is simply being uploaded in hope of a complete miracle that it will receive upvotes, trend and the creator can run off with his/her money. There needs to be more focus on adding value.

As I said, I truly want this platform to succeed. But there has to be shift in the mentality of its users for that to happen. People need to start focusing on creating thought provoking, entertaining and interesting content. People need to start seeking ways of moving and motivating people. There it too much money hunger in the users at the moment, including me, and not enough focus on creating purpose and value. The rewards will look after themselves if this can be achieved. I truly hope to see some amazing content coming out of this platform. Ordinary people doing extraordinary things.

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Hello welcome to steemit!! it's really nice to have you here enjoy the platform and explore the community.....wish you all the best.

I'm new to Steemit so not sure exactly how it works, but could it also be said that there is great creative content on here, it just doesn't get upvoted because some curators follow where the money already is, rather than encourage and appreciate truly great content?


Yes you are exactly right!! That is sort of an extension of what I was trying to say, people upvote content in the hope it will trend, rather than taking the time to read or watch and upvote where there is quality.


For example, it is quite obvious that pretty much all the comments on this post at the moment havent actually read the post. Just commenting for the sake of commenting to try get rewards. So thankyou for actually reading it


I'm glad you said that and not me @charliemckay haha
I agree with you. I haven't even posted an introduce yourself post yet for the same reason. When you know most people aren't going to take the time to care, it's a real turn off.

Thanks for this post @charliemckay. It really hit home. When I first joined steemit, a little over a month ago, and saw what was being put forward, I was a little disappointed but I decided then and there that I was going to do what I came to do - give of my best and hope that it will become good enough.

This impact even pushed me to write my first real article on steemit titled Do it for the LOVE, don't do it for the LIKES!!!. It didnt get many upvotes but I was satisfied with myself and even amazed myself. Truth is, I enjoy writing, hope to become better and I in fact impress myself with what I produce.

And like @dmilliz said, it aids in developing my writing and also markdown styling (which I knew absolutely nothing about before joing Steemit). It has been quite an adventure thus far and one I hope to enjoy for a while.


Thanks for the comment. I agree, all we can do is continue to produce content we can be proud of and hope that one day the effort will reap the reward. I will check out your article. Appreciate the comment. Thanks!

Welcome to Steemit! This is a great post and raises an important subject. I like the fact that there are a bunch of people out there who just want to write good stuff and that we do not all bombard each other with hate and criticism like you get on Facebook and other traditional platforms. That being said, the monetary aspect of Steemit has been fuel to the fire of those who have tried to make money on platforms like Instagram, where getting followers and likes has become a business in and of itself.

There are a lot of good writers on Steemit and we really need to make an effort to find them and promote them. I actually do not care at all about making money on this platform. I like writing and I LOVE reading, so it basically has become a good place for me to see diverse opinions and information for free and free from the corporatist big media.

Upvoted because it was a very honest and refreshing piece.


Thanks mate, appreciate it

Thanks for sharing the experiences, I am also new Here like a little boy just learn how to walk but not know the streets well. I am learning from you all. I appreciate your works and to be frank I loved the way you express your thoughts.

The flipside to the coin is there is good content on Steemit - it's just that people aren't seeing it (unless bots are used).

It's frustrating for people to create a video or write a thoughtful blog post - only for it to earn a few cents. This discourages people from wanting to continue to put their heart, soul and time into another time consuming post.

Steemit is still in beta and I hope down the road, sooner rather than later, the site will get more organized.


Couldn't agree more. Well said

well said

There it too much money hunger in the users at the moment, including me, and not enough focus on creating purpose and value.

I think I'm caught in the middle, I'm currently in a 100 day poetry challenge so it kinda forces to push out everyday to flex my writing muscles. I also post pics sometimes and a papa diary, I think they are all good content, and I hope for up-votes of course, but if they don't come I know I'm improving my writing skills.


I know how you feel. It's weird how you can put effort and thought into a post and within minutes it drifts off into the abyss. Atleast you feel you are gaining something from your effort. Thanks for actually reading my post. Appreciate it

I am new in the community, and I completely share the same sentiments. I will also do my best in producing great content.

I agree.

I think there are two steemits jockeying for success.

I hope the better one wins.

The problem is that this sort of thing isn't rewarded. Or at least it hasn't been the case where my posts have been concerned. There is all of this talk of "Community" put then people only voting less than 5% upvote?

How am I supposed to stay motivated if the good stuff I produce isn't rewarded and the crap stuff is?

So, in order to survive, there is a tendency to produce more crap more often. It's a shame too because I really like this platform and want it to succeed as well.

Hello, charliemckay! Best wishes for a very inspired experience here in this loving and caring community :) Be happy

Welcome to Steem, @charliemckay!

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I think I'm caught in the middle, I'm currently in a 100 day poetry challenge so it kinda forces to push out everyday to flex my writing muscles. I also post pics sometimes and a papa diary, I think they are all good content, and I hope for up-votes of course, but if they don't come I know I'm improving my writing skills.

I almost upvoted your post, but then I realized that you are a true altruist ;)

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Good post

He is pretty cool.



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