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Soul Knight

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Hunter's comment

This games apps was developed by ChillyRoom for iOS platforms and Android user.

The games is rated 4.7 star by players, 4.6 star gameplay, 4.6 star graphic and 4.5 star games controls. So far there are about 242,346 people downloaded this games.

In this games, the journey begins with player going into a randomly places or dungeons and as you progress through the games you will be upgraded to more advance weapons.

Goals of this games is to collect all the magic stones to save the world. Players will go through journey in order to obtain the stone with many difficult obstacles. Along the journey, player could collect weapons and bullets. Its a fun games where you have to shoot and shoot some alien minions.

Some interesting features of this games are:

  • It featured more than 170 weapons.
  • New experience from randomly generated dungeon world.
  • Lots of heroes with unique ability that you need to discover.

And many many more features that you need to discover as you progress through the games journey.

So guys, go get this games apps today. It's available at Playstore.

Download size: 47.37 mb

Released on 16 Feb 2017 and latest version is 1.7.10 updated on 26 June 2018 where they updated more cool weapons and stuff.



Hunter: @verasj

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I have updated my post. The games actually have the latest version updated on 26.06.2018. Hoping that you could put me in the list. Thanks


sorry we go on the original date of the game not updates, otherwise everyone would be putting up a game based on recent updates, we only support major updates like a v2 of a game title ideally in the last six months or at least not that's been mentioned or blogged about around the world over the last year like this one -- this is to try to keep things fresh, cool and ideally new.

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