NiceVeryNice - We build beautifully designed website templates

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We build beautifully designed website templates



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A collection of beautiful, responsive html form templates, website widgets, dialogs, modal windows. Every form is packed in HTML/CSS, responsive, animated and ready to use on your website.

Amazing platform to get the best websites

multiple template designs available for a single website

Social media ready

Built with amazing plugins

Easy to use



Hunter: @alexeyy

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This is such an amazing platform to obtain cool and great looking templates for someone’s website. I’ll definitely recommend this to my friends whi are running their own websites, since this platform is loaded with lots of templates perhaps they can find something that suits their site’s theme or taste.

Conratulations @alexeyy and I look forward to your upcoming hunts.

that's kinda cool. sweet. verified AND upvoted!

remember to hunt really your best finds on the web, we want the site to be fully of quality awesome products that people will love!

some power tips for the next hunt.. .

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Designing websites getting more faster and easier nowadays, a lot of services offered in the web for templates, designed on creating your own websites. Congratulations on your epic hunt! It is really nice! GREAT HUNT!

Will make it a reference if I need a template for future projects, the name is indeed suitable, niceverynice.

This is really cool for the best website. You and I really need this. It's very valuable.
Thanks for sharing this hunt with us

Excellent platform to guide us with these incredible templates, which will help us do a better job on the web. Good hunting.

Just like their name, it is NICE, VERY NICE!
They craft beautiful website design templates, Instagram templates, UI Gradients, Texture sets, and gradient backgrounds. Great hunt.

This days a lot of web builders are into templates and it makes the job easier for them. With this platform a lot can be done in very little time because it overs cool templates for web development

checks the website.

Wow there's even Instagram templates, I wonder if they have for Wordpress & Joomla too... Hmmmm...