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Congratulations to @kolegaotaku!

12 days ago, me and @igster launched a graphic design contest for a logo for the increasingly popular game of SteemGar. There were a lot of great designs brought forward and we thank everyone who has participated. @kolegaotaku's design stood out. We like how it embodies the themes of the game itself, the steem aspect as well as the Agar. He also created a match announcement design!


I went ahead and upvoted his post here.

What is SteemGar?

If by now you haven't heard about SteemGar, you've probably been living under a rock. You can play Steemgar on and you can also follow @steemplayroom for the announcement of a new game every 30 minutes!

The top 3 winners are getting rewarded with Steem. This creates a new opportunity to win steem in a different way than creating content. There is a bright future ahead and this project is only in it's infancy. Going open-source will be the first step and funding those who participate in the github/ another. Creating an in-game token is also in the cards once SMTs are out...but that's unconfirmed until we know what can be done with that new technology.


What do you think of the logo? Tell us below!

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I‘ve never heard of this.
Well I think this logo is fitting to a game. I have to check this game out.


Thank you for your recognition. Game is cool and easy. Should try your skills!


For any new players who want to learn more about Steemgar.

To get you started:

Steemgar discord channel:

And of course the game itself:

See you in the match!


best comment

I’ve been away but now I’m back but I have to further research into this logo . Overall I think it’s pretty impressive to create something towards future projects such as SMT which will be a big game changer

Shy to say it...but seems like I've really been living under the rock lately!Lol!
How come I don't know about this game!
I am checking it right now!
The logo is simply amazing and very well deserved as winner of the contest!
Steem On!

Amazing logo! I can't wait to get involved with this game!!

Nice logo, which suits the game well. Congrats to the winner.

I'm not 100% sure whether I'm on-board with the colours in the typography - whether they're needed. On first view I thought they were a little distracting, but I'm warming to them now - gives the logo a very modern feel.


in first version typography was grey/darker gray but according to the announcement image I've changed it

To be honest i think it is really beautiful.I like the blue color a lot
It looks very...aerodynamic which is relevant to the game
Also the multiple colors on the letters is beautiful too.The more i see it the more i like it
Congrats to the winner!


Thank you for your recognition! it was really hard to make it beautifull, trust me ;D

Ayok gabung sekarang sebelum terlambat

congratulations to the winner

this logo looks amazing and he deserves to win


Thank you for your recognition! Your avatar is even better than that logo lol! :D

It's a pretty cool logo! Can't wait for the announcement design next.

I've been joining more steemgar matches recently because there are a lot of players now which makes it more interesting lol

beautiful logos good work man

I stare at the logo and all that comes to my mind is an image that speaks without necessarily uttering a word. @Kolegaotaku didn't just kill it, he buried it.

Great work @kolegaotaku! It's good to see the content win going to one of the regular players too!

congratulations to the user @kolegaotaku for winning the contest also to @cryptoctopus and @steemplayroom this great page that is

Yeah, having a Steem rewarded game will increase the popularity and use-cases of this blockchain. I did not even recognized your account since I made a mental mapping of the profile pictures of everybody and you changed yours, I asked for a second Who is this guy and how did I followed him?

This is because I am following quite a few people and it is easy for me to keep track of everybody :D


i'm just quite new user of steemit and cryptoctopus is just a cool guy :) thank you

Cool logo design. Rightful winner.

Still need to have time to play steemagar though...


game lasts 6 mins and it's each 30 min! try it out!

Oh.. so I'm the last one who found out about this post! : D Thank you @cryptoctopus for the support of the game, me and the whole undertaking, I see after your last videof of gameplay that you're a good gaming enthusiast. Keep it that way, and when it comes to me - always to services! :)

Looks good! Well done @kolegaotaku!

Looks good! Well done @kolegaotaku!

Congratulations @kolegaotaku ! You did a great job !

It's a nice logo applaud

I have never heard of this.
Well I think this logo is fitting to a game. I have to check this game out.And i wish for you.....

Logo looks cool and fits in the name of game. Congratulations to the winner. This game is getting more and more popular because it is a very interesting game.

a very great post ... thanks for sharing ... you are very extraordinary @cryptoctopus

congrats to winner @kolegaotaku he really worth to win. I appreciate the judgement of @cryptoctopus :)

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That's a beautiful logo! Thumbs up!

The logo is awesome. No doubt about it!

congrats to @kolegaotaku! he shared a lot of logo in Steemgar discord channel and all of them are so good :) I like it so much!
ps: if you didn't try play steemgar yet, try it immediately. you will not regret!

thank you @cryptoctopus for supporting this game by giving an upvote to winners


true, cryptoctopus is the man :D

Congratulations @cryptoctopus!
Your post was mentioned in the Steemit Hit Parade in the following category:

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I see some designs and immediately I am like wow some people are just talented...this design falls into that category... I can believe I am just heating about steemgar...

I really like the arrangement of colors.

Congrats to @kolegaotaku who did have the best design so from what was there and the one that i voted for, but i thought that there was a month for entries?? @cryptoctopus wasn't that what your post said originally?


sometimes things change, maybe someone was just 100% sure about that one, again thank you for your recognition!


With such a strong entry we decided to end the contest early so focus can be moved elsewhere. The logo from @kolegaotaku is perfect for our needs. For any designers, there new contest with even bigger price rewards here :

Congratulations to @kolegaotaku for the wonderful work!

Never heard of the game. Just got connected with steemconnect and will try the game. Feeling excited. THe logo is nice!

The logo is cute!

the logo its amazing, awesome, good job mate!

can the game be played on mobile?

Never heard anything though but this logo is extraordinarily beautiful and colorful. I love it

I think that this is an awesome project. Earning while playing, I have heard of steemgar before but couldn't login to this. I didn't know how to create an account or something.