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Yes you read right! We will give you SBD to plant trees. We have decided to give back a little more to those on the platform,  regardless of your standing, we are a community and should support each other. 

(First tree planted in our Steem forest: 7th of February 2018) 

Imagine what we could do if we united via Steemit:

 (Usage with permission. This art work and owner of such, is courtesy of @artwatch and usage requires permission)

The award pool is growing and will support all those who plant trees for our Steem forest. In the last 8 weeks, you have helped to plant 30 trees/bushes and all with your up vote. Spring is upon a lot of  us and it is the perfect time to get outside and plant a tree. Trust me, you will feel much better for it.  

Do you want to participate? Then please follow the rules below. 


1) Plant a tree (no limit here, but will be counted as one entry).  Please, please make sure it isn't considered an invasive species. 

2) Blog or vlog about it and the first tag must be: steemforest

3) Publish at least two photos of the whole endeavor. One photo must include a validation sign that contains: #steemforest , the date and the location of the planted tree (village/town or city with country is more than enough)

4) Please place a comment in this post linking your submission and add a photo.

Please please kindly upvote and resteem this post. The more that do, the bigger our forest gets. 

Simple isn't it!? All this to win up to 7 SBD. Please note the weekly award pool is divided equally amongst all valid participants. 

This will occur regardless the size of the award pool. 

PLEASE NOTE: Week 11 will finish Sunday at 11:59PM EST. The following week commences 1 minute later. 

SBD will be distributed weekly on Monday with a special post. 

If you would like to read my posts, then find me here @intrepidsurfer

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This is awesome, I planted this a few weeks ago. I hope it counts because its a legal tree here in Oregon

mill end park.png #steemforest


nice one @oldmangainz . It should be huge in a few months.


Thanks! I hope so, it seems the shrub will be a bit taller and wider as well, and the city has around 50 of these we planted over the weeks..haha so alot of free weed for passers by hopefully.


Love the concept of sharing for free and they would be great surprises for all :)

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Hello @todoenmusica nice plant :) quick question. Which city/town is this? I want to put it on the Steem forest map.


Hey :) Turmero, Aragua Venezuela =)


Hello @floralisma nice plant :) quick question. Which city/town is this? I want to put it on the Steem forest map.

Hello this is my participation in Week 11. I am glad to be part of this initiative.