Sneak Peek of Our New Song for SteemFest³ - Behind The Scenes Practice Session

in steemfest3 •  5 months ago

After a long day of writing and a long night of partying, we thought we'd share a classic 4am post-bar SteemBirds moment 😎😎

"Going To SteemFest" (sneak peek)

Meet me at SteemFest 2018 in Kraków

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See you at Steem Fest guys!


Nice! Will be a blast!

lol yes!!!

polish crypto babes it is.

great stuff gents. always entertaining.

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Heh thanks!

I wish I could double-vote this.

dawww it was good to see those mugs again! (and your faces too!) zee memories <3


Yeap, bringing em back for SF3 ;)

I think Steemit needs more of these 4 am recordings! 😎 🍻


We'll see what happens. There have been many...

A worthy quest 😎