The Muse Project in Action :: Inspiration Overflows at the Steem Creators Conference

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Hello Friends and Fellow Muses!

Last week, all five of the founding members of The Muse Project were able to meet in person for the first time at the Steem Creators Conference in Las Vegas! To say the energy was dynamic between us would be an understatement.

There is something so powerful about getting together with a group of like minded, intelligent, driven and grounded human beings. We immediately connected and it felt like we had been long time friends.

We are a group of five women that are working to promote, encourage and support women on the blockchain. The five founding members are @ogc, @lindseylambz, @everlove, @saramiller and @coruscate.

We will be posting a video of our panel discussion at the Steem Creators Conference soon where we dig a little deeper into what the Muse Project is all about and how each of us will contribute. We also filmed a fun video of us all chatting together where we discuss the Muse Project and eat some chocolate. Ok... a LOT of chocolate. We should have both of these videos posted on our page within the next week.

In the meantime, here are some shots of the Muses in action at the conference.

Shots Around the Conference


It wasn't all deep connection and strategic planning... we shared a LOT of laughter too! Oh look... there's a chocolate bar.


The Muses enjoying some presentations at the conference. [Photo by @scottshots]


Some of the muses with Event Director @steemcafe and @quinneaker, @hypnoprenuer, @richardcrill and @mariannewest.


@coruscate and @saramiller during a break at the conference.


@saramiller and @coruscate catching some afternoon rays with @quinneaker, @steemcafe and @maryjaney. Ps... those Steem Hats were hand-painted by @everlove herself! Check out @thegardenofeden for more cool Steem Gear.


A quick group selfie while filming a video for The Muse Project channel.


Sorry Carly @ogc... this one was too good to leave out!


The Garden of Eden represented in a big way at the conference! They brought all sorts of beautiful art and Steem Gear. @everlove and @saramiller are busy manning the table while a crew of Steemians check out their wares! Looks like @coruscate is hoarding a couple hats while deciding which one to get.


Time for a group photo! Look at all those beautiful Steemains.


The Steem Creators Conference Team!! One of our own muses @ogc was part of the trifecta that brought this conference to life alongside @steemcafe and @larrymorrison. Huge shoutout to all three of them. I think all five of us muses would agree that this was an event we will never forget.

The Muses Dominating the Stage at the Steem Creators Conference


Muse @lindseylambz on stage with @richardcrill, @mariannewest and @hypnoprenuer talking about how to start your own Steem Meetup Group. I'm pretty sure everyone left that panel feeling fired up to go home and start a Meetup. They were all so inspirational! [Photo by @scottshots]


All five of us on stage for the Women's Panel Discussion at the conference! We can't wait to share the video of our panel discussion with you all. [Photo by @scottshots]


@coruscate closed out the second day of the conference with a packed room. She spoke about taking risks, letting down your guard, and how to increase meaningful engagement on your posts. Click HERE to watch a video of her presentation.


@everlove graced the stage with her creative energy and shared all about the many collaborate art projects she is bringing to the platform. Check out her page to learn more about her projects - Artists in Bloom and the Collaborative Art Journey.[Photo by @scottshots]


@lindseylambz is back at it again! She and @richardcrill share about their amazing new adventure, as they take off in @thedodgemahal. [Photo by @scottshots... I think by now you get the picture that Scott is an amazing photographer!]

The Muses Have a Lunch Brainstorming Session ... with Food from the Garden of Eden!


This meal was 100% sustainably sourced and packed in all the way from the Garden of Eden! The greens from their garden were still so fresh and delicious.


This brie was some kind of triple cream heaven.


@coruscate shoving her face with that triple cream brie while @everlove creates beautiful bites for the group. She is known for crafting bites that are "19 things on a leaf with sauce". They were delicious!


More than enough food for everyone. The giving nature of the @gardenofeden crew left a lasting impression on everyone who attended the event.

After Hours Adventures


@coruscate ripping up the dance floor with @maryjaney, @happymoneyman, @steemcafe, @virtualgrowth and @larrymorrison.[Photo by @scottshots]


@everlove with the wonderful @happymoneyman. He was just as amazing in person as he seems online!


@saramiller and @ogc embracing for the first time! So much joy!


Daredevil @ogc showing everyone how indoor skydiving is done!!


@saramiller and @everlove making their own photobooth moment on the strip.


@coruscate with a big group of Steemians riding The Linq High Roller in Las Vegas.


@saramiller bringing the power of Steem to karaoke! She set the house on fire with her "Steem Blockchain Song" which was sung over Bob Marley's "Redemption Song" track. Click HERE to watch it.


@coruscate trying her hand at karaoke for the first time! She sang Listen to your Heart by Roxette. Click HERE to watch it.


The Steem Creators Crew took over the karaoke bar!

That's a Wrap!

Coming out of this conference we are more connected and fired up than ever. We can't wait to get the ball rolling with this project and work towards our goals of empowering and supporting women on the blockchain. Watch for our panel discussion video soon to learn more. In the meantime, feel free to check out our Mission Statement.

We hope you enjoyed following our adventures at the Steem Creators Conference.

This article was written and assembled by @coruscate

Much Love,

The Muses

@ogc, @saramiller, @everlove, @lindseylambz and @coruscate


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Very well done article, You impress yet again @coruscate !



Thank you Quinn! It was fun to relive all of these moments as I was writing the post. ❤️


Yea, thanks to technology not only do we get to relieve them now but also in the future as we can check back in any time!

Great times and likely to just get better and better!

Great photos from a great event! Meeting everyone in person was super epic & solidified the importance of this project. 🔥
Go Muses - change the WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Yea great project, great woman, great cause!

You guys came together fast and are rocking it already!


YES @museproject to the moon!!

@museproject I love this concept and wish you all the best. So happy I had a chance to meet you all!!


THANK YOU so much for all of your support of The Muse Project!❤️

It was so great to meet you in Vegas!


I see you :)

@coruscate—- She sings, she plays the uke, she is a video creator/editor AND she writes AMAZING blogs!!! Awesome work, luv!


Your comment put a HUGE smile on my face! Thank you! ❤️

Epic post @museproject and @coruscate! So much fun hanging out with all of you. Super stoked to see what the future brings for the project. Thank you for all the shoutouts, glad you like the photos I shot. FYI, I just set up my steemauto to 100% upvote and support all of your posts, I hope to read them all but this in case I get busy and miss some of them (everyone else should do the same!). Cheers to the lovely ladies of steem!!!


Aww thank you for your support @scottshots!! I think you are the first person to set us up for an auto vote! You have officially earned a spot in @themuse hall of fame. 😉 hehe


Honored to be in the hall of fame, haha!

Beautiful pictures
perfect minds.
keep steem alive, thanks to steem creators, your forum is amazing.

OMG!! What connected fun we had! Its amazing to come together from such a distance and feel the power of love amplified as we bring our inspired energies together. I'm excited to see what comes of all of's only just begun!

Great shots, @scottshots! Of course! And thanks for the 100% auto upvotes!

@coruscate you rocked this post! Just one more awesome part about you! Grateful to be experiencing such enjoyment of you! <3

Go Muses!


No problem @everlove! Excited to see what comes of this project!

This looks very cool... I hope you make more this soon :)

This was so so lovely!!
I particularly enjoyed the images the most :) Indeed this looks like it was an amazing event to be apart of . Looking forward to attending one in the near future.
Such a great initiative and such great content from you @museproject

crowded and cheerful meet up. wish your team and the project to help women in this platform will gain successful. thanks for sharing such awesome stuff @museproject

What a great refresh of the event. It was really great getting to know people in person and learn more about all that is possible with the Steem :D