SteemCommerce : a weekly roundup about businesses accepting payment in STEEM/SBD @ 6 January 2019

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SteemCommerce is still a bit of a slow burn.

The depressed state of the cryptos generally, and Steem in particular, is not giving it the impetus it deserves.

But some businesses are tentatively beginning to explore the possibilities for taking payment in STEEM.

Alongside this, important elements of the infrastructure needed for easy SteemCommerce are slotting into place. Paytomat is a prime example of that.

Here is a brief roundup of all things SteemCommerce happening this week.

Progress is being made... but slowly.

Moving up my agenda is the plan to restart the directory of businesses that accept payment in STEEM.

We'll need a few more businesses jumping on board with steem payments, but it's on its way...

Paytomat now works with Steem

Paytomat is an established payment protocol enabling merchants to accept payments in cryptocurrencies.

Following negotiations led by BuildTeam CEO and Steem witness @thecryptodrive, STEEM has recently been integrated into the Paytomat merchant network.

Paytomat works with stores and online merchants to accept payments in cryptocurrencies without banking systems, cards or centralised electronic payment solutions. Paytomat offers merchant apps on Android and iOS, modules for POS systems, e-commerce and Shopping Cart plugins.

It also works with the Steem Wallet developed by @roelandp

If you run a business and would like to accept crypto payments with Paytomat you can email them at [email protected]

Check out this post by @btuniverse for more information...

An American Homestead

Popular YouTube homesteaders, and long time steemians, An American Homestead are now taking payments in STEEM on their online shop...

Their Homestead Store has over 20 different products available from Cotton Washcloths to Bee Hives, and Shower Buckets to Beard Oil.

The site is based on WordPress and uses for the STEEM transactions. Crypto payment is accepted in Bitcoin, Ethereum and STEEM.

Homesteaders Co-op

This new ecommerce project launched by @sagescrub late last year is attracting a lot of interest and adding new vendors almost daily.

There are now 17 vendors across three continents selling over 120 different products.

One of the most recent vendors to join, well known steem homesteader @papa-pepper, made his first sale on the site just two days after setting up shop...

The Homesteaders Co-op has in the past couple of days decided to accept payment in US dollars alongside STEEM and SBD...

The site is based on the WordPress WooCommerce system using the revamped WooCommerce Steem payment plugin originally developed by @recrypto and now updated by @sagescrub.

The plugin is open source and is free to use by anyone with a WordPress / WooCommerce site...

Steem Merchants project in Venezuela by @rutablockchain

The Steem Merchants project in Venezuela to get businesses to accept payment in STEEM or SBD is continuing to pick up pace.

The @rutablockchain project (founded by @enmy and @danielvehe) now has two businesses signed up.

The first business was Lionbroda @lionbroda in Caracas which offers customisation services for T-shirts and other merchandising.

The second business joining the project is Puzzlezorios which provides puzzles and women’s accessories .

Look out for more businesses signing up to take STEEM and SBD shortly.

In the meantime check out the project's Fundition campaign to gather funds for their operations...

Buy the music of @nickyhavey with STEEM

Last week we highlighted Iranian musician Davood Faramarzi @davidfar who is selling his music for steem.

This week we have another musician using the same WooCommerce / Steem payment plugin combo to sell his tracks.

Drum and bass specialist @nickyhavey from the UK has recently launched his ecommerce enabled website...

Before we wrap this second weekly roundup of what is going on in the world of 'Steem Commerce' I would give a shout-out to @oracle-d's new account creation service.

This is not Steem Commerce but it is a first toe in water for Steem.Ninja. Their next project is a direct Fiat to Steem facility. Definitely one to watch.

If you know of any businesses taking payment in STEEM or SBD, or any new developments in the world of SteemCommerce do let me know.

You can generally find me on Discord (Pennsif#9921) or leave a comment below.

[ graphics from @pennsif / @mericanhomestead / @homesteaderscoop / @fundition / ]

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A WooCommerce Steem Plugin.. that sounds awesome :D...


Yes indeed, and it's working well.


Cool. I'm going to give it a try. I'll let you know when it's up or when I come across businesses that accept Steem.


Thank you. If you have any queries contact @sagescrub.


Will do!

Very informative article - really well written... Thanks for the info.

Follow you now :-)


Great to see it's a shame there's not more in the UK. I'm intrigued with the Paytomat again not seen this in the Uk yet!

I do Reiki though and mainly on a donation basis but will take crypto 👍🏽


Yes the UK is struggling a bit at the moment.


Very true. We need to build this in 2019 a music event ! 💯🐒