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Bon soir la everyone!
Please, don't mind my bad french, I wasn't a serious French student way back. Okay, please let me return back to my comfort zone!
Good Evening Ladies & Gentlemen, Impactors across the globe. It's been a beautiful and peaceful day over here, and of course, somewhere in Nigeria! I hope it has been for you too?
I'm really excited about today , mainly because I love learning from others, and not just anyone. It's a great privilege to be here again. I will never take this opportunity for granted.
I once attended an interview when my interviewer asked me how good was I with my skills, of course I tried to package and repackage the marketing of my skills. But truth is, on the long run, what you don't possess, you can't give...and what you haven't mastered, you can't be an expert at it! You will always be rated among others.
it's another awesome time to join everyone on this platform for another teaching.
Honestly, I count it as a rare privilege to be here to share some relevant thoughts with us. Once again i promise not to take it for granted.
I will like to start tonight's teaching with a story. I will like to start with my story. I guess you will love to hear my story.
It was at the early part of 2016 when I left school that it done on me I am can be a nobody without my biochemistry textbooks.
This got me questioning myself. @sirmiraculous, what exactly will you be doing after school.?" To cut the long story short, my first week of staying at home seems to be the most frustrated as I became the "everything" of the house and at the same time, the time keeper of the people who went to work. Those who had been there could testify about what I am talking about.
Though I try occupying myself with reading but it never suffice enough.
Then I chose to engage my desire to always play with words. It was just fun for me. I wrote a short poem which I ended each lie with the consonant "ly". I shared it on whatsapp and I could remember one slightest comment I received about the poem. That comment was like a push for me then to do more.
That was how it started and I began writing motivational and inspirational articles, sermon, ghost writing came and I was paid to do ghost write for someone people.
You think my writing skill started in 2016?
You must be joking if that's your thoughts.
Believe me, I only did that because I felt I am good with letter writting, debate and stuffs like that far back when I was in secondary school. And that was where the whole thing started, but I never knew until later.
Hear this friends,
You can learn any skill, be trained in any art or craft. However, you can't get pass the man who has natural inclination, genetic composition, physical disposition and unbending zeal for that skill which you have, especially when that person devote time to developing same.
Friends, I tell you. Your personality points the direction for the skill which you ought to develop. The potential which you posses, which you can hone, harness and develop. Check what you have flare for, the things that resonate within you especially when you were younger.
Leonard Da vin ci had an inclination for nature; the birds, trees flowers.
Because of this, he goes ahead to recreate whatever he saw in art and craft.
I had loved books. I had loved the English language, story reading, qotable quotes way back as when I was a little child.
But as I grew up, I allowed the outside world silent my inner natural inclination. I allowed people to take away my inner drive, abuse my innocency and shut me out of my natural self. I began to listen to what they think should be right about me.
GoodNews to future parents, pay attention to your child's natural inclination, it helps them to channel there life towards the skill they should develop not what they will later struggle with in life.
Flash back on your young age, those days you cook with stones, the way you speak and everyone laughed, the comfort of your privacy when you read. Check those things and see through till this present time. Does these things clicks within you. If it does, I bet you it is what you should be very skillful at.
Any skill not inspired by passion or motivated by your person, such skill can't stand the process of time. Find yourself in what you do and it will stay With you as long as you live.
No skill is useless but any skill can be obsolete if you don't work at it .
I tell you if money is what drives you to develop the skill, money will come even in it's fullness but let me tell you, money can't keep you at something that is not YOU for too long.
As a young man, we worry about how people see us. When we get to our mid age, we become worried about how we want people to see us. When we grow old we begin to worry about nothing except ourselves.
This is why the adage says, young men are full of mistakes, old men are full of regrets.
So that you won't regret at old age live your youthful age on what is actually you
When you find yourself in what you do, mastering that skill becomes fun for you.
No matter how long you train yourself for a skill that doesn't reflect you, you will get to a point of that skill that you rise and began to plateau, because you don't see a reason to develop more in that skill, thinking you have arrived already.
But this is not so for a skill that reflect your nature, your personality, your ability and your being. When a skill mirrors you, you give yourself to it for the rest of your life.
Of a truth, there's no master. We only have learner.
In that your skill, never think you have attain mastery already. Strife to learn ALWAYS.
To gain mastery at any skill, two factors stands CONSTANT. They are;
Desire and Time


Masters are not always satisfied. Never get to a point in your skill that you feel like a LORD. Return back to your innocency with a desire to learn. Get your curiosity going on that skill.
Always long for more until there's no more. And there can never be no more. Find a subject of interest in that field and make it your life. That means as long as you live, you learn that field. It's possible you can do this or that because it's in you.
But let me tell you a thing,
Regardless of your genetic potential or your natural inclination, you have to work just as hard to fulfill whatever is resident within you. Any skill you posses yearns for an opportunity for explore.


Time is everything. No one is so busy, it's just a matter of priority. When something becomes a priority, it becomes ur aim daily.
You need to create time within the daily basic 24hrs to hone and gain mastery at that skill.
Have you heard about the 10,000hour or 20,000hour time?
That it takes such hour to become an expert at anything.
Actually, to devote 1 hrs every day at your skill will take you more years to master that skill
However, there's a 20 hour mastery of any skill
Spend 45minutes daily at exploring that skill, research about it and in 2 months you are there
Yet, as I said earlier, masters are learner. Keep learning on that skill.

In conclusion,

I don't want you to learn a skill that brings frustration to you. The bible says no man knows the things of the man except the spirit of the man.
So also no man knows the things of God except the Spirit of God. To know which skill fits your personality is to know yourself and to know yourself, you need to know the one who created you; God.
Friends, masters or experts understand that there's is a higher force that stares the course of the world. But it became so late for some of them to realize that's God. They felt miserable and ended up in shambles. But for this not to be your case is the reason for today's teaching.
Knowledge of God guides your part and sharpens your skill.

Permit me to stop here. Questions and contributions are welcomed! I want to learn from you too.

Thank you everyone for following, God bless you!
I hope someone out there find something useful in all have said. Thank you!!

My appreciation goes to the following people.

@sirknight (The leader of the great church on the blockchain)
@dwayne16. (A friend turn brother)
@Adedoyin-Wealth (The leader of steemchurch nigeria @sc-n).
@bigssam. (The leader of steemchurch ghana. @sc-g )
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Greetings from @sirmiraculous.

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