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Hello everyone, it feels good good to be here again. I always count it joy each time I'm privileged to share my thoughts on this platform. I will never take this opportunity for granted. Today I will be talking about the topic i tagged costly mistakes. There are mistake and their are mistakes. Some can be costly while some might be a step towards achieving something successful. I will be expressing my thoughts as regards the costly mistakes. Join me and let's explore this short piece and stay blessed like you've always been.


mistakes are generally inevitable But the BIG QUESTION is what sort of mistakes will I want to make in my entire life? Definitely not ones that will cost me or others around me dearly and are quite destructive!

"Avoiding mistakes is like living life only at your conveniences, Not wanting challenges, not wanting to learn something new and not growing. Anyone who avoid mistakes lives his best life as a mediocre".
Wow! Very powerful words there! And believe me,. We all should give room for mistakes so we can learn from them, but brethren, GIVE ROOM FOR UNANTICIPATED OR UNFORESEEN ERRORS BUT DONT GIVE ROOM FOR SILLY MISTAKES.

A vivid example of a silly mistake. _"Many years ago in Japan, a company named Mizhou Securities were to sell some shares...they wanted to sell one share at ¥610, a stockbroker who probably didn't have enough sleep the previous night or had an hangover "mistakenly" put up 610,000 shares for sale at ¥1 each. And that cost the company a loss of ¥225m"

As a young lady, don't go to the house of guys you can't vouch for or trust alone. Because if anything happen, and you call that a mistake, I will tell you it's A SILLY MISTAKE due to carelessness that probably could cost you dearly.

There is a wide gap between MISTAKE and CARELESSNESS, Mistake is unforeseen and an unanticipated error, carelessness is nonchalantly giving room for blunders. most people defend their carelessness by calling it a mistake. And therefore, making it difficult for them to actually take the lessons learnt to avoid an even more costlier one.

I think with these few points of mine I have been able to convince you and not confuse you that MAKING MISTAKES ARE ACTUALLY INEVITABLE, BUT AVOIDING A COSTLIER MISTAKE IS POSSIBLE.

...And if I some how have confused you, please feel free to send me your question or opinion. I will love to hear from you.

And if you probably have made some mistakes that cost you dearly or you are afraid of. This message wasn't to further deepen your worries or troubles. The good news is that God is Merciful and Just.
Jacob was a very bad man in his early years, made some costly mistakes and wrong choices. But then, God still showed him Mercy, He changed his name from Jacob to Israel, from Sorrow to Joy, from cursed to blessed. How amazing! If He did to Jacob, He could to you too! Why don't you just go to Daddy today and ask for mercy, He has been waiting earnestly for you to talk about it with Him. He says "come on to me all ye that are worried and heavy laden and i will give you rest". Talk to Daddy today, and let him give you peace and rest to those worries that no doctor, alcohol, drugs or herbalist can give.

Thank you everyone for following, God bless you!
I hope someone outthere find something useful in all have said. Thank you!!

My appreciation goes to the following people.

@sirknight (The leader of the great church on the blockchain)
@dwayne16. (A friend turn brother)
@Adedoyin-Wealth (The leader of steemchurch nigeria @sc-n).
@bigssam. (The leader of steemchurch ghana. @sc-g )
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@steemjet .

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Nice subject.

As imperfect humans, it's not uncommon to make mistakes. When we let our guards down we make more mistakes.

In the Book of Ephesians 4: 17-19 it talks about how the futility of the mind can cause people to make mistakes. Verse 19 adds that when we deliberately do something, we begin to deliberately make mistakes.

I agree with you there is a difference between a deliberate mistake and an actual mistake. Most times persistency is the difference.


Thank you for stoping by. It is a privilege to have an apostle visit my blog. Thanks for the comment.

Hi @semiraculous!

Many people do not dare to think about what went wrong. He prefers to turn the page, trying to hide any hint that something did not work out as expected. Some are driven by frustration, others by fear of not meeting the expectations of others.

Regardless of the reason, who assumes such a position is missing the opportunity to live a great learning.

His teaching is valuable to the community!


Sure you can be too self-critical, especially when you realize that your behavior could have been better than it has been. However, what is really important is to learn and realize what you can improve.


Well said. I strongly agree with you.