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Good morning steemians, using this medium to welcome you all to my blog today titled Marital failure sign of his coming stay blessed as you read...


By God's wisdom, marriage was made to be the foundation of human race. Up till this moment, God is very committed to marriage institution as affecting His children through which He intends to manifest the beauty of the world He designed. Despite the alarming rate of marital failure among couples and singles today, God's opinion about marriage has not changed from its original plan. To God, marriage is still an IDEAL thing for man, pivotal to his fulfilment in life.
DEFINITION OF TERMS: Marriage, failure, marital failure, signs of His coming.

  1. What is marriage: There are several ways in which the word Marriage can be defined; but for the purpose of this lesson, i will like us to define it as "the first institution initiated and instituted by God Himself to permanently bring two persons of opposite sex together in holy matrimony for the sake of fulfilment of God's intention on earth. It is the only institution that was established before sin came into the world and it survived after the fall of the first Adam.
  2. Failure: FAILURE according to the oxford dictionary is the lack of success in doing something or achieving the purpose of a thing. I. E a state of inability to perform a normal function as expected.
  3. Marital failure: Marital failure can therefore be defined as lack of success in matrimony or inability to achieve the purpose which God intended marriage to achieve. When the working principles of the author Of the marriage are being perverted to the point of destroying the expected or premedicated purpose, then we can as well term it a marital failure
  4. Sign of His coming: Sign of His coming therefore simply means that Christ's coming is the very near /close based on the series of the events and actions that we are experiencing in marriage today; most of which are pointing to the fact that marriage is seriously failing and falling under severe attacks.



. High rate of divorce in the society
. All sort of sexual perversions in our society
. God no longer choose for people
. Wrong use of technology
. High rate of wrong relationship among singles.


. Marriage failure is a sign that things are wrong in your life
. Marital failure proves to God that you are not worthy to be trusted with something of eternal value



. Have a dream for your marriage
. Determine to have a pure courtship
. Build according to God's pattern
. Build a solid foundation for your marriage
. Humbly follow the counsel and advise of an elderly and Godly mentor.
Thanks for taking your time to read.. Stay blessed... Shout out to my mentor @sirmiraculous God bless.

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Marriage is the most intimate of human relationships in which husbands and wives learn to model Christ’s love. Thanks for this insightful topic. God bless you