SteemMonsters Auction ( Full Epic Monsters Set)

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Are you Excited about @steemmonsters ? I am so much excited about it. Its making crazy everyone. With in 7 days 10000 Booster pack sold out you can check out here and Today 1,000 Starter pack sold.On this Auction i am selling Full set Epic Monsters Card. On my last Aucation i sold Full Legendary Monsters card set with in 2 hours.I have total 5 set Epic Monsters Card set.If you want all of them you can Contact with me on Discord, My Discord zaku#2422 .If you are not familiar with the game, I suggest you go check out the @steemmonsters introduction post by @aggroed.


Epic Card.png



Auction Details

I'm using @steembay to run this auction.
(You can read the full @steembay tutorial HERE)

Starting bid Price: 12 SBD

Buy It Now Price: 15 SBD


How To Place Your Bid:

Reply (directly) to the post with "bid x"

Example bid:
bid 13.0
Wait for the bot to log in the bid.
You will get a reply when you are overbid.


Bids will be accepted until cashout time: 2018-06-15T23:01:36 UTC

The card will be transferred to the highest bidder after payment has been received.

If somebody offers the 'Buy it now' price, the auction will be closed before the end date.

My Previous Auction 1 HERE
My Previous Auction 2 HERE


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I am pretty excited to the outcome of this game. Already purchased my 20 booster pack and only got one legendary card.

I want to mention that billionaire mentor Mark Cuban very first business was also a collectible card game, a baseball trading card when he is just a high school. Who knows if in the future most who are trading steem monster card pack could be a millionaire or even billionaire someday?



Wow those words are so meaningful. Can i use those words in my next post ?

Everybody got crazy in this monster game and im one of them, lol

Excited with tournament launching, woohooohooo


Count me also.. I am huge fan of Steem Monsters


The game definitely looks promising.

Interesante informacion, Gracias por compartirla con nosotros:)

interesting topic

Oohh! Those cards looks really cool! Too bad I'm new and don't have the SBD to bid, or I'll join in the fun. Still, goodluck to the auction!

Woo Steem Monsters is extraordinary hairs Game I love & # 128525;

Congratulations @zaku!
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This is an interesting topic, I liked it Excellent, THANKS for sharing!

Good luck with this auction - I am also thrilled by this steemmonsters - currently not decided if i keep on levelling up one element or sell some but happy to exchange some elements for others.


Thanks buddy. Good luck for your Aucation too.

Friend @zaku from # venezuela I want to tell you that your work will reach a high level in the #steemit community. Remember that the most important thing is to feel confident about what you do and the only way to do it by loving what you do, regardless of the money ... If you have not looked for it yet, keep looking ... Without further ado, there is nothing to say that evolves and improves in what you do friend ... From here of #Venezuela I will always support it;)

nice idea haha! thinking of joining☺