Witness Application: @therealwolf (Updated)

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It's been over 8 months since I've created my initial witness application.

Since then, a lot has happened. I've gained in knowledge & experience as I've cemented my commitment to Steem. My focus shifted from being someone who wanted to explore a business venture, to someone who believes that this blockchain can make a difference in the world.

Most of my time for the last 8 months has been spent creating projects for the Steem ecosystem, with the idea of 1.) closing the gap between users and investors and 2.) bringing value to developers of Steem and the whole eco-system.

And I believe that now is a good time to update my witness application and for that, I've developed my own website, with the hope to focus on transparency regarding my activities on Steem & my infrastructure as a witness.

Website: therealwolf.me

Witness Infrastructure

I've recently started to give updates regarding my witness servers & infrastructure below my posts, which has a few downsides as the info can get outdated real fast. And to improve this, the live status of my servers in addition with my latest pricefeed is now being displayed right on my website.

For this I've created a little script that is checking if the servers are alive every x-seconds and if something has changed (e.g. a server went down) the JSON metadata of @therealwolf will be changed. Inside the JSON metadata, the field last_update_time says when the last change occured or when the last daily update was. However, servers are being checked every x seconds, just the metadatas aren't updated every time to reduce transactions.

Community Delegations

As part of my commitment to Steem, I'm supporting projects and initiatives with Steempower delegations. For me, Steem is the blockchain of opportunities and I'm very happy to give back and do my part to bring value to Steem, even on a community level, as an developer & entrepreneur.

So far, my delegations have reached @helpie (community), @minnowsupport (community), @vimm (project) and @yougotsnekked (curation). And as my Steempower grows, I will support more and more projects and initiatives. All of this is live on therealwolf.me

Witness Schedule

A little extra that I've implemented on therealwolf.me is a witness schedule. The goal was to create an easy to use tool to see which witnesses are currently signing blocks and when a specific backup witness has its turn.


On top of that, it gave me an even better understanding how witness scheduling works.

Knowledge is the most important asset a witness can have

Projects on Github & Posts

Many of the projects that I've worked on are available on Github: https://github.com/therealwolf42

I've also spent some of time on Steem writing posts and few of the best ones were actually in the recent 1-2 months:

Future Commitments

After more than a year working fulltime with Steem, I've gained a lot of knowledge and experience. However, as always, there is still room to grow. Strictly speaking, there are a few key-areas which I'll focus on over the coming months:

  • Diving into the blockchain code in order to better understand updates, testnets and to contribute code & features myself.
  • As an entrepeneur and developer, I love to build businesses and projects - and there are quite a few planned.
  • Developing more open-source tools (e.g: my witness-essentials tools and the witness schedule) and contributions to already existing ones (dsteem, condenser, etc.)

But as always, watch what I'm doing - not what I'm saying. Actions always mean more than words.

So with that said:

Back to coding!


Do you believe that my work is valuable for Steem? Then please vote for me as witness.

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You just got my witness vote @therealwolf :-)

Keep up the good work!


Thank you @penguinpablo! Keep up the good work with steemblockexplorer as well. One of my favourite tools.

You've got my support, no doubt about that. You deserve a top 20 spot, imo.


Thanks matt! I'll keep on pushin' until I reach the witness moon. Soundtrack included :P

Ive been doing a bit of research on all the top witnesses and you deserve to be way higher on that list, you have my vote :)


Ah thank you @bengiles - appreciate it!

Awesome work on these tools, respect! Glad to see you getting more and more into the witness game :)

This is amazing man, especially the scheduling part. I've been trying to figure out the scheduling and it's great to have something to check against

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The witness schedule is quite cool to look at, but also important for witnesses to know when they can disable their witness without losing a block.


Yeah I can see how that could be useful for scheduling updates and everything, if only I showed up on the list 😝 kinda sucks to see prc and wackou up there with so many votes while disabled, although I can't tell if prc is just offline or done.

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Thanks for the update, you already have my vote

awesome work brother, keep it up!

Great work! Keep it up!

Wow, sounds like you got yout handf full and doing a real fine job. Thanks for the Update @therealwolf and keep up the great work you're doing :)

Good work wolf!

just upvoted as a witness . you are going very well.... 👌

@therealwolf @cleverbot @banjo @automation


Oh, thank you.


Thank you. but english isn't my motherlanguage.

Great work as usual. Your dedication is awesome. You got my vote couple a months ago and i dont regret.

thanks for your efforts :)

every time im listening witness.but i really dont know about witness..

I upvoted for you @therealwolf

Thank you so much for your help here in our amazing @Steemit community.

Keep shining! :D

Success, prosperity, peace, and harmony.

Good luck bud 100%. Let me know if I can help with anything.

Given the events of the last month, it is a great opportunity to present your value proposition to the community to demonstrate the value you bring to it. The experience of the Hard fork is giving us all an opportunity to not only improve expectations but also improve governance by aligning our votes to witnesses who are engaged with the development and improvement of the ecosystem. Thanks for sharing your vision!

I actually have a program that I made where I upvote one new minnow on steemit each day and I resteem one minnows post each week. I currently have 135 sp and I’m still growing. I will vote you for witness.

Have a good day

Yours truly, teenagecrypto

Thanks for this very informational post and the others you make in addition to the witness and devel work you are doing. Maybe I'm just a little on the tech geek side, but this is exactly the kind of material and commitment that made this a choice for me to invest in.

You already had my vote days before this post. You should be higher in the witness list. Good luck sir.

Good work. You got my vote now also. Keep it up.

You deserve a top 10 spot, imo.

Just letting you know I set you as my witness proxy. I had voted you amd one other person but truthfully its beyond my knowledge. I was introdused to smartsteem very shortly after joining and have nothing but respect for the many things you do. Thank you for all your hard work

I have voted for you as a witness. @therealwolf Keep up the good work. I love to use smartsteem.

Just voted for you as a witness! Keep up the awesome work! :)

Did not my friend give me back my voting power as I do?