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in steem •  3 months ago

I've got some very good news: Steem and its dApps have just been listed on as their 5th blockchain project.


Besides on State of the Dapps and you're now also able to compare dApps on, across different platforms. is using the API access provided by Steem Apps, which is exactly what I've been thinking about when designing & developing it - making it as easy as possible for 3rd-party sites to be able to list/add Steem.

If you have a twitter account, please head over to their profile and show them some love.

Big thanks to their team for the integration and to @project7 & @steemhunt for the news.

We Are Steem!

All the best,

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Now let try getting steem on this site:
That site is often used to show user activity in many big name crypto news sites.


They're already working on the implementation afaik. :)


You work too fast :P ;)


They were one of the first I contacted, but it seems they've been doing a big re-design, so their time is probably limited right now. is also already working on implementation.


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Hey, I think the industry needs a dapps marketplace where you could choose a dapp for your purpose and easily install / activate it on any device.

Could build such thing on Steem blockchain?

Score!!! Thanks for the hard work you’re putting in here. This stuff is important to get our platform recognized by the masses!


That's what I'm working for! :)

Nice work mate!

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Is there a way to get got dappradar? 😬

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Fantastic! Big high five to yourself and everyone involved for your GREATLY appreciated hard work! This strong community is the reason why I believe the steem blockchain will continue to grow and hopefully stand the test of time!
Have a good one! =)

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@therealwolf, That's an great news and in my opinion Steem is spreading it's Sphere without any doubt. Let's hope for the best and I've gone through the Twitter update and good to see the announcement tweet. Stay blessed. 🙂

Great news and one more for the list.

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Another dapp site how awesome is that, great work!

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Great to see your hard work pays off! I am sure that the demand for the APIs will continue to grow as these sites get more interest.

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Great news. Thanks for the heads up on this @therealwolf

dApps are pretty much the key to steemit's future

yehhh really happy to hear such news in the start of the morning....

I love this kind of good news!👍Nice😀

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good job @TheRealWolf,happy to listen the news,

Great to see Steem blockchain sites on DappOnline board.

Hi, @therealwolf!

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This is great news... Steem will most likely have a boost in price soon :)

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Very good!We come from china,And the work you do is very valuable.If you want help,you can connect us everytimes.

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Awesome, steem to the moon

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This is more good news @therealwolf 👏🏼.

I think it's possible that the listing of @steemit and the Dapps on sites like, encouraged @ned to value more.

After all, it is the leading Dapp on the Steem blockchain.

I am also wondering if the ads they implemented gave the @steemit team renewed enthusiasm.

You bring so much value for the entire system and this is another website that will bring more visibility for the entire Steem blockchain ecosystem!

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Great news!

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Very nice info !!!

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Yeah. It's finally amazing to see dApps-listing platform spreading Steem-love.
I'm really happy that we, @steemhunt, were able to make a contribution to spread the Steem-love.
Thanks for sharing news, @TheRealWolf!

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