STEEM: Resist The Urge To Stop Posting

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It is easy to get negative when the price of STEEM keeps dropping like a rock. The last few months have been tough on the pricing front.

The tendency, it appears, is that when the price of cryptocurrency drops, so does activity. People allow the pricing action to influence their involvement in this arena. My sense is this happens in all areas of the token world. It seems that sentiment drives people away from here.

Thus, it stands to reason when prices do start to move up, more people will return. This will further enhance the pricing action meaning it will build upon itself.

The challenge with this approach, from the STEEM perspective, is there is a daily reward pool that is fixed. Each day STEEM is available based as payout for being active on STEEM. The payout is not affected by the price of STEEM. Since we are not paid in USD, Euro, or JPY, the price in those terms means nothing.

Nevertheless, we still see people pulling back. Which is exactly the opposite of what they are doing.


When the price of STEEM drops and everyone else pulls back, this is the time to get more active. Those who post only a few times a week can increase it to, maybe, once a day. While it is true the payout is less in dollar terms, the accumulation of STEEM still is the same. Of late, the drop in the price of SBD has affected payouts since that was 4 times higher than it was originally slated. Outside of that, the payouts, in STEEM units, is the same.

Those who are successful on STEEM remain consistent regardless of what is happening. There are stretches we go through where the rewards per post are not what they were. That does not mean that STEEM cannot be acquired. I acknowledge that it is getting harder to amass STEEM for the reasons discussed repeatedly. Nevertheless, adding STEEM to one's account is still possible.

STEEM is very close to being a very valuable asset on the STEEM blockchain. Once the SMT protocol is released, I believe we will see a rapid increase in the number of projects that show up on this blockchain. The fact that STEEM will become a token factory for utility tokens is going to have an impression on the overall market. Coupled with the hivemind technology and we could be in the process of seeing the internet shit before our eyes.

It is best to think of STEEM as a long-term process. The price of STEEM today is not important to me. Rather, I focus upon the development. That said, it will be the pricing action over the next year or two that makes the big difference in our lives. The market will catch up to what is going on at some point. In the meantime, developers keep creating new applications and updating the old ones. It is up to the rest of us to still keep posting. Everything we do on this blockchain adds to the entire ecosystem. On a daily basis, STEEM gets bigger and more powerful.

The pace is determined by how many pull back from posting.


It is easy to fall to the temptation to stop posting. We all know how it is not motivating to see posts paying out 1/2 or 1/2 what they use to. While that is true, I just keep my focus upon the SP part of my wallet. My goal is to keep that growing. The rate may have slowed but as long as it consistently grows, it will be a fair bit larger by the end of the year than it is now.

And, at some point in time, each little SP in there is going to have a tremendous value to the open market. When people need bandwidth for their successful projects, there is only one way to get that: buy STEEM.

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Nonetheless it is very depressing to see the price always going down.


But you earn from both the Low times and the High times. So how can that be depressing when you look at it logically? Not like we are building a future with Fiat. We are building a system so we never have to switch back into the old system of doing monetary transactions.


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When the price of STEEM drops and everyone else pulls back, this is the time to get more active

When things slow down and the price dips down is the PERFECT time to get organized, maybe start a new way of posting (new ideas and skills you never attempted before), stay active with commenting and find a new audience of incoming steemians and even learn more about formatting codes.

The thing(s) for me is/are:

  • I have a five and ten year goal for steemit (to build up enough and hopefully use towards our retirement and property- until then.. never ever power down)
  • I have enough ideas to make a post twice a day for the next six months (constantly doing projects, growing something and looking for new avenues to express creativity)

Price goes up.. price goes down... I am always going to be around. I have no plans to slow down, reign back on my activity or stop.


Being an idea machine is clearly the smartest strategy. Looking at yourself as a train that just keeps on going since there is so much momentum there. 🚄For many it surely is a big problem of having little ideas. And that comes from taking little action. The more you value each idea and expand energy on it the more you realize the abundance of ideas and new digital content. Comments will always be the best way to grow since it's free to post it and people find it extremely valuable and people look at comment sections to find more value!


This has happened before (the slowing prices) and I have used the time wisely to get prepared for the next uplifting. It seems to help me... plus I have OCD


For me it is the urge to stop spamming. I speak and write before I think and sometimes say more than I should. The focus when steem is dropping in price to to make quality posts. Thanks.

I have resisted :D

Oh, oh! I will certainly keep on posting. I was so happy yesterday when I was voted by @curie for the first time ever!

I was in shock, seeing a post of mine earning 30 SP! How cool! 😄


Always feels so amazing when you get a big upvote from someone very generous. A feeling that you never can get on YouTube since the value coming in there is extremely slow in comparison to the button click on the STEEM Blockchain haha. That's when your eyes get opened up and you see what's possible. Since 1 big upvote from a source may mean a lifetime 1000 more upvotes from that place!

I have always felt the opposite of what the trend seems to be when it comes to wanting to post. I feel encouraged to post more when the price goes down because I feel that I end up with more Steem.

Like you, I don't particularly care about the price compared to the quantity because all signs seem to suggest we will eventually see some impressive numbers for pricing as all this development starts to pay off.

Either way, I am interested in writing and interacting with others on here and it is a shit ton better than Facebook or any other platform I could be using, so I am counting myself lucky that I can earn anything here to do what I want to do.


Yeah Facebook is pretty horrible when it comes to writing. I really enjoy the Steemit interface for writing. You can find so much excellent writing content here and always easy curate more high quality material. There is no other platform at the moment that offers such an easy smooth way earning cryptocurrency as the Steem Blockchain.


Facebook is a cesspool on so many different levels.

There experience here is much more enjoyable.

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I been a steem member for almost 9 months now. I like this platform but I am not here for the rewards. I think the last time my wallet had a payout was like 2 weeks ago. I thought we got rewards for voting on posts too, I never see em. And no one ever votes my posts unless I pay to promote it which costs me in the long run because I have never made back what I pay to promote. So for me steem isn't about the rewards because those are shit anyways. I just like it because it's not Facebook


It's because you barely have any STEEM in your account. The more STEEM you have the faster you can get more. The rich get richer. And it works in momentum. You do get rewards for voting on posts but since you have little STEEM at the moment you will not see any results from that. But once you have 100 STEEM you will start to see curation rewards which will excite you more and see that your time is worth real money compared to other platforms.


Awesome that's very good to know

Gotta post everyday.. otherwise your followers start following other people and you get left behind.


What would STEEM be without our daily weed post from @davedickeyyall?

The entire platform might collapse.

So I presume as long as you are smoking, you will be posting.


Q: "What would STEEM be without our daily weed post from @davedickeyyall?"

A: Boring

I would say people who pull back from posting or the crypto world in general when the market is down, think in terms of fiat and not in terms of crypto, meaning they transform everything into fiat to find its value. Some of them are forced to do that because of payments they need to do regularly, and they cannot find the crypto alternative to pay for the same service YET.

Someone can easily go on in such times if they stop putting a fiat tag on every transaction, everything they spend or earn in the crypto world, if they stop watching their account value in fiat go up and down. They are in the crypto world, which will, sooner or later be the dominant one. Value in fiat is irrelevant, unless you need fiat right away!

If you ask me how much is my account value on Steemit, I don't know. I almost never check that, most often it just falls under my eyes by accident.

Ha, I suffer from this bad. I don't even know why.

Well, in the beginning I was hesitant to post about my sports betting. But today I am glad I did made the decision to do so! Because this keeps my motivated to keep on posting. The motivation to post is to be transparent and honest towards my followers, so I don't have to think each day what I will be posting about!
If I would have kept restricting myself to only post about steem of cryptos I would have been much harder to stick around and keep engaged!
So, it is important to write about something you love, this will make it much easier to keep motivated to post!
And yes we are paid in vest and for the vest it doesn't matter if steem is going to the moon at the moment of writing or not! The reward in vest still would be the same!

The #minnowuprising initiative demonstrated to me that I could post daily if I set my mind to it. Although I have taken some time to reflect on how that will look going forward, I agree that now is the best time to accumulate SP. The past month has led me to believe what the platform is capablebof if we can support each other and that is where I think I want to focus my time at.


There is always good times to accumulate SP.

Your reminder was timely because I failed and from posting twice a day before when the market began to dip and I saw people start leaving and not posting anymore I posted more.

I kept at it until it felt that the amount of time I was spending was just not fit for me anymore because a lot of the people that supported me and commented on my stuff left so it began to feel lonely.

Sure I was in a couple of communities and some that were pretty good and active but I just couldn;t do 6 hours a day anymore so I am currently taking a break.

I still post a few times a week but not to the same level as before. I was wondering if the rewards was a basis but not really because I valued the engagement more and when that dried up and I still got their autovotes it was a bit painful to see that it was like ghost votes.

So maybe when Hivemind and communities come into effect I might get back to the saddle and be a Steemian like before but for now I am more of a spectator just seeing how things go.


You should try to see the work as the enjoyable part. That is a choice you have. If you can make yourself feel good from the action that you are taking right now then you won't be dependent on it from an external source. So you are not giving your power away. The challenge then becomes to master the process and to find enjoyment and fun in that.

This is the perfect opportunity to get some more SP. Currently I am getting around 100-150 SP per week but when STEEM was at around 4 USD I didn't even get half the SP. Yes I could have converted those SBD's to SP but still it wouldn't have been enough.

So I like it when STEEM stays around the One dollar mark, it let's me accumulate more SP. Don't get me wrong I would love STEEM to go to the Moon but at least let me accumulate a bit.


But is this really true? I would say that the higher the STEEM price the more you got paid out in form of more Tokens, perhaps it was lots of SBD but it was still more so even if you would convert it into STEEM it would be more at a higher price. And both Steem Dollars and STEEM has been having pretty identical price the last year.


Say the price of STEEM is 4 USD so a post that is making 10 USD now will be making close to 30 USD. 25% goes to the curators so we are left with roughly 22 USD in payouts. Half of which we get in SP but the amount will be decided by the price of STEEM so since the price of STEEM is 4 USD in this given scenario you will be receiving 2.9 SP while at the current situation when the price of STEEM is around 1 USD if you get a post with 10 USD payout you will be getting close to 3.5 SP. See the difference.


Yeah but not a major difference. I have seen some big upvotes I get from big accounts when the price is high I may get 25 STEEM and when the price is low just 12 STEEM and this is from same percentage % from the upvote source. So not quite sure if you are correct in your calculations


So the calculations I gave are just theoretical and I kinda reversed them from a point. Let me be totally clear I am sure that I receive more SP now because my account is in constant powering down mode which gives me 70 STEEM each week which I use to pay my delegators.

Currently every week my SP has been increasing which means I am gaining SP while when the price of STEEM was higher I barely made even.

There is the obvious part where I might not have been getting more Upvotes at that time. But I think I am receiving more now.

Great post nice information good work keep up the good work

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Great motivation you bring to us. I'm going to make my vlog about this issue today. ;)

@taskmaster4450 Nothing Better than accumulating STEEM while it is on SALE.........................

This is one of the reasons why rewards should be displayed in Steem instead of SBD.


I like the current system. Both Steem Dollars and Steem are great currencies and both are needed.

It's understandable for people to lose interest in crypto when the price is down. Likewise, activity on STEEM drops when STEEM price is suppressed. I'm not sure how many times I have repeated myself, but those who stick around during times like this, will be rewarded when STEEM price turns bullish again.

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I cane to Steemit 4 months ago and what drove me initially was the possibility of rewards. I had a killer first month and thought it would grow greatly each month. I was incorrect in that thinking. Lol. But what did happen was my passion for being here grew. I actually liked it a lot more than I thought I would. The interactions d have a base, be it a shall one, actually care about what I had to say.

I have yet to power down and have no plans to. I’ve powered up weekly at this point and show no signs of stopping. As for posting, I feel as though there is so much less currently so I’m trying to step up my game and get more pieces out there.


I am with my time on here, I only have powered up...not powered down once.

I feel it is only to my advantage.


I would never belittle someone for powering down but I would truly only do so if I 100% needed it to live. Otherwise I’m powering up. I need to build this account so it can cenefkt myself, the platform, and others. I want to grow this into something fairly impressive. Ya know?

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I talk about that every fu**ing time when the prices goes down. Now is the times for post more and more, for a few reasons:

  1. People begin to stop posts, which means that is less competiton for attention
  2. People stopping posting means less votes for the same reward pool, which means more money

People needs to focus in that, not in money now!


People tend not to act in their own interest.

Great informative post.Thank you for sharing

I have to say that I agree with this post and most of the comments following the post. I especially agree with @gadrian. I really don't pay attention to the amount in my wallet. I just like to see what everyone has to say. But if upvoting and commenting and posting helps everyone including ourselves, then I say keep posting.

While it is true the payout is less in dollar terms, the accumulation of STEEM still is the same

I could be wrong but it seems like the SBD/STEEM token payout itself goes down when the price goes down..


Actually of late, the SBD/STEEM payout has been improving since STEEM is dropping at a pace faster than SBD.

It was at 1.40 a while at under 1.10.

The way I see it is if less people are posting, the ones that are, would be more visible with less need to pay for promotion of some sort. That to me is a bonus!

Ok, as you say, your posts may not reach the same dollar value, but your audience can still grow which is possibly, in the long run, more beneficial. Also, even if your post only make 0.001sp, thats more than you had before. What is there to complain about?!

I would not be sad if Steem drops below 1 Dollar once more becasue that means more Steem Power for our payouts. It might be the last time this ever happens.


Of course we say that each time it does will be the last time. 😀


It will, it will, it will...

I can see why noobs might give up and walk away, never really having had a peek behind the current, but why folks who’ve been here a while do so is beyond me.

8 or 9 months ago, I was making something like 175-200 Steem a month, easy peasy. Sure, now it’s down to maybe 60, but if SMT’s really take off people will be looking back at folks who made 60 SP a month in awe.

Great article! I too have stopped for some weeks but started again. The best way for me is to make it a habit.