STEEM: Applications Being Updated By Developments Teams: This Is What It is All About

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Development is at the core of this blockchain. It is the reason why I am so optimistic about what is taking place. People seem to want to focus upon the number of users believing that is a relevant number. At this point, I think it is a back burner issue. Development will end up bringing in the users.

To start, the development team released an update yesterday. It was pertaining to release 19.10. This is not the Hard Fork (HF20) that is being worked on. This is an update on the back end.

It is ready for release. The only barrier now is how long until the Witnesses implement it, which should be fairly soon. This update speeds up many aspects of the back end system which is imperative for scaling. This is all part of the developer's focus upon being able to handle the traffic before it arrives here.

The one major change from a user standpoint is the ability to edit a post will be extended past the present 7 days. This will be of benefit to those authors who are constantly evolving their material and want to go back and update something months later. That ability will be part of the ecosystem once this update is implemented by the Witnesses.

Here is the full post about the updates.

We saw a couple of new applications appear on the STEEM blockchain in the last few weeks. It am always excited about new applications and do my best to post about them when they are introduced. Of course, it is always important to keep in mind that some of these applications will end up not working out for various reasons. However, we should try all of them and offer support wherever we can.

What is imperative for an application is not the introduction but what takes place afterwards. It is the updates that matter. Putting something out there is important but usually is raw and buggy. Applications that are updated in a rapid fashion shows a development team that is flexible while also having a plan. I love to see those apps that roll out things on a regular basis according to a plan they developed.


The android application that is on the STEEM blockchain received the first update since the introduction a couple weeks ago. This is an application that initially rewarded users for walking. The application tracked steps taken and one was given tokens for reaching levels of 5K or higher in a day.

This application is going to use the SMT protocol when introduced. Before that time, they are going to do their ICO on Ethereum using the ERC20 protocol. Once the SMT is brought out, the conversion to the STEEM blockchain will take place.

The update really changed the focus of the application. It started out as an application that tracked steps walking. This is no longer solely the case. Now it is an application that tracks movement. Whatever your activity, the application will track the motion to award points. The levels are still the same, over 5K required in a day.

We also saw an increase in the sensitivity of the application. This is very helpful for those movements that are not large. I tested it out doing some standing squats and it worked like a champ.

Posting the results, which is done right from the application, will net one an upvote from the @actifit account. Also, if one upvotes or resteems any of the posts put up by others, tokens are awarded.

The STEEM blockchain has a token that pays one to move.


Here we have another application that was introduced only a couple weeks ago yet already released their first update.

@dlike is after the younger crowd who likes the Pinterest/Reddit type posting where links of favorite things are posted as opposed to long blog posts. As I mentioned in a post yesterday, this is crucial since the Millennials are the ones who are going to have a lot of power in the next couple decades. They have the numbers and the digital background.

This update brought a few interesting changes. To start, the amount of the post payout that went to the application was reduced to 10%, from the present 15%. In addition, 1% of that amount is going to be donated to the charities on the STEEM blockchain. This alone is reason enough to use this application.

Since the @dlike team acknowledges there is not a lot of Proof-of-Brain involved in link posting, they decided to cap the posts at $3 and comments at $1. This goes along with a maximum of 5 posts per day. To me, this is a good move to provide people with enough flexibility to post what they desire without spamming the system.

Both @actifit and @dilke are on the ball. I am impressed with the development of both of them. I chatted a number of times with the @actifit team on discord and like their plan. This is a great way to earn tokens while they are rewarding Steemians. They have, in my view, a sound plan that they are rapidly trying to implement. I will admit they have a full plate so tending to the app shows where their priorities lie.

@dlike is something that really does cater to the younger crowd which is sensational. We all should do what we can to help this along. If STEEM is truly going to excel, the Millennials will have to be a part of the mix. Apps like @dlike and @appics could go a long way to attracting their attention. These are the types of apps that generation likes.

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Wow this is great!!.I like the way of using block chain technology in different ways. I want to try actifit app now..


that is the spirit of vision and getting to the place of manifestation new.png
so let us go and be the hero in steemit blog chain.come on Actifit let go be the hero men !!!!!

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For me any apps like dlike make only sense, when there will be a sorting mechanism to filter out app posts from regular blog posts. Until this is implemented, I decided to not use any apps, because I don't want to flood my users with day to day stuff.
Do you know, when STINC will implement a useful filter for this?

Just waiting for IOS version of @actifit :)

Awesome,"Whatever your activity, the application will track the motion to award points. The levels are still the same, over 5K required in a day."

What gadget we need to get the activity recorded?


Android at the moment. IOS version coming out in a couple weeks according what they are saying.


Hope you are going to make another post when this happens :p

Thanks for giving the chance to enjoy this beautiful news!!

edit a post will be extended past the present 7 days.

This is amazing. And it's needed, in order to clean up posts in the future, if needed.

Right now, anyone can post porn or even worse... and after 7 days, no one can touch it. That might lead to problems. What happens if a court order decides the content should be removed? This change should fix that problem. I think.

Thanks for this article. It's always good to know about updates to the network.

By the way, anyone playing SteemNova ?


If a court order is received, Steemit can always take something down since that is an AWS server. The blockchain is permanent after the 3 seconds and is really hard to change.

The editing doesnt change the blockchain but, effectively, puts another copy on the chain.

So this change wont alter it at all.


Oops. Thanks for your explanation.

Then it is completely impossible to remove bad content, even if it is illegal... Such as human trafficking or paedophilia!? Wow! That might be a big problem for governments.


Technically no, it is not impossible. The Witnesses could agree to take it down but that would require, I think, 17 out of the 21. So something such as nuclear secrets, yes they could opt to remove it.

As for the other stuff, dont forget the blockchain is only text. The stuff you mention, such as videos of that, are on Amazon and could be removed same as always.

Videos and Pictures arent on the blockchain.


The more I learn with you, the more I like Steem. And it's one of the only things which are green in my Crypto Portfolio at the moment!!!! The other ones are Decred and Monaco.


Dont worry about price action at this point if you means nothing if you are here long term. Both of those tokens seem to be good projects. Token pricing will move in tandem when Wall Street institutions show up. They are on their way. Another 6-9 months is my guess when they will get the okay to start dumping money into this arena. We then will see a boom.


Eh, eh, that's the mindset but it sure hurts to see most of my porftfolio red.

Interesting update and applications sprouting from the Steem blockchain
@dlike wow!!! Sounds fascinating
Way to go!!!

That is great to hear, don't you think? As I wrote in their original post, as a new user ( three weeks ) unlimited editing was "The First" thing I realized would make a lot of sense to implement in Steemit platform.

Another VERY IMPORTANT UPDATE, in my opinion, is the implementation of something to work as a bot-killer. Bots are a plague around here. Something like an App for human-user identification (like a GoogleAuthenticator key) would help a lot to get real-votes promoting really good content.

I've been reading about it... there are some nice post about bot-killers, for instance, I live the links for you all, in case you want to read a bit about that: link 1 - the best solution. Link2. Link 3.


Steemplus already identifies the doesnt stop them but does tell who is human and who is a bot (along with who is a spammer). Ways around it similar to adblockers cannot be far behind.

I agree the breakthrough in the post is the unlimited editing. That really upgrades this to a sensible level. The idea that a post can only be edited for 7 days is really archaic in 2018 when you think about it.

I will check out the links...thanks.

I really appreciate to follow you and get good info on quality posts on the much beloved Steem happenings- I was really happy that the app is just over 1MB as my phone is terrible! I noticed that we can already edit old posts, i think its good also..

Great Apps if you ask me! Thanks @taskmaster4450

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Excellent article. I really liked it. Thank you for doing STEEM - better and keep us up to date on the latest developments. Good luck to you and Love.

Отличная статья. Мне очень понравилось. Спасибо, что делаете STEEM – лучше и постоянно держите нас в курсе последних событий.. Удачи Вам и Любви