EXCLUSIVE DTube Video 116: Steem Power NOT USED by the most powerful accounts on Steemit

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Today is a very important day for the Steem Blockchain as we celebrate 1 Million users. So I thought today is a good day to publish some of my research that I have done that I consider very interesting. I usually don't give away the main facts of my video in the description, however this is so important that I will make an exception. The following accounts have an unbelievable amount of Steem Power, but none of these accounts have voted for any content in the last 30 days:

Accounts who have not voted in last 30 days from the top 100 most powerful list (https://mysteemitfriends.online/effectiveSP.php?page=1)

@misterdelegation - 6,367,423 SP
@mottler - 2,269,060 SP
@databass - 1,710,120 SP
@michael-b 1,515,749 SP
@val-b - 1,503,199 SP
@val-a - 1,073,831 SP
@proskynneo - 804,245 SP
@safari - 732,914 SP
@batel - 643,261 SP
@bob - 526,548 SP
@bitcube - 418,799 SP
@goku1 - 418,033 SP
@yoo1900 - 405,501 SP
@arhag - 365,527 SP
@trendings-grace - 340,675 SP
@alvaro - 340,298 SP
@roadscape - 300,576 SP
@alice - 251,401 SP
@creator - 232,954
@imadev - 217,554 SP

The combined Steem Power of these accounts is 20,437,668 (more than 10 times the amount of Steem Power @dtube currently has) and the question of the day is why are none of these accounts active?

PLEASE DO NOT MISUNDERSTAND: I am NOT saying that the owners of these accounts are in any way lazy or anything like that, I am just saying there must be a reason why they don't vote or do anything with this Steem Power and after hours of research I have not found an answer, hence this post.

Let's suppose these people are working on very important projects and don't have the time to do any voting; why not delegate the Steem Power?

I encourage everyone (even if you have very little Steem Power) to curate content that you enjoy manually. I personally use most my Steem Power to support #Ulogs and @surpassinggoogle as he is helping a large group of people in countries with corrupt governments. If any of the people mentioned above actually read this and don't feel comfortable commenting under this post, feel free to contact me on discord (my name is @tanbay#4903)

If you're new to my DTube channel check out my introduction video with 24 interesting facts about me here: https://d.tube/#!/v/tanbay/ppmrx4eo My fiancé @lauracody and myself are Travel Bloggers, Instagrammers and YouTubers known as 'Travelling Weasels'.

Music credit: Special thanks to @myndnow for providing amazing background music! Make sure to check him out!

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Indirectly the SP they don't use are benefiting all the other accounts that vote the same period. They "split" their power proportional to the active voters.

PS Imagine a scenario where the first 100 strongest accounts don't vote at all... Immediately you would witness a huge decentralization of the visible content on steemit!


That's very true, the visibility of content would be completely different 😮Thanks for this interesting point of view!

And thanks for the resteem and the support!


YEAH man! I upvo6ted and resteemed! I poinedt this out too and want moree of my followers to be aware of this fact about steem and our current regime and how the whales are really all HELPING minnows by NOT voting or selling theoir vote or delegating to people who do vote etc etc

a lot of those high SP accounts or at least SOME are just Ned and other Steemit inc people like him with high SP amounts and they intentionally don't vote or use their SP except rarely because it really does take away money allocation from others and gives it to themselves and people arent USED to a world where all these big whales are using their SP!

But oen day if steem is REALLY high priced and it WILl be, then we WILl see more of these users either using tehri vote oir quietly powering down and taking their profits like investors do and that's fine they did what they needed to do and helped pushg theprice up for everyoen else and KEPT it up and tahst why steem isn't really as volatile as other cryptos

here is the current supply and liquid supply according to @banjo bot by @inertia on https://steemspeak.com

banjoBOT - Today at 6:20 PM
Supply: 268,683,945 STEEM (Worth $815,187,089 SBD); $14,016,204 SBD (1.719% of supply); 76,692,142 Liquid STEEM (28.544% of supply)

so see? ONLY 28% of supply or 76 Million out of 268 Million is Liquid steem that's not powered up! So like what almost 3/4th of all steem is powered up? imagine when we get 90 % of al steem powered up we basically reduce supply of steem down to levels less thatn the available supply of bitcoin! That's how we push steem porice up into the thousands! We keep incentive to hold SP SO high that everyone poweres up and the price goes WAAAY UPPPP


please sir see my post.

There is one benefit if larger accounts don't turn their SP into VP: The smaller accounts have more influence on the rewards pool.

I'm not sure if you were already here when two whales started the so called experiment. Whales didn't vote at all for a specific period of time (some weeks). That resulted in a considerably increased VP of all the smaller accounts - from minnows to dolphins. It was a weird and also powerful feeling when your own vote suddenly turned out to be worth 5 times more than before.

Yet, good things can always be done through delegations. @misterdelegation - just to mention the largest one - delegated already 10 million SP to other accounts which is more than 50% of their stake. I think that's a good start.

We all know that Steem needs more curation - and especially more curation on quality content. Also the design of Steem doesn't favor quality content - as long as buying votes is more lucrative than curating, people will buy votes :-) Now this can't be simply changed by activating these accounts - it would definitely require a hardfork and major changes in the algorithm of Steem.

Thanks for bringing up the topic @tanbay which is definitely a very important one to always keep in mind and discuss! :-)


Das Experiment hört sich gut an, ich glaube das passierte, bevor ich mich angemeldet habe. Und MisterDelegation scheint wohl Das Konto zu sein, das benutzt wird, um neuen Apps SP zu geben und ich freue mich ja auch, dass all diese Leute das System nicht dafür benutzen, um sich selbst die Taschen voll zu stopfen und den Reward Pool zu leeren. Ich hätte aber nichts dagegen wenn wenigstens einer dieser Leute etwas gutes mit der ganzen SP machen würde :P

Danke fürs vorbeischauen :)


Gutes Tun ist immer eine gute Idee :-)

Das hier war der Ankündigungs-Post zum Experiment von @abit und @smooth:

@misterdelegation ist ein Steemit Inc eigener Account zur Unterstützung der Apps, die auf Steem implementiert werden - korrekt :-) Sicherlich könnte man darüber streiten, warum das HQ nur Developer unterstützt und nicht direkt auch Influencer auf der Seite, die seit Monaten/Jahren gute Qualität in die Blockchain schreiben... Aber Entwickler hatten ja schon immer einen höheren Stellenwert als Blogger bei Steemit :-) Theoretisch sollte das nicht so sein, praktisch ist es aber genauso.

Schönen Freitag für Dich! :-)


Wow, das war sehr interessant zu lesen, vielen Dank für den Link! Auch dir einen schönen Freitag :)

Way too interesting! Thank you for the research and info. There is more and more that is hard to understand, sort of like waking up from a nightmare and wondering why you are still here. Very much appreciate the pointers towards good work to support, we need a lot more of that. Peace and goodwill.


Well I hope I will be able to understand it soon :P Thanks for stopping by!

You bring up a lot of good points and great digging. I think we all have our theories about the why but only time will tell.


True that!

Damn that's a lot of steem power :O xxx



Thats seems insane to have that much and not do anything with it. If they send me there private key I'll post for them, I just one want upvote a day lol.


haha nice try lol


HAHA, yea can I get in on that?

Man 20mil SP just sitting there. Imagine a 1% upvote from 20mil SP. hahaha

That could really attract a lot of creators


That would indeed attract a lot of creators and media attention :P

Maybe they want to donate some to the minnows by not using their steempower that much. Who knows?


They have, the figures you see above take delegations into account, some of these accounts have already delegated over 100k SP and still have tons left that is currently not being used at all

It's really a pity.
All this steempower could be used so well for curations.
Thank you for your research.


Thanks for stopping by :)

@yoo1900 is voting 4 minnows on daily basis I'm not lucky enough to get a vote from him till now but I'm sure I will, and getting noticed is the main thing on this platform but seriously most of the times I used to think I wrote my traveling diary after hardwork of an hour or two and look no oneis here to respond 😢🤧🤕

736,534 STEEM in the Reward Pool



Thanks for letting me know!

Wait the top guy is the account that delegated to dtube, dlive, and dsound. Is the account owned by steemit?


It probably is owned by someone high up and they have 6M SP sitting in there right now and the question is why it is not being used? Even if they are about to delegate it to someone, they could upvote content with it :P


ThAt account can change so many people's lives.. it's crazy. I really enjoyed this video, thanks for sharing man


Thanks for stopping by dude!

Lol have you seen @blocktrades sp too?🙄😒


Oh yes lol but they do actually vote: http://www.steemreports.com/outgoing-votes-info/?account=blocktrades&days=30 The accounts in the video all don't seem to vote, at least in the last 30 days :P


Oh really.since its meant for transactions i discovered nothing via steemd.com/@blocktrades


Last upvote was done about 8 hours ago, it's visible on page 2: https://steemd.com/@blocktrades?page=2 The id is bf61ed9f

@misterdelegation is an account owned by @steemit, in which they use them to delegate to DApps. If you include this account, the @steemit account has to be included too, which has over 44 million SP, over 2 times more than all these SP combined.

Also, rewards pool information is on https://steemd.com


I was planning on making a separate video about that one and why they decided to make this seperate 'misterdelegation' account but it would pretty much be the same video so I decided not to in the end. But yes you're right, I do wish I included Steemit in this video now

well, the biggest is owned by steemit.inc and is used to help out new projects like dtube and utopian to get the projects up and running

and indeed if all these accounts started voting the whole rewards pool would really be gone and all minnows and dolphins would get less then nothing.
The reward pool is the same every day. Its quite well explained here https://steem.io/steem-bluepaper.pdf
this is an official steem document outlining a lot of aspects on steem

I can also see you only vote for 4 witnesses so far, would you be willing to spend nr 5 on @swisswitness
just follow this link, its through steemconnect


thanks in advance


Thanks for the links! I was suspecting that the rewards pool would be empty pretty quickly if they would start voting, thanks for the confirmation!

And thanks for the wintess link, I'm currently researching who to vote for and why, I'll vote for more people soon :)


yea, but the pool resets every day so its not gone for ever...

Dude imagine what kind of amount of $$ and therefore sp and sbd would be generated if these guys would just use their votes??

Even if they would put an autovoter on or anything...something!!

(ps I absolutely volunteer as vote receiver from these accounts :D)


As I have come to understand it would be amazing for the few people who would get upvoted, but for the majority it would be bad because it would drain the reward pool and leave no rewards for all the other content creators :P


Oke wait.. I had an other insight in this. So... when all of this would be used other rewards for other people would get smaller?

I thought it was the other way around...that they are just sitting on un-used vp??

Most of those accounts are Steemit.inc owned accounts that don't vote because that would directly decrease our voting power and drain the reward pool.

Pls do research again and check in steemreports. some accounts have delegated to robots and getting their rewards from robots.


That's correct, the above numbers take that into account (the steem power figures you see are the effective steem power figures, meaning steem power that is not delegated )