Upcycling STEEM #5 : We must all support @Dapps.United

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It seems to be pretty much a given that DApps and Apps are the way to go for Steem.

In fact the third State of Steem Forum tomorrow (10 January) is going to be all about DApps, Apps and Developments.

Representatives from about 15 different DApps and Apps have so far signed up to speak on the forum.

If any DApp or App developers or founders not represented so far would like to come on just message me.

The DApps and Apps can be both the flagships and the flagbearers of Steem.

Indeed that is already beginning. After the serendipitous synergy of @soyrosa and @therealwolf the Steem DApps are on the way to totally owning the State of the DApps site with already six of the top 10 spots on the ranking table...

But before the Steem DApps get too much visibility in the outside world we need to help them get match fit and fit for purpose.

They are all at different stages of their lifecycle. Some are more solid than others. Some are more polished than others.

The SOS Forum can be a little part of the process.

We will be putting forward questions like....

  • Have you got a Business Plan for your DApp or App?
  • Have you got a Marketing Plan for your DApp or App?
  • If you have a large delegation from Steemit Inc / @misterdelegation what is your plan B if that delegation is removed?
  • Do you use the Steemit Inc API nodes or have you made alternative arrangements?

@cryptocurator has put out a very good post with a summary of the discussions going on in the State of Steem Forum Discord Server. That includes a more extensive list of questions that will be explored in the forum.

Most of the DApps and Apps as they grow build a team and usually a Discord Server around them to aid their progress and their promotion.

Each will be 'doing their own thing'.

There may be good reason for them to have some unifying body or at least meeting place for them to come together to discuss areas of common concern or common strategy.

There may be also good reason for some forms of joint marketing. Or maybe not.

It will be interesting to hear of any plans for such a body, if it does not already exist.

The nascent Steem Business Alliance may be taking on at least part of that mantle, but their scope has not yet been announced.

Matt @starkerz of @oracle-d may be able to give more details about the Steem Business Alliance in the Forum.

In the meantime, we the common user, can help the DApps and Apps by using them, telling people about them, and giving them feedback on any bugs or suggestions for improvement.

Go DApps. Go Apps. Go Steem.

1. You can see a growing list of Steem DApps and Apps on @therealwolf's site...
2. For reference at the time of posting the account name @Dapps.United has not been registered. Nor do I have any intention of registering it or any similar names, for the purpose of establishing any body to specifically bring together DApps and Apps. That is someone else's pitch to busk. I just write headlines.

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Looking forward to this tomorrow! My internet has given me a heck of a time all day (I haven't been able to log into discord at all! aghhhh) but will be heading down to "civilization" to log on to wifi down there in time for the show :)

p.s. I just tagged you in a post (i tried to use fundition.io to add the update to the project - but it wouldn't let me. Only Steemit would work - so used the special tags that were on my last update.. hope that works ok!) BUT. I'm telling you about the post because you'll find your GIFT there!!!! :) Hope you like it!

Heading to bed -just leaving you this comment here since I can't log onto discord! hahahaha


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