What D Word Reminds You of Doge Coin?

in steem •  6 months ago

Tired of Seeing Doge Coin Higher Than Steem!

   I've been watching steem on coin market cap and noticing that doge coin is often ranked higher in total market cap.  What a disgrace.  Doge coin was started as a joke.  Have they even updated it from it's original beginning?  I note that it has had time to work it's way into crypto exchanges.  It's fast and has low cost transactions.

Doge Coin reminds me of a very Vulgar D Word

   Steem has the exact same thing, zero cost transactions and is fast.  Plus, it has an amazing community powering it through content creation at steemit.  I'm just thinking if we could get steem in more exchanges we should be blowing doge coin out of the water.  View the amount of transactions of steem versus doge coin at Blocktivity, and steem transactions are still very fast.


   Let's see if we can get steem on more crypto exchanges.  What a big win it was to get it on binance.

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The real mission is to spread Steem around many trading exchanges possible. ;)


Yes sir we really need to get that done!!!

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