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not me, but the name is cool and funny - boatymcboatface
so good to see such name listed -

i also like - gtg


Boaty McBoatface
Boaty McBoatface is the lead boat of the Autosub Long Range-class of autonomous underwater vehicles (AUVs) used for scientific research that will be carried on the research vessel RRS Sir David Attenborough owned by the Natural Environment Research Council (NERC) and operated by the British Antarctic Survey (BAS). Because of her complexity and her extended range, NERC is classing her as an autosub long range autonomous vehicle.

@enginewitty~ He is a man that cares about the world and all the people in it. He is the social part of this platform and makes everyone he meets feel at home on

He is a level-headed man that can look at any situation from all angles and see what is the right thing to do. He never takes credit for helping so many on the platform. If you ask him about something he did he will make it all about the person he has helped.

He cares and wants Steemit to succeed. There is not a better man to have by your side. He is also the head and founder of The group 'The Alliance'. It is a family of all different kinds of Steemians and has made the "castle' feel like home to so many great and wonderful people.

Never underestimate how smart he is behind his fun and laughter. His brain works faster than anyone I know. We need more Witnesses higher up like him.

@steemgigs/ @surpassinggoogle ~ for trying to raise up all the people of the world. is a man that helps so many from all over the world. He works day and night to make a home on Steemit for everyone. No matter who you are. He is a man that took a simple vision of making #Ulogs, blogs/vlogs about YOU as the main star. Everyone has a story to tell about themselves and their day.

By doing this he has helped cut down on spam posts, plagiarism, and given people hope and drive to make better original posts which will only make this format a better place for all.

@guiltyparties ~ for keeping us all safe on Steemit and never sleeping. This man works day and night to keep all of us safe from phishing scams. He is always there to help someone recover their account and so much more. He works tirelessly to make Steemit a safe place for all and asks nothing in return. He is a quiet man but a smart man too. If he doesn't know an answer to something he will keep digging until he finds out the why of it and then goes about fixing it so we are all safe again.

@jackmiller ~ for always telling it like it is. Trying to see all sides but never bending and always searching to make Steemit a better place. I don't always agree with everything he says but he talks straight. He has great idea's that more should listen to. He looks at Steemit from a no-nonsense business end. He wants to make this place great and works hard to see all sides and tries to get all to work together on working together for the good of all of Steem.

These and many more are my top witness's. but you asked for one and asked them to tell you why to vote for them. I am just plain @snook but I love this platform and would like to see it in good hands for many years to come and I think these 4 men are very undervalued and should be higher up on the Witness list so I'm giving you my 4 cents worth in hopes you will read this and at least look into each of these great people.

Thank you for your time. I hope you have a great day!!


I fully agree with you @snook. All 4 of them are on my witness list and they are doing awesome things for this platform.


Solid picks & certainly 4 witnesses that are doing far more for the community than themselves. One trait I happen to admire about witnesses that I choose to cast votes for. @guiltyparties is certainly one pillar of the community and active at that. I often read the activity in the Military Vets of Steemit Discord and this dude always around, which speaks to the level of commitment.

On that note, @jackmiller is another that I feel confident mentioning when speaking of commitment. I've had the pleasure of chatting with Jack on many occasions and also working on projects together since late last year. Jack is tanciously driven and his level of commitment is intense - no bull. A real stand-up guy who puts himself out there and there's no question he stands by his word - actions say it all.

@surpassinggoogle is another pillar of the Steemit community that earned my respect and admiration early on by showing immense support to those of us just starting to test the Steemit waters. Watching @steemgigs really come alive this year and see the website launch was exciting times and would not be possible without the dedication put forth to create such a kickass website for freelancers. Having said that, I won't disregard the efforts of @enginewitty and the useful info that new users can rely on as they are welcomed into this wild ecosystem. It's awesome to see the real human effort that makes the Steemit experience enjoyable for many users still trying to figure out how to use this platform. It makes all the difference to have genuine hoooooomans available to help and offer guidance.

No robot can do what these people do

Will make sure I've voted each one of these witnesses and I suggest that anyone who wishes to enhance the Steemit platform simply observe the actions of these 4 candidates.


I have @jackmiller and @guiltyparties on my witness list because of how much they both do for the Military Veterans of Steemit group and how willingly they are to help others in the Steem community. I would definitely consider voting for them!


Thank you for the mention. I'm on the list already but definitely seconding @enginewitty and @jackmiller.


Solid picks & certainly 4 witnesses that are doing far more for the community than themselves. One trait I happen to admire about witnesses that I choose to cast votes for. @guiltyparties is certainly one pillar of the community and active at that. I often read the activity in the Military Vets of Steemit Discord and this dude always around, which speaks to the level of commitment.

On that note, @jackmiller is another that I feel confident mentioning when speaking of commitment. I've had the pleasure of chatting with Jack on many occasions and also working on projects together since late last year. Jack is tanciously driven and his level of commitment is intense - no bull. A real stand-up guy who puts himself out there and there's no question he stands by his word - actions say it all.

@surpassinggoogle is another pillar of the Steemit community that earned my respect and admiration early on by showing immense support to those of us just starting to test the Steemit waters. Watching @steemgigs really come alive this year and see the website launch was exciting times and would not be possible without the dedication put forth to create such a kickass website for freelancers. Having said that, I won't disregard the efforts of @enginewitty and the useful info that new users can rely on as they are welcomed into this wild ecosystem. It's awesome to see the real human effort that makes the Steemit experience enjoyable for many users still trying to figure out how to use this platform. It makes all the difference to have genuine hoooooomans available to help and offer guidance.

No robot can do what these people do

Will make sure I've voted each one of these witnesses and I suggest that anyone who wishes to enhance the Steemit platform simply observe the actions of these 4 candidates.


Thank you sweets! Totally agree with @guiltyparties as he has been very supportive and doesn't sit on a high horse. He has technical knowledge and assists with many efforts to help keep this platform free of trash. @jackmiller is also on my list, he has been pretty amazing thus far and a valuable piece of the #teamaustralia community. @steemgigs stood me up on our man date lol! But I see he's doing good things out here. All three of them are worthy to help guide the blockchain in a healthy direction.

Hi there,

Perhaps just some key facts.
(1) We have been backing-up the network without interruption since september 2017 and have the infrastructure in place to switch at any moment to the 63 second schedule round with several nodes around Europe and 24/7 kill-switch monitoring scripts.
(2) We have the trust of almost 7k users who are voting already for our witness and aprox. 15k user following our account.
(3) We have an online-chat community with more than 8000 members with a team of dedicated moderators in two continents (Europe and Latinoamérica) to help newcomers in the steem ecosystem.
(4) We curate aprox. 50 posts a day with a team of 8 different human curators who read, comment and encourage Spanish speaking users to keep creating amazing content.
(5) We have a weekly official "life" podcast called steemit habla where all different steem related topics are discussed.
(6) We have a weekly popular science magazine called @cervantes ciencia, run by a group of university teachers and a dedicated group of graphics designers.
(7) We do regular (I would say bi-weekly) on-block discussions on topics in what we call "El Debate cervantil" where people are encourage to discuss openly a deeply about a variety of topics and where the best ideas and comments are voted and promoted.
(8) We are supporting an antiabuse/antiplagiarism team called @lince, together with more than 40 people with focus on not only marking abusive spanish written posts but trying to educate users to do things properly.
(9) We are doing a weekly life stream called "Curation Live" where the curators perform life curation sessions on cam / video sharing to show people how we curate, what criteria we use, and how is our understanding of value adding spanish content.
(10) We have a official "radio/podcast" station called @hisparadio with weekly programs like "steemit habla" where a great variety of steem related topics are discussed, also "enigmaticos" a fun program to make jokes and laugh or "hispamusica" a podcast about promoting spanish speaking steemian musicians, or a series of educational live audio streaming with educational content such as Philosophy or Health
(11) We run a project called "Embajadores" where selected Spanish speaker influencers outside of steem are approached to promote steemit has a platform and attract new users.
(12) We are running a steem/sbd to Bolivares exchange service named @cambio with new currencies to be added soon.
(13) We use our account to write original high quality content with several rotating teams of writers/correctors and designers-
(14) We use also our account to bi-weekly promote outstanding users in what we called Cervantes Presenta.
(15) We are working on several apps/websites to jump out of the steemit interface also in collaboration with other "anglo teams".
(16) We have participated in the two latest steemfests and performed live talks to present the Spanish steemit world to the "anglo" community.
(17) We have contributed to push the spanish tag up to the top of the trending topic.

And more over: We believe in steem. We kept writing/voting when the Steem went down to 0.07$ - the dark ages of early 2017. We have made a lot of great friends and are constantly learning, correcting, improving and discussing new ideas to to launch.

Thats all. I think
Yours sincerely Pablo @pgarcgo
(writing on behalf of @cervantes)


You have my vote.


I will be reading attentively all your comments in English you make in that post...

or else...

Trick or treat... ?


Please don't risk your accounts showing the truth. There is enough polarization already in our society and in this block-chain as it is.

All hispanic witness should be working together period, we need to attract investors and protect our block-chain, what they do with their money is their business.

If you have something good to say about someone say it, but don't become what you want to fight.


Not to mention they banned me from their Discord server. They never liked me as a Witness. They just support themselves. While other witnesses focuses on helping the entire community, they only support those who follows their rules, which clearly centralize what is meant to be descentralized. It's clear @cervantes only wants to be in the top-20.

Thanks for the screenshot and for making this public.


castellano witness


Thank you @loreennaa for showing in a capture the message I left to my community. For those who don't know Spanish:

Greetings to all, I invite you to leave a message or a vote in the following commentary in support of the witness @castellano, @berniesanders has some free slots and is looking for witness for whom to vote, I invite you to leave your opinion (in English) of why you support the witness @castellano and why you think it deserves the vote.

For those of you who don't know, thanks to him we have a pool of 55,000STEEM POWER to vote for the articles that are curated by CELF, (that's a vote of almost $10 that is fragmented depending on the quality of the article that is going to be upvoted) that's a support for all of you, so in appreciation it would be nice to vote for @castellano as a witness and support him in a commentary.

We also invite you to vote for the witness @jackmiller who is doing a great job and recently joined the CELF server thanks to the invitation of @nnnarvaez.


By the way, @loreennaa I don't know what your intentions are to show that capture, but if by making public my support to the witness that it is the "competition" of @cervantes I will suffer certain consequences, I will enjoy them placidly because they will be the result of my free will, I have nothing more to say.


Good afternoon, voting for @cerventes would be great, because thanks to your great support to the Spanish-speaking community, it has been very important, its content and programming towards its users and members is very good quality, it would be a pleasure for us that you I could give that vote of confidence to Cervantes.

I nominate @pharesim.


was? Doesn't sound cool...

Dear @berniesanders my answer is a question, why don't you use one of your slots in @cervantes???

Thousands of steemians of the spanish community knows steemit thanks to @cervantes, when i found steemit in August 2016 everything were in english, then i couldn't spent my time writing everyday in english due to it was not my mother-tongue language.
I was born again in steemit this year, in january, thanks to my community friends of @cervantes, they called me back to steemit, showed me again whats differences was between August 2016 and now...
When nobody wrote in spanish, nobody voted spanish content, spanish community was just a little fish into a big ocean.
@cervantes need a push up between all spanish community but also need a whale push to be into the 20 witness for all of us, all the thousands of spanish steemians who believe in @cervantes.

Our discord spanish community in 2018 is over 8000 users, more than 15000 steemians follows steemit account of @cervantes and this account daily votes more than 50 post, every weeks @cervantes use to vote in an special live show, also helps spanish community all around the world supporting steemians meeting, every weeks there are several radio post cast about highly educational and interesting questions, they have promotion video projects out of steemit, publish weekly a scientific journal, music post cast, they are always creating original content, have been created an exhange into @cervantes, @lince tried to fight daily againts plagiarism or abuse into the spanish community.
Please is time to trust in @cervantes, this will be trust into the spanish community.

I'm from Spain and still there are not to many spanish people into steemit, give us a new reason to look for new spanish steemians, this is an special country, we have a very rich language and we are looking for new users who believe in the community, who believe in the steem crypto coins, @cervantes looks for users who one day believes in Steemit and also in the crypto coin like me. Please use one of your slots in @cervantes and thanks in advance by this spanish steemian.

Bernie, would you consider voting for @mahdiyari ?

Honest hard working dev who's service thousands of steemians enjoy... (im one of them of course)

I will say, and I say this as a back handed compliment, he is not the best at promoting himself, which is funny enough another reason why I appreciate him.

If he comes here and virtue signals I would be blown away, because that means I read him completely wrong. But he does a lot, his work speaks for himself and I suspect he is of that mind too...

Anyways... I'll take my leave.


Hi @meno, maybe you should consider voting for @castellano as a witness, he's doing a great job, and he's supporting a very good manual curatorship initiative with a 51000 sp pool and I'm not telling you all the things he's been doing for the spanish speaking community since last year.


done muh fren!


greaaat ;)


+1 Steemauto has helped alot of steem communities


+1. Second this endorsement

Hi, berniesanders.
I’m a steem witness and developer.
First. As a witness, I will do my best to maintain the steem chain.

Second. I steadily develop steem service for steem activation. currently my project is and
and I am preparing Steem Wallet service and client service.

I am aiming to make steem a lot of use in real life.

I would appreciate your vote.
Thank you ^^

@cervantes is a community that promotes more tags in Spanish, every day they make a great effort for all of us to have at our disposal, information of this great platform. We have been able to interact with users from other Hispanic countries and collaborate with each other so that the family keeps growing. With the realization of events and contests, we are motivated by the fact that each day the posts are of a higher quality, in addition to this they have a weekly scientific magazine in which they make interesting contributions to the community, they have a team of collaborators called @lince that help detect the plagiarism of some post, in @cervantes we all have the opportunity to grow and be voted for by this great community, because the support is for all equally, even beginners, with their contributions helps many users of this platform, and these help to other users forming a cycle that every day is strengthened more, we must continue to advance, collaborate, betting on the original and quality. I vote for @cervantes

Hi Bernie,

I had a quick check and noticed you did not support @ausbitbank, so I’d love for him to be considered in one of your free slots. I like to see him as a Steemit hero who quietly does good while doing minimal self-promotion. Along with curie, he’s one of the reasons I’ve remained on steemit via the Centrelink initiative. Even without knowing much about him, I’ve always seen him as a staunch supporter of quality content on steemit.

In my time at Team Australia, I’ve observed him to be fair to all members, and I was pleasantly surprised he had a sense of humour. Based on my own assessment, he is committed to supporting good communities and initiatives that benefit the platform. It’s because of all this, I recently invited him to comedyopenmic. Despite not knowing me, he kindly accepted the invitation. And even though he’s already being spread thin by other sponsorships, he later agreed to offer ongoing support. I’ve been really touched that he’s been responsive, humble and kind. I feel Ausbitbank is deserving of continued support as a top witness. He’s not the type that will blow his own trumpet, so I figured it won’t hurt for me to cheer for him. Hopefully, you agree.

Finally, I’ve been fortunate to have many positive encounters and experiences at @comedyopenmic. Thank you for being a strong supporter and witness sponsor as @nextgencrypto. Your contribution has made a big difference (more than you know) in ensuring this supportive, all-inclusive and fun community continues to thrive. ❤️


I see this space very motivating to give you a reason to give support with your vote to witness @cervantes. The main one would be to see the support capacity that this witness offers to all Spanish-speaking users. From something very simple as a vote for a representative and creative work, to becoming the funder of events that unite people live. That mixture of the virtual with the personal that we both ignore and that is very significant in this medium. You can see the growth of the Spanish-speaking language and there are very few who, even though they have the power to support others, only opt for their favorites. Give that support to the witness @cervantes I can assure you that it is like giving support to more than 100,000 Steemians that day by day strive to do things in the best possible way. Sure you think This is one that @cervantes supports and therefore comes to put the merits of these! and I respond in a very polite and cordial way. I must not be anyone's pharisee because I do not seek notoriety, but I believe in the work of people when it is in favor of helping others and if it were for me I assure you that I would seek the way that many more will support it. Since I started in Steemit (you can see it in my blog), always my second label is that of cervantes, after that of my Spanish language and I am pleased with the support that this witness gives to the Spanish-speaking community. I ask you. How many witnesses do that for another community and that is of this magnitude? If you want to support a good cause, I recommend this since you will be supporting more than you can imagine. Thank you in advance and I hope you can see what I'm trying to explain. Regards...

And without wanting to stretch out more than I should, I think the impulse of the Spanish-speaking Steemit is due to this great witness, who being in the # 24 place does all this. What else could you do if you enter the top 20? For that and endless things that you can corroborate for yourself, I think it would be very valuable your support to @cevantes as a witness, all Spanish-speakers we hope that is so. Thank you again ..

As a member of the Spanish-speaking community I can say that there are not many initiatives that support content in Spanish but one of the most important and that has won the love and support of many of us is @cervantes It is not just someone who gives your vote , but seeks that steemit is filled with people who upload quality content, who are active on the platform and who support that this page continues to grow. Since I started a few months ago, I received the support of @cervantes with their excellent advice and very well done discord where one can clarify many doubts. Also always interact with the community, it does not matter if you are newcomer, you always respond with great kindness and with a great desire to help. Something important is that @cervantes does not support plagiarism and in fact has a section dedicated to attack post or users who are dedicated to that. Do not believe in the malicious comments of those users who say bad things about @cervantes. I can assure you that most of them are not even active users in this initiative or that they have been expelled for bad behavior. I hope you consider this excellent initiative for your vote and allow it to continue to grow and create great content.


I recommend you vote for @Cervantes.

Cervantes is a team of people who provide great support to the Spanish-speaking community. Not only does he give daily votes to quality content on steemit but also through his post helps and inspires users to grow on this platform. They are tools that you provide voluntarily and without obligation to do so.

He has contributed to the learning and union of this community through several recreational activities that are carried out weekly from podcast to contests, and meet-up where many steemians know each other and share their talents. Additionally for those who do not know how to change SBD to Bsf they have a service to help in the process.

There are many reasons to vote for @Cervantes. By the way, I am not part of the team but I am part of the community and I give faith of everything that @Cervantes does with effort to support the community daily.



Hola @berniesanders.

Nomino to @cervantes.

There is really very little I know about the team of @cervantes, because my activity on the discord channel has been very little, but I will share with you because I give my vote to them as a witness.

Live Healings: On Sundays of every week they perform an activity called live cures, where a curator has the possibility to vote 10 post that meets the requirements of originality. It depends on the curator, they show us their way of choosing, because they vote and if they have an error they comment on it thinking about improving the users every day, I tell them constructive criticism.

The contests: I have had the opportunity to participate in the contests that have taken place and although I have not won any yet, I have had a great time they take into account your effort and the courage of the participation.

Daily healing: They are people that I admire very much, because I as users read three or four post a day and my eyes get tired, this team can read more than 100 publications a day to give the deserved vote, personally I do not consider them demanding I think that in that way they help us improve our newsrooms and presentation of the post.

Cervantes presents: Approximately three months ago they placed a form to be filled out by the users of the community and they are published twice a week on the cervantes blog, earning their respective prize. In its discord channel, there are channels where users promote their posts, to have more opportunity to be supported, since every day there is more that join this great family of @cervantes.

@cervantes is a great team which helps the entire Spanish-speaking community and for that reason I think they deserve all the community support.

A vote to @cervantes would mean that this project would reach more people in the community with their healing team, in addition to that the different activities they promote as meetups,, thanks to them many steemians we have been able to meet and share pleasant moments, while we talk about what unites us that is our passion within the steemit platform, , orienting new and not so new users, encouraging the creation of unique and quality content. Personally, I think that Spanish has the position it has in the list of the most used tags thanks to @cervantes, whose uninterrupted work, analyzed hundreds and hundreds of publications to vote and we have all received their votes. Add to that the creation of @lince, a team that is fighting against abuses and plagiarism, and even established some guidelines explained in their publications to avoid incurring those practices that harm the quality that can be found in the publications. In addition to having one of the servers with more people, have a team to guide the doubts in your chat, teaching users, @cervantes promotes a scientific journal.



I support the witness Cervantes since he is the greatest curator of the Spanish-speaking community. Both with quality content, Meetup and support for each of the users of the platform. It also fights plagiarism and abuse. Not only is the monetary support also with their informative, educational and fun facts, they make their community diversified and fun for each of us, I want to give my support and thanks for how much or little I support.

If we want to talk about a team that works hard to help the Hispanic community with closed eyes I give my support to @cervantes.

I have had the opportunity to know the human part, their thoughts and the vision they have for each day to improve and make us better steemians, sharing their knowledge.

From @cervantes I like everything, you have several activities on your discord channel, which I have had the good fortune to participate and listen to them. Podcast is one of them, parts of being educational are very interactive, you can participate and give your opinion about it, personally I try to be in everyone because they help you improve as a user and why not, in professional life.

They are people, they are NOT a robot, they read to you and give their opinion of how you are going within the community, valuing your effort with that small-big vote, yes! approximately they vote 50 post a day, imagine how much they have to read and see to get to that, (for me they are tough.)

Another activity in which I participate and more than by vote, is what I have come to learn, are the so-called live cures made every Sunday through the twitch channel voting an additional 10 post more.

The discord channel of @cervantes has approximately 8000 thousand users, and on Fridays they carry out an activity executed by the moderation and advisory team, where users promote a post (NOT OWN) so that day will be voted by the curator, valuing user's opinion (I really enjoy this.)

The contest; as in any contest there is always one two and up to three winners, with @cervantes that is different, they reward all those who dare to participate by giving a vote depending on the quality and effort that the user has had in the participation.

Summarizing a bit I will say that @cervantes performs twice a week an activity called cervantes presents and each user who filled the form has the opportunity to be presented on his blog, they have a science magazine where they feed the knowledge and awaken the scientific thorn of each one of us what makes research more of the subject in the magazine, have a house of change for Venezuelans with the best market rate where you can change your sbd or steem to bsf, called @cambio, are the heroes of originality, and so that nobody escapes they have a team called @lince that detects plagiarism and abuse within the platform.

With my eyes closed I would vote for them, for everything they have done so far and because better things will come, with @cervantes you never know what can happen, the important thing is that everything they do is in favor of improving and helping the Hispanic community.

Hello @berniesanders... I introduce you to the Cervantes Project...


@cervantes is a Spanish-speaking project with several activities and with very varied content.

This project started in September 2016 and has a #discord community of almost 8,000 users and almost 15,000 followers in your account. They vote approximately 50 post per day live broadcast live healings, fund meetups, radio podcast, some with various prizes, have a weekly scientific magazine, make promotional videos outside Steemit, are creators of varied original content. In their #discord platform they contain music programs, they have made countless contests and many helping the community, they have a house of exchange in fiat to streamline the process of obtaining benefits of the members, they have the support of the team @lince anti abuse and plagiarism on the platform and many other projects that are now in development in which they are investing a lot of time and resources...

I personally am grateful to know them since I joined Steemit, they have received me as one of the family and I am very grateful for that... they work day and night tirelessly helping the Spanish speaking community and deserve a lot more than today. in day they have won with effort, work, commitment, organization and dedication!!!

Por que deberías votar a @cervantes?

Yo tengo una respuesta pero antes de eso quiero decir que en la comunidad de cervantes ya somos mas de 8000 personas que hacemos vida en la comunidad de discord!. A diario ofrecemos ayudas a dar a conocer a nuevos blogers que se unen a steemit. Impulsamos contenido de calidad y apoyamos y valoramos el esfuerzo que hacemos las personas para darle vida a steemit. No solo somos @cervantes gracias a todas estas personas que hacemos vida en la comunidad, nos an llevado a impulsar mas proyectos los cuales son @velazquez @goya @fridakahlo @simon.bolivar @don.quijote @sancho.panza.

Un voto no solo aria feliz a @cervantes si no que también ayudaría a nuestro proyecto apoyar a mas usuarios.

Hello, what's up? Today I approach to leave my comment, not to propose that you vote for me, but to give your valuable vote to the wonderful project of the account of @cervantes, this represents a valuable contribution to the Spanish-speaking community, seeking constant support to the same.

Many benefit from this support, in various aspects, for growth within the platform, as an economic aid for those who live in countries whose economy is on the ground, many more, thanks to the promotion and support of this valuable account, they give to know his wonderful works, artists, musicians, technicians, a discord community of 8000 people and an account with approximately 15,000 followers, endorse the great work that this team does to keep the Hispanic community constantly growing within #steemit.

Valuing and voting true original content and quality, has discord channels dedicated to monitoring for those who plagiarize and abuse within the platform, radio programs to integrate and inform their followers, people who every day spend their time to help the growth of other steemians. and I could write hundreds of words more, to say how splendid and wonderful this project is.

It's my thinking and I'm sure that of hundreds or thousands more, that one of those votes that you have available, without any doubt, should be for @cervantes.

P.S. Sorry for my bad English, I'm from Venezuela, with little English and I'm using Google Translator, to write to you. Regards!

I ask you to give your vote as a witness to @cervantes who to this day has left me impressed with all the work he does daily for many of the Spanish-speaking community, giving us that support and that impulse to each of us, supporting good content, meet up and also new users to improve and grow on the platform, having a number of followers and people who daily make life in their discord channel.

I hope you take into account the project of @cervantes and vote your witness

Greetings @berniesanders I will leave you here my good reasons for you to consider my dear community @cervantes

One of the things that captured me to belong to this family was the rapid response of its moderators when doubts arose no doubt real people who live feel like us, not a machine that responds to harsh and lifeless, second podcasts -educational Here you will find a little bit of life and health, photography, science, particularly I love being aware of those that are directed to LGBTI society led by @spicyshai society is constantly changing and we should try to inform ourselves of all we can, first of all @cervantes educates its users and guides it to create original content with unique features.

To really know what Cervantes is, you have to plant yourself here every day and see the dark circles of @ loreennaa # 2339 that welcomes us all at the time you say hello! There she is, I can not stop mentioning @robinsonlgil for her good music to cheer us up, and the best live cures, I've happened to see those of @nelyp and there is not a place where I do not scream and say fit the images, so I can not vote or be careful with the spelling !, ohh look at food !, or god but what is this? This is just a mouth open of all that is @cervantes.

We need that special help that is in your hands, not only it will be for me and for 1000 more it will be for more than 5000 please consider us without adding that you say goodbye @rinkashica

Take a look at @ura-soul simply cos he comes across as a throughly nice bloke and totally trustable.

Stop thumbing through your Steemmonsters collection and do some reading you lazy git ;-)


Thanks for your kind words! For anyone that's interested, you can read my original witness statement here.
I run the Steem Ocean app and am active in numerous other ways too.

Hello @berniesanders. I am here to talk about the community of @cervantes, since I joined steemit six months ago I have met other Hispanic communities, personally I think that @cervantes deserves the vote for their constant and organized work, for the selfless support to many people, for do things well, for being nice to people. Once I read a post from a woman who needed money for the operation of her little son, the little one was very bad, he had to be operated and @cervantes helped the woman with the money. For that and all the good things done by @cervantes deserves the vote.

gentlemen I nominate the group @cervantes, for being one of the most hardworking groups of all steemit since its beginnings in 2017 I have understood in addition to its various activities for the healing of the posts have various rooms for the inclusion of anyone who is can interest, without more to say I say goodbye saying that apart from being a group that help you, we are integrated to the point of feeling that we are family and that is something to admire

My vote is for @Cervantes which is a great community with an excellent team, of which all the members are a large community of Hispanics and who upload high quality content every day on a variety of topics.
Each day continues to grow and unite this great family
forever Cervantes. <3

Why do I ask for his vote for @cervantes? So since I am in steemit and I knew of @cervantes I could have visualized all the grand work that they realize daily in this community, where there are more than seven thousand users in his servant of discord. The community of @cervantes to supported the work of many Spanish-speaking persons where they support the qualit content, they support the new users in order that they grow and develop in stemit. In @cervantes can possess many activities where we all are participants and can possess his support, so I hope that they support and give his vote witness to @cervantes

As part of the team of @cervantes, since I am the counselor in the Discord chat, I see first hand, all the effort that the project does to support the Hispanic community, which is increasing more but we can not cover all, however, we have many dynamics, such as "cervantes presenta" where 2 times a week we present Spanish-speaking users.
We also have 4 weekly educational podcasts, where users learn interacting with the podcasters, on different topics.
In the chat more than 1600 post are promoted weekly and @cervantes can cover 50-100 daily.
The vote to the witness would help a lot so that @cervantes can support more Spanish-speaking users.

I would like to nominate @cervantes. It is the healing group with the best Spanish-speaking development. Staff support and weekly competitions for members.
Staff constantly finds new ways to recognize members and always takes comments into account when changes occur. In addition, their interaction methodology is very good (chats, podcast, presentation of members, etc).
Support cervantes and help Spanish speakers to emerge in the steemit community 🙋🙋🙋

The good ones have more than a few suggestions. All by unrelated people, no collusion. I started getting notifications of mentions here and had no idea any of it was going on.

Going to throw @comedyopenmic in aside from everything else on the dartboard already. It's designed to power the Comedy Open Mic community which works similar to SPL, which is off community support. It has professional devs to control the tech aspect of whatever it does.


What a SweetHeart @guiltyparties!

Bazinga....we're already on the list too!


Don't vote for me, Vote for @Sempervideo. A Germen YouTube channel with about 300000 follower's and far above 3000 High-quality Videos about Internet, Security and Computers.

In the german section of steemit they are one of the best content producer and have a lot of knowledge. They report about current security issues in a way that everyone understands.

@berniesanders what do you think about getting in touch with them? It would improve the steemit universe more then another bidbot.

steemit: @sempervideo
and: @semperenglish

As per my knowledge witnesses except 3 or 5 are making loads of free steem for doing almost nothing. I will be glad to be included in such a category where I don't have to put as much efforts as now.

But I got to know that witnesses like @jesta are working very hard for the wellness of the system. Hats off to them!

  1. We have some pretty good specs compared to 90% of the witnesses and will upgrade even further and faster than needed: HP Proliant DL380 G7 server, 2x 2.66GHz HexaCore, 128GB RAM, 4 x 146Gb RAID10.

  2. We don't vote for jerky scamfield.

  3. We support SPL one of the cool projects in here.

There are many more ongoing or in development but we will announce them when they are ready. Don't want to get infected with the soon STINC virus.


Many, many thanks to @ro-witness for supporting our curation job in our quest to find undervalued artists on Steemit!

Greetings sir @berniesanders. Because @cervantes supports many Spanish-speaking steemians, both with their healings and their orientations with respect to improving our publications and not falling into abuse or plagiarism. They have competitions, magazines to nurture knowledge and develop debates, live cures, educational meetings called "meetup" where people share knowledge, doubts and suggestions, make changes from SBD to bsf. It is a very important community for those of us who create this platform. Thank you

if you alone enter to a forest, full of stimuli, where you don't know what way take and where there are no signs that to continue ... and comes a personage dressed in pretty apparels, takes you of the hand, guides you, accompanies you and carry you up to where you want to arrive .... it is Cervantes.

Hi @berniesanders,

I introduce myself. I'm @moisesmcardona and I'm a software developer. As a Witness, I've been focused on helping the Spanish community, especially helping the little communities grow. There are plenty of these communities that are doing a lot.

I've developed the Steem.Place website

As part of it, I also maintain a list of the Spanish-speaking communities While my site is not known by most folks here since I've focused on the Spanish one, I've been keeping it up to date with suggestions.

Communities such as @theunion, @rutablockchain, @cooperacion and @provenezuela are some of the communities I support, but there's even more (which are in the list I shared above). I also support contests like the PitchPerfect contest from @alejandra23 along with other witnesses.

There are also some comments over here supporting the @castellano Witness. I've helped @nnnarvaez setup his @castellano Witness, which I also initially managed and handled that account to him. He's a great friend and does a great job managing that Witness. Both me and @castellano are focusing on that.

We need to help grow the Spanish community in this platform and help people and encourage them to be a part of this awesome place, but support is the actual thing that needs to be done.

There's a big Witness out there that seems to hate me for no reason which is currently a Witness in position #24 (at the time of this comment). I got banned from their Discord server for no apparent reason, and it seems they ban people without any reason at all as well, according to the comments there. They also seem to focus on themselves and not help other people with their projects, which is where I come in. There's a big evidence of this from smaller but growing communities. They also copied some of the smaller communities ideas and using them as their own, which is unfair in my opinion. They only care about being in the top-20 position, so please take that into consideration before giving them a vote.

I am a proud supporter of the entire Spanish community and not focused on a specific project AKA centralizing the community. I believe centralization is wrong. A real witness should support everyone and not focus on themselves.

Appart from my clear support for the Spanish Community, I also develop and maintain other steem-related tools, all of which are open sourced and freely available.

With that said, I appreciate your time reading this comment.

Have a nice day!


You do incredible things for the platform and most importantly, you help the community, in this case, to #pitchperfect Sincerely thank you very much to you @moisesmcardona for your support <3


Pillar of the Spanish-speaking community, and for us who try every day to put it up with effort through our diverse communities, We have received an unconditional support from @moisesmcardona.

I ask to vote for @moisesmcardona is a guy who works hard for this platform, he is an incredible person willing to offer support and advice to those who ask, he has his projects related to Steemit to help the small Spanish-speaking communities that help to search and reward good content on the platform.

I vote for three great Witness to be count on your radar:

@moisesmcardona .- a Steemian that bring us amazings tools to make the platform a better place for the user interaction, he support the Spanish-speakers community not only in making podcast to teach the hispanic steemians to make a good work on the platform, he also support contest that remunerate great musician s, we need him in Steemit and we need to have a better Witness representing the Spanish-speakers communities.

@castellano .- This is one of the greatest supporters of the Spanish-speakers, they make a really great work against the bad practices on the platform (plagiarism, spam, etc).

@guiltyparties .- This Witness make a good safety work on the platform, fighting against the scam and the phishing that sorround us, he support great communities and more.

Hi @berniesanders,

I am the owner of @qurator and even though I am not always your biggest fan, there is sometimes method to your madness. I can write pages about why you should vote for Qurator but I will try and keep it short.

While everyone is focused on upvote selling/buying, circlejerking and creating awesome apps/sites. Few still care about the quality of the content created. We are the ones who are working our asses of behind the scenes manually curating and approving quality driven content. We have over 1400 members in our Project that we support daily. That they too do not have to rely on only vote buying just to see some rewards.

Face it, quality is dying, the upvote bots and spammers are winning. Bring quality back. Help us make it easier.

We use ALL our SBD to lease delegation, just so we can support our members a bit more. One vote will benefit over a 1000 members instead of just one...

Hello berniesanders,
I'm a new witness and I'm developing beem, a better python library for steem. In the last 4 month, I wrote 13000 lines of code, did 450 commits and released 37 versions.

I'm also working on @fullnodeupdate, from which the current full node state can be fetched.

My witness application

Best regards,

I have never voted, i will look into how to vote and what its purpose is, just need a solid couple of minutes to read up on it...
As should anyone else who is financially or mentally invested onto the platform...It is difficult to navigate and find honest people but I am sure there are some part time steemians who put in honest humble productive work in...shout them out, bernie can move mountains when hes in the mood

There are only a small number of witnesses that I speak with on a regular basis. @jackmiller is one and is one witness who I personally think deserves a lot more attention that he is currently getting.

Jack jumps on board with any project that he thinks is beneficial to Steem and Steemit.

A little while ago I opened an online store selling Steem merchandise. When I told Jack about my store he jumped in and bought His entire family Steem shirts. He's donated a tonne of prizes to competitions, including competitions that I've run myself, and is always there to have a chat and offer advice when needed.

In my mind, this guy should be ranking much higher in the witness ranks than he currently is. So it would be awesome if you could throw a vote his way.

Following, I don't vote for 30 either. I don't know what 30 of them even do. It would be nice to know.


I vote for 30, but we sure lack some good information about what they're doing. I don't know who to unvote. Well, I unvoted the guy with his coin the other day.


Why which coin are you going to invest ? JBC or Proof Of Craig Grant ! ? I can't decide


Wow. I didn't know for the second one. Craig definitely has more experience.


Come on your doing it wrong, think big, Proof of JBC.
It is Proof Of Craig Grant built on SMT using POWH3d tech while also coaming the tokens are backed by steempower. Doesn't make sense just sounds fun to write :)


Proof of Trevon James makes more sense... if you don't think about it, it feels just right.


But Proof of JBC sounds/looks cooler. It blockchain BS in overdrive (cough don't want to repeat myself just look at my comment above)


OOhh yes.. i forgot!! yes... Wifi Prayer Tech!


Shit your right that another thing Proof of JBC can do. And dev funds funded by people calling Jerry for that $100 phone call! It is a $100 right or more? I forgot....


I would love to tell you what Curie does and maybe earn your vote for Curie community witness :) ?


Hit me.


Curie is one of the oldest projects on the platform that is committed serving the platform/community with a focus on quality curation. Curie discovers promising authors who are persistent in creating quality content without much success. Curie achieves this by encouraging, incentivizing quality curation and empowering quality curators. Curie consists of many curators who scout the platform on daily/hourly basis discovering and rewarding exceptional content. Curie operates with aspirations towards meritocracy and zero corruption.

In addition to main curation operations, Curie supports several regional communities such as Italian, Brazillian, Malaysian, Nigerian, Indonesian, Thailand, Spanish and also interest based communities like Education, Gaming, Homesteading, Science, Music. There are curators whose focus is curating content from those communities and are involved in community building on the platform and off the platform. Also, Curie tries to contribute to various contest prize by different communities.

Curie also serves as a community witness. We have dedicated tech specialists who are in charge of maintaining the witness and the other infrastructure. Our witness operator comes with a extraordinary experience maintaining large infrastructure and incredible technical skills and knowledge.

Curie also supports curation focused and open source development projects. One of the recent projects is, a filtering tool for steem blockchain. Currently there is another project that in its final stages of development, which is a tool similar to what streemian offered for guilds. This will also be an open source and available to other teams/projects to take advantage of.

Thank you for the opportunity to tell you about Curie.


If you look back in time on @eroche feed, he did a brilliant and indepth and well researched 4 part series on the witnesses, what they did, who they were etc.
I havent used anywhere near my 30, but to be honest,there are not 30 I want to vote for !
Good morning to you :-)


I agree, I haven't found 30 I like yet.


Ahoy! I am pretty active on Steem (have about 255th highest reputation on the network) and post daily. I run steem ocean and am a professional software engineer/architect - with experience in international banking, social networks and the creative industries (among others). I am happy to answer any questions and am really needing some witness votes to help me find time and resources to deliver more of what Steem needs!

I ask for a vote to @Qurator great community with kind leaders and always attentive to support whoever deserves it, great curator, always rewarding great authors, deserves your vote since they have worked hard and deserve it. It gives me pride to belong to this beautiful community.

I have to suggest @qurator. One of the few projects around that doesn't give a royal shit about circle jerking and genuinely tries to help good content creators.

There should be a voting or election to throw out JerryBamfield. But then all shitheads in steem will not let it happen.


Check Qurator! They not only help people they also help another community projects!

I would like to request for a vote for @qurator as witness... It's a project that supports clean content, either original content or properly sourced content... All accounts are carefully checked for plagiarism before members are accepted - main objective is to help deserving minnows. Look forward to your support too. Thank you.

You should definitely not vote for me, but you should vote for @Qurator, as it is one of the few projects that still supports only original content.
Your vote would help all the 1403 (and counting) manually approved members that do put effort into their content.

Thank you for consideration.

I must said @Cervantes is a real project running every single day to improve not only the platform but the sustentability of blockchain inside colective imaginarium. Behind pc there is a human professional teamwork designing and taking care of every sub-projects, reading and responding the comments, taking notes about colective needs, designing and programming solutions to increase voting, content quality, and finding the way to expand this amazing tech to a daily lifestyle where everyone can participate and integrate Steem Blockchain to their purpose. @Cervantes is a project with passion and soul, loyal to community and fierce to protect our people. U only gotta visit @Cervantes to look the content and see trough your own eyes what i'm telling u. Cervantes is an pluricultural movement, where science, arts, music, design, programming, dance and pleasure fills the empty space. It's an excelent proposal to be Witness. Bless.

Play to see video, Cervantes promote CryptoTourism

Play to see video, Cervantes promote Sciences

There's also an agenda when u can see the month content proposal and the post votes for @Cervantes on the past month. Only Cervantes votes almost 1.000 post per month, and there's another 7 accounts making their stuff

I'd like to nominate @qurator.
It started as a curation page and support for members but has grown into so much more; with over 1400 members that receives UPvotes, support from the staff and weekly contests for the members.
The staff is constantly coming up with new ways to ways to recognize members and always take feedback into consideration when changes are happening.

For more about qurator witness see more here

Quoting from the Qurator witness introduction:

We are growing in numbers and even though many members have been so kind to delegate Steem Power to Qurator the demand is just too high and expensive for us to support everyone. All our SBD goes towards leases and I (@scrooger) have personally sent over a lot of Steem to help cover the leases and keep our SP high enough to support all our members. With extra SP we will be able to delegate to other steemit projects and offer some mutual support. We have many on our radar and will be delegating our SP to them as we grow. We will always be supporting those who try to make a difference on steemit

Consider .@mahdiyari this guy help a Lot of us with his steemauto proyect.
best regard

In the Hispanic community there is only one Witneses who works for small communities and who really lives the blockchain because it is 100% decentralized. Everything he does is open and he never hesitates to lend a hand regardless of the size of the community. He does not ask for anything in return, he simply helps with what he knows.

We at @rutablockchain are extremely grateful for all your support, that is why we postulate you to receive all the help you need to improve your path. We believe that power should be distributed in more hands within Steemit and not concentrated in few. Let's be descentalised, open and free :)

Thank you @moisesmcardona greetings @berniesanders

have a look at @qurator they do great things as a minnow project

Followbtcnews deserves your vote!! They do lots for the community and run we all use!


He votes Crim and Jeff already!! I checked :)


OK cool! I was going to look but you’re faster!

I wish to be a witness but i dont know how to plus i dont think i will have time to do it anyway. But i will tell you why you must choose me for fun .
" Because i am badass and i am a numismatic dealer who study money history "


The only comic out of this stickman wood club

Cervantes does not help the Hispanic community, it is a ruse to inflate their accounts.
Cervantes votes to whom he is interested to profit his family and friends.
Cervantes got Steempower and believes he owns the Hispanic community by imposing rules in a free network.
Why do we have to vote for him? I vote to have the delegated SP removed because of bad practice.
The Hispanic community has become the puppet of @cervantes. What a pity.

@berniesanders I only elejiere an alone witness, and this it is @cervantes. Not because not this one in other channels that have witnees, is for something very easily and is that though one wants to be separated, in cervantes little by little you are entering to a species of international family, where live treatments are done, where If though Paul arrives I motivate to the vote and to the comments it is for something also simply, in @cervantes they do not ask you to contribute (SBDS) anything that the new ones and not many take as as many for others do it, in @cervantes, if it supports the Meet-ups, podcast is done - educational, one speaks about programming, about culture, up to of the climate it is a project that though few ones handle it, they achieve a community shapes Hispanic speech which has managed formed many entrepreneurs and creators of content of SO GREAT QUALITY, Surely there are many mas witnees that also achieve it, but @cervantes it has motivated me, conceited and taught to be creating better content day after day and to be evolving as person. @Cervantes as Witness when 20 come to the top surely lograria many mas things from those that estan doing now, though it is an alga in this ocean of fish and cetacean, equally I continue forming a part of this ecosystem that with my contributions I am creating life with every publication and this way since me there are 7999 in @cervantes, that do very good things Thank you for reading it and thanks to @cervantes for the support.


yeap i agree, well when i become from this comunity since day one my first witness vote its for cervantes so i support this awesome comunity too, they support spanish content.


It is absolutely amazing how two sentences can generate so much traffic!

Witnesses are like crowd leaders on steemit? Can somebody explain what is going on? I couldn't find explanation, maybe I am terrible at searching.


Enjoy the comments, they are entertaining and you can see the reality of the human being.
That's why we still can't cure many diseases and we still have many years of evolution to go. If we manage to reach that moment....

I wish one could vote against a witness on Steemit. We can flag posts, we should be able to flag witnesses.


Good idea. Maybe we should also reduce the number of witness votes we get to 10, so not all top-20 witnesses can vote for eachother directly, and maybe some other tweaks.

What we have now, DPOS with the wealth distribution as it is, just isn't as decentralised as it perhaps could be, and will resist changes that benefit the out-crowd.

But then, maybe all DPOS systems tend towards centralisation through increasingly lopsided wealth distributions, being decentralised de jure but de facto run and controlled by a conglomerate of 20, only with a less efficient infrastructure than a fully centralised system.

There go my last voters.

Why shouldn't you

You should only vote if you feel the content is good

Not sure if you saw my @deadwitnesses tool but might be useful when you're thinking about your witness votes.


Do you even understand what's going on here?


I see some flag coming.

I’m not sure what the witnesses are doing, they are silent just making tons of steem everyday 😂


This is what we are up to:

We make just less than 3 SP a day :P


But many witnesses post something at times in the tag #witness-category. People like @jerrybanfield are doing great things for the entire humankind by launching coins in their own names! I strongly recommend Nobel Prize to them considering their efforts to uplift 7 Billion human beings! :)


Sorry I didn't get the joke part(assuming it's a joke).


I had read his post describing jerry coin. and also saw a lot of youtube videos where we can see him boasting about so many things. So I have developed such an opinion. Sorry if I was wrong!


Yes I admit it. Even I thought of deleting the comment! :)


They maintain the blockchain so that you can use and post on Steem. Not all are making a ton, only the top20.

The answer is in your heart, Bernie. If you ask around here, an endless chain of people will end up campaigning to secure a vote.

Just vote for what you think is right.



I think everything's separated right now. It's all about business, bro.

I vote for @cervantes for immense work done to benefit our Spanish-speaking community

@castellano He is the superhero of the Spanish-speaking community. Your effort and dedication to the sustainable development of the community at steemit has won our respect and admiration. It deserves support.

A language must be defended to be able to speak it (and to write it) with freedom. Borges said "A language is the universe translated into that language". That's why we must support the witness @castellano, and every witness who takes care of the universes of our languages. Well be Spanish, English, French or mandarin... the good writing, the creativity the ingenuity and the quality expression must be promoted and taken care in our contents. If we support a blockchain with good content in Spanish, then we support the dream of @castellano. Greetings!

I vote for @cervantes

  • *
             All the people that write in spanish started working in the proyect Cervantes. Is the most solid and he is the one that has more experience curing quality content, the rest are children who hate their father.
         I do not know what are the reasons why many hate Cervantes if they started working there. As they did not receive enough cake according to their criteria, they decided to become a boycott pool, in Venezuela you can live comfortably with 10 sbd weekly, but always the reptilian condition will be above, it is never enough.
  • *
             The proyect has a solid program of everything, the most coolest is the educational podcast, because in Venezuela there is a deficit of education and civilization and everyone knows that but the sons ignore the root of all problems, cervantes don't do that.
  • *
             Yes, we have a ton of rules that must be followed to preserve peace and good engine functioning, but that way I feel comfortable and safe, which is why I will always be interacting on a single server, I'm not eating where I have a chance . Opportunism is an invisible disease. Watch out!

The one who amputates the hand that offers help at its origin, is a vessel that never satisfies and paper that not absorb. -me-

rock beats scissors.jpg



Maybe is an unpopular opinion and doesn't count on this post, but i nominee @pfunk because is the sense of the contest "Steemit Open mic" with @luzcypher like host. With pfunk and the talent of the steemit musicians, we build a community of musicians with posibilities of make money and show our talent.

Working honestly for good contents on steemit, to make it a better platform.

Yo voto por @castellano y @nnnarvaez porque esta en muy buenas manos ese proyecto, la calidad de personas emprendedoras, la originalidad y el sentido común... promueven steemit al mejor estilo y con el mejor talento... me siento feliz de ser parte de ellos... también votaría por @Jackmiller que vio en mi el potencial y la calidad de mis ilustraciones... dándome la oportunidad de ser quien elabore su nuevo logotipo, ayudándome así a proyectar mi trabajo como asesor de imagen

I vote for @castellano and @nnnarvaez because this project is in very good hands, the quality of the entrepreneurs, originality and common sense ... I improved my style and better taste ... I am happy to be part of them ... ** also voted by @Jackmiller who saw in my potential and the quality of my illustrations ... giving me the opportunity to be the one to create his new logo, helping me to project my work as an image consultant **


Al prestarse como mi primer cliente me abrió muchas puertas.

Apparently, my first client opened many doors for me.

post about the creation process

PD: Gracias Jackmiller y Botman

Vote for @sempervideo.
He is a german IT-youtuber who has a big, but poor steem "fanbase". Main reason for your vote is that he has a good SERVER for hosting, not a standard pc that is running 24/7 and he has the know-how to maintain it.

I've seen my name pop up on Gina like a number of times and I see what it's all about, so rather than push a sales pitch, here is my Birthday post!

& no matter what happens as far as "votes" go, at least you'll (@berniesanders) get to know me a little better!


Here I give my answer to a question that for many might seem easy to answer, votes and more votes, and then NO, cervantes as witnees is many more, would be a voice that for many is not heard, is the leader and represents all the There are hundreds of people who come to Steemit every day and a large percentage speaks Spanish, being a platform that houses thousands of people, it is to be assumed that each Witnees represents a segment, Cervantes would be the ideal and he is the only one to whom I keep my vote of Witness, I know that it will be my voice and who will attend the complaints in benefit to the community not only of the more than 15 thousand followers and almost 8 thousand members in his Dicord server but also to those people who have not joined him or for various reasons have been put aside, I tell them that: Cervantes will also be his voice.

Cervantes promotes the creation of content and supports the quality and effort in each of the posts that receive their vote, there are 6 curators and daily have an arduous task of selection in addition to performing live activities that encourage and promote word of mouth the good faith of the cervantes team.

Cervantes is not just an account in Steemit, Cervantes is a community a future top 20 witness

add to our new curator @ramonycajal

@Cervantes will rock your vote

Congratulations @berniesanders!
Your post was mentioned in the Steemit Hit Parade in the following category:

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Hello, as a member of the Hispanic community, I recommend that you vote for @cervantes, always with a excellent work and support to the Hispanic community in general, voting of quality publications on a daily basis, pushing the good use of the platform against plagiarism, in addition to encourage user interaction through educational podcast of all kinds, always looking for ways to interact with members of your community and maintain a healthy environment for all; what i like the most is that very part of all the support they provide, is that they are people who are dedicated solely to work in harmony without criticizing the work of others to Excel, this speaks much of the quality People working in this team, contributing to the union and harmony in every sense of the word, since I met in reality the work that I fell in love with this beautiful work, all its activities, his humility and their desire to continue helping and encouraging good content to users who daily strive to quality publications, for this was of the opinion that deserve the support of the community.

Im new in this community and I need some help to grow my account help me and support thanks and I am yours good follower who all most visit your post always

Good afternoon Mr. Berniersander, I am a public health doctor and I have been doing some posts about prevention measures of some diseases of high incidence worldwide and especially in Third World countries, for this reason I would appreciate your support (votes) for make this information reach a lot more people. Grateful before hand remains of you David Osorio @ dosorio5

Since I started on the platform I am supporting @cervantes and I have felt very comfortable within this community because I feel the support has been reciprocal. Thank you for your post I have managed to expand my knowledge that has allowed me to grow and improve as a steemit user and that is why I believe you should support @cervantes because it has given voice and room to all the talent that exists in the Hispanic community very successful and I know that I achieved the goal.

No sé si aún estoy a tiempo, pero te daré varias razones para apoyar a @castellano, es un testigo que realmente vela por la necesidad de la comunidad hispana, otorga oportunidades de progreso, desarrollo y conocimientos a los usuarios de Steemit. Todo aquel que quiera unirse a una buena causa puede ser bienvenido a @castellano. Son un grupo de personas comprometidas por el bienestar de todos dentro de la blockchain, no solo lo hace por obtener ciertas ganancias (¿y quién no quiere ser recompensado por la calidad de sus publicaciones?) sino por incentivar a otros a creer en Steemit y a invertir en la comunidad. Y fuera de esto, son un grupo que se preocupa por enseñar a otros de temas simples como fotografía, literatura, criptomonedas. En otras palabras enseñan al pequeño empresario a creer en él mismo. Sé personalmente que Castellano es la pequeña diferencia en la comunidad hispana.

I don't know if I'm still in time, but I'll give you several reasons to support @castellano, he's a witness who really cares about the needs of the Hispanic community, providing opportunities for progress, development and knowledge to Steemit users. Anyone who wants to join a good cause can be welcomed to @castellano. They are a group of people committed to the wellbeing of everyone within the blockchain, not only for certain profits (and who doesn't want to be rewarded for the quality of their publications?) but also to encourage others to believe in Steemit and to invest in the community. And outside of this, they are a group that cares about teaching others about simple topics like photography, literature, cryptomonedas. In other words, they teach small entrepreneurs to believe in themselves. I personally know that @castellano is the small difference in the Hispanic community.

Mr. berniesanders Cervantes has supported the community that writes in Spanish since last year and thanks to this it has evolved becoming one of the largest of steemit.
Thanks to their vote many authors have grown and the contents have been improving and diversifying, also building in Discord a large group that they have been able to interact and share.
More support is needed so that the half a hundred votes a day that it places in the users can multiply, in such a way that it achieves a greater number of people benefited, managing to cover the needs that urge for the accelerated growth of the network.
You can be sure mr berniesanders that your support will not only impact Cervantes but also the entire community that writes in Spanish as it will be the vehicle for the content and quality in steemit to take on greater value.

Hi. I think u should vote @cervantes because they're the first account with spanish language that decided to do something to help spanish community on steemit. They do a lot of activities for spanish people, like to vote the best 50 posts daily, they costs meet-ups, make activities like radio podcasts and lot of more daily activities, They're a really support for spanish people, so they deserve to be vote!!

Because i follow you.

Hello Mr. @berniesanders:

Being able to mention the great support that @cervantes gives us would have to spend long hours to do it, the answer is simple, it is the best community for Spanish speaking, that allows us to arise in the most difficult moments, raising exponentially our intellectual capacity, besides rewarding us for This, with the great dedication of all his team, who offer us all their experiences in different fields of our lives, is why he deserves the support for his dedication and permanent dedication, just enough to take a walk through his channel in Discord, I invite you to go through it. Dear Mr Sanders, you will find plenty of reasons to support the great @cervantes.


Undoubtedly my support is for @cervantes I share the strategies that they use for the. Hispanic community The Hispanic community is full of talents that are not valued . @cervantes there makes shine the whole potential of his your community.
His projects are very educational, this reward is very big.

Between educational podcast, Meetups, competition, and many other dynamics, @cervantes forges a happy and creative community.

@cervantes changed my life, that of my family and that of many persons of my country.

I'd like to be a Witness one day but for now I'm a newbie.... Addicted to this platform and I really want to see us all make it in the future.I still have a lot to learn but I'll get there. Keep up the good work Bern......

Everyone wants your vote for their own good, everyone thinks to reach the heights and only that, I am Venezuelan, the country where blood is sweat to eat, and although it is night and I go to bed without dinner, I only think about helping my people , my people who mourn, suffer and die, with the power to share food with children who seek to eat in the trash, at this time I have no money, but some day I am sure that I will have it and help my people. God bless you

Hola @berniesanders!

My only option is @moisesmcardona, i leave you some items of why i choose it:

  • Help without expecting anything in return, he has created ingenious developments

  • He has a vision of support and he is a young with ideas of true community, not a brand.

  • Because he doesn't use blackmail to help.

  • He does not transmit arrogance, only the desire to create and is not a monopoly in steemit, he has clear objectives in his technological area.

  • Does not buy consciences, does not use blackmail to join any community and does not exclude

  • Just by sending him a secure message you'll get a reply.

  • He doesn't want to be the only one in steemit, he wants multiple Hispanic communities so that there is true decentralization and he supports many of them. If you walk through the small communities you will know all the work he has done in each one of them.

  • He has not created a brand.

@moisesmcardona is the best option available to the Hispanic community and for the small communities that emerge, others only point, exclude and label.

Freedom and Decentralization must be the philosophy of all Wittness .

Thank you !!!

hello berni, how are you, I know that many said maybe the same as me, I just want to add my thought, and that is to support cervantes, not only be supporting a name, but also more than 10,000 souls we believe in cervantes every day. In my case I have had the support of Cervantes on several occasions and it is very good to know that you have this group friend, they make you do things well, you insentient and you can even say that we are required to do quality post, for as they say, that makes the platform grow every day, for good, to improve. I hope you can support us, I only have 5 months in the community but I have a future here in Steemit, and thanks to people like you we can make our dreams come true, we can dream, we help our family. I'm from Venezuela and you do not know how much they are helping us in this time of crisis. God bless you, think about it please.

The team of @cervantes is perhaps the valuarte of the great acceptance of steemit in Hispanic America. It would be interesting an exercise where those who write in Spanish see Steemit with @cervantes and without @cervantes the answer will be unanimous: We would be adrift in the network especially those who are serious about writing in Steemit. All our support to this important member of the community.

@brittuf He is a great Steemit user. It maintains the active platform with many resources with which it rewards without fail and without preferences. It deserves your vote. It deserves the vote of all.

Greetings dear Mr. @berniesanders I allow myself to write you today because I have been operated and I could not see your post from the last date where you ask for opinion of a possible support to the Hispanic world.

The Hispanics of steemit have struggled alone to synchronize with the postulates of many who like you say that quality should be the main objective of this social network. I have supported you in your battles for austar the vote is the youngest of the eco-system. No doubt his task as one of the founders and guarantors as witness is commendable and I applaud him. I've seen him fight in his political and public life. I've always seen him do the right thing. As for your request to support two possible witnesses of our community, especially because of the language barrier and how big steemit is, it seemed honest for me to listen to the reasoning of the Hispanic community.

We who in some way make life and we know each other because every day we vote and think about our culture or the things that happen to us and that matter to us. Regarding your two postulates, I will only refer to the brand @cervantes because although it contains a name or a person behind it as opposed to others, it is not a person but a collective that we interact with differents and ingenious ways to achieve the participation of hundreds and thousands of people every day. @cervantes is also a good guide for followers of steemit is our collective way of seeing life.

To value the principles and the funds of them more than the plastic attitude of belonging has something. I will not point out why you should vote. It would not be worthy for the Hispanic community that militates in @cervantes not with the other militant partner of steemit, I think the blockchian was created so that there would be transparency in everything. From the purse and its plots to the honest militancy of being with someone who helps you in your beginnings, in your day to day when nobody reads or votes. If someone is dedicated to these two possible witnesses you must be sure first hand is what is legal, it is the right thing.

For my part, I voted in my option for @cervantes because he has supported me and the other person does it every day. I know him if he does, I hope he does better than my star witness.

A hug to you and what represents your struggles for the common good. Although we do not vote in the USA, we also know about their struggles.

... @ rafagonzalez steemit community

My user in steemit is @oizaguirres, I joined in August, 2017, that is, I have a little less than one year here: I entered the Discord of @cervantes a month later and from that moment until now I have had the happiness of having received the support or votes of the Cervantes team in 41 (forty one) opportunities.
When you vote cervantes "your life in this wonderful world" changes, not only because of the contribution in money it represents, in what makes you feel within the community. If @cervantes has voted you, *** something good you must have , consequently this humble servant declares himself happy to have received that recognition in 41 opportunities and for different topics ... Poetry, Stories; Literature, photography and food ... *** It should not be casual ***
Thank you very much to all family @ cervantes ... a hug.
Thank you very much to all la gran family *** @ cervantes ... a hug