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Hello Steemians, my name is Andrew Levine, and I’m Steemit’s Content Director. In today’s post I want to tell you a little bit about who I am and what I’m doing as Steemit’s Content Director. As someone who has been part of the Steem community since the very beginning, I understand the important position that Steemit Inc has in the minds of Steem users as well as the curiosity people have with respect to how the company operates.

My History

Like many in the cryptocurrency space, the formative moment of my adult life was the discovery of Satoshi Nakamoto’s whitepaper. Maybe it was the 2008 financial crisis, maybe it was my long time interest in economics and investing, but I was immediately gripped by the revelation of the new possibilities created by a system which could create money without a central bank.

Though I followed along with the space, tried mining some Bitcoin (very little), and even integrated a litecoin clone into my startup (GiverHub) back in 2012, I had difficulty getting passionate about any particular protocol. While the technical accomplishments were fascinating, it was difficult to envision how any of these protocols would directly influence my life … until I found Steem.

Becoming a Content Creator

Though I had become a lawyer, gone into real estate, and started my own company (and ended it), I had always wanted to be a content creator. I began shooting video in college and began writing blogs in law school. After law school I experimented with doing standup comedy and shooting short films.

I’m actually still quite happy with those efforts--even though they are super embarrassing--and despite the fact that they achieved no success whatsoever. In fact, I am now grateful for that lack of success. It forced me to keep experimenting with different art forms and media. This process led me to acquire a wide set of skills with respect to content creation that have been hugely beneficial during my tenure at Steemit.

Insights From Failures

There were a few reasons why I don’t think those efforts bore much fruit. The first was certainly that I was an amateur. The second was that it was difficult to see the end goal. I wanted to discuss interesting topics. I wanted to explore deep concepts. The internet seemed like such a promising tool with respect to finding people all over the world who found those same concepts and topics interesting, but that didn’t seem to be how the internet was evolving.

Because there was no trust mechanism built into the internet, people really only felt comfortable interacting with people they already knew (and trusted) in the real world. Because there was no value mechanism built into the internet, content creators felt the only way to “succeed” was by creating content that got millions of views which would then (theoretically) enable them to sell some ads. None of this was especially appealing to me.

It is only with the benefit of hindsight that I understand what I was experiencing throughout that process. After all, it was through this very process--through the failures and the successes--that I was able to understand what was happening to the content economy and the internet more broadly.

Then, one day, I was introduced to steemit.com. That was almost 2 years ago now.

I suspected it might be exactly what I had been looking for and proceeded to journey down the proverbial “rabbit hole.” What I discovered down that rabbit hole wound up exceeding my expectations, something I began to discuss in videos that were graciously rewarded by other Steemians.

What followed were the most productive months of my life. Powered by Steem, I created more content in days than I had created in my entire life. I could write volumes about that time. About the communities that we formed and the amazing people I got to know--many of whom I still consider friends. People like @kevinwong, @lukestokes, and @donkeypong, to name just a few.

Eventually many of us met at the first ever SteemFest. If you’d like to get a glimpse of what that experience was like you can check out the following video I made at the end of the first day. Look closely and you’ll see some now well-known Steemians like @nanzo-scoop, @mrs.steemit, and @allasyummyfood, all of whom have continued to accomplish so much in this space.

Community Liaison

Soon after SteemFest I began working with Steemit as their Community Liaison and even got to visit the team in the mythical “office above the lawnmower store.” Over the course of the next year--due to the fact that I was the only non-engineer on the team--I was given the opportunity to work on a wide variety of tasks; basically anything that wasn’t worth an engineer’s valuable time.

As Community Liaison I viewed it as my responsibility to ensure that the voice of the community was heard inside the walls of the company. But once I was inside the company it became clear that--as is the case with most successful startups--there was much more that needed to be done and no one within the company wore just a single hat.

It was the most challenging year of my life, and while challenges inevitably come with a certain amount of stress, I wouldn’t trade the experiences I’ve had for anything. During that time we were often faced with the dilemma of whether to work on a problem, or talk about working on a problem, and often times we had to choose the former. Through these trials I saw first hand the caliber of the individuals I was working with at Steemit. These are the kindest, most diligent, most intelligent, hardest working, people I have ever had the privilege of working with and now think of as friends. I can't help but feel incredibly honored to be a part of this incredible team and community.

Doing v. “Tawking”

As a team, I’m proud to say that we are “doers” not “tawkers” (to quote Nassim Taleb), but we all agreed on the important need to dramatically improve our communications with Steemians and the public. That being said, we weren’t going to do this in a way that impeded our ability to produce great code. It’s not an accident we have the fastest, most transacted blockchain in the world. It’s not an accident Steem has the most real applications (i.e. applications real people actually use on a regular basis). And it’s no accident that steemit.com remains far and away the most used application on a blockchain. It’s because we have amazing engineers who are empowered to keep “doing.”

Content Director

We had to develop a system, grow our staff, and get all the necessary pieces into place that would enable us to give the kind of insight into our engineering operations that people want and need, without consuming a significant amount of engineering bandwidth. Building and overseeing this apparatus, as well as contributing to it, is my main focus as Content Director.

Unfortunately that took time, as there just aren’t that many people in the world capable of understanding what we’re working on, understanding the unique position our company is in, and capable of writing in an articulate fashion about what we do. I’m happy to say that we’ve made significant strides in this department which I hope is evidenced by our increased posting frequency. I fully expect that our output will only increase as we move forward.

Priority #1: Steem

The main reason I haven’t been communicating much through this blog over the course of the last year was that I felt there was just too much work to be done behind the scenes. Like all of us who work at Steemit, I deeply believe in the transformative potential of the Steem blockchain protocol. I love creating content more than almost anything else, but Steem is a technology that will be a paradigm shift for all content creators. That’s why, for the past year, my #1 priority was doing whatever I could to support the development of that protocol, even if it meant I didn’t get to create content under my personal account.

My Mission

I am happy to say that our content creation apparatus has sufficiently advanced to the point where there is space for me to create my own content and engage more directly with Steemians. My #1 priority remains accelerating the adoption of Steem by entrepreneurs and developers and I still believe that my work at Steemit is the best way for me to do that. That means that I will likely not be using this account to broadcast photos of my cats (that’s what instagram is for :) ), but instead use it as another venue through which to do my job. That being the case, I will be declining rewards on my posts.

My goal with this post was to give you a sense of who I am, what I’ve been up to, and let you know my plans for this blog. My hope is that it will be another way for Steemians (or non-Steemians for that matter) to gain a deeper insight into what we’re working on and how we view the space, as well as provide another channel through which you can engage with the team. I genuinely believe that the next year is going to be even more exciting than the last, and I look forward to communicating with you all as we move through these transformative times together. Thank you for reading.

Andrew Levine
Content Director, Steemit

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Thank you for reaching out and throwing us a bone.

I have some hard-hitting questions that has been weighing heavily on us. There is very limited information coming out of STEEM Inc. and I feel the community need answers.

First of all, some advice to communicate back to STEEM Inc.

What we need is an official website that is regularly updated to keep the community informed.

We need an official webpage ran by STEEM Inc. with up to date information, roadmap, upcoming events, rules, investor information, STEEM Inc. official bios, and Node status. Google any other coin for an example on how to do it. It is pretty straight forward.

One problem is cheetah. They seem to have a spam campaign for spammers. The anti-spam system has become the spam. They also have guidelines that are different from the Steemit welcome's page. How is that? People follow the rules per the Steemit welcome page and then get blacklisted by cheetah. What gives? Now they get spammed everytime they blog by cheetah. I have had friends leave Steemit because of this. One other major investor is ready to back out because of this. I've been trying to convince her to stick with it. It is not easy. The problem is misinformation and different opinions.

We also need SBD listed on a major multilingual exchange. Wanna know why growth is slow? German, French, Chinese, Spanish, Japanese, Russian, and many other people that don't speak English or Korean are just left out. They don't have an exchange that they can take their SBD earnings and exchange it. For them, dealing with the STEEM/SBD currency is not convenient and may be the deciding factor in weather or not to use Steemit, Dlive, Dtube, Busy, etc. STEEM Inc. needs to include the rest of the world to be competitive and foster growth. The marketplace just doesn't do it. there is no other options except STEEM and SBD. Even then the trading volume is so low, they may take forever to sell their SBD. One other mention is the market is the worst exchange I've had ever experienced. It is downright awful.

What is the official information on why HitBTC and Poloniex suddenly stopped all STEEM and SBD transactions back in January?

What is being done to get STEEM and SBD on more exchanges?

Sorry for being so blunt. Just need STEEM Inc. to answer instead of leaving us in the dark.


They also have guidelines that are different from the Steemit welcome's page. How is that? People follow the rules per the Steemit welcome page and then get blacklisted by cheetah.

Can you let me know what needs to be updated on the welcome page to prevent this?

We also need SBD listed on a major multilingual exchange. Wanna know why growth is slow? German, French, Chinese, Spanish, Japanese, Russian, and many other people that don't speak English or Korean are just left out. They don't have an exchange that they can take their SBD earnings and exchange it. For them, dealing with the STEEM/SBD currency is not convenient and may be the deciding factor in weather or not to use Steemit, Dlive, Dtube, Busy, etc. STEEM Inc. needs to include the rest of the world to be competitive and foster growth. The marketplace just doesn't do it. there is no other options except STEEM and SBD. Even then the trading volume is so low, they may take forever to sell their SBD. One other mention is the market is the worst exchange I've had ever experienced. It is downright awful.

What is wrong with BlockTrades? It should work for everyone.

What is the official information on why HitBTC and Poloniex suddenly stopped all STEEM and SBD transactions back in January?

This is something you would need to contact the exchanges about.

What is being done to get STEEM and SBD on more exchanges?

As a witness, I have reached out to multiple exchanges. I know from my experience, that exchanges require these types of conversations to remain private, which means this is a question that can't really be answered. STEEM has been listed on quite a few exchanges recently. That should tell you something.


Thanks @timcliff. We are just left in the dark, at least until you responded. For that, I'm deeply grateful.

I do understand that prior announcements of listings will cause pump and dump which is why it should remain secret. We just need to know if someone is working on it. Bolocktrades = high fees. There should be options. I have options because I speak English and I can go to bittrex. For everyone else, I really feel that they are being neglected. I much appreciate you reaching out to exchanges. That is what we really need.

This is something you would need to contact the exchanges about.

I have to disagree with you on this one. Those exchanges are not going to listen to me. They are not going to respond. That is going to require @ned or someone high up to have that conversation. @poloniex has about $44 Million dollars of STEEM and SBD tied up in their account. What happened? did they loose the keys to $44 Million dollars? Do they need help getting their account recovered? They are negatively affecting price of STEEM and SBD. I think it would warrant a phone call at the least.

Again, I'm grateful you responded!


All communication that takes place with exchanges is going to remain private. It is understandable that you are asking about it, but I am just letting you know how it is and not to expect a response.

Their team is not incompetent. You should not assume that just because conversations are not being made public that conversations are not taking place.


I hate to say it, but when you have people asking for answers for literally months, and get literally zero responses or feedback, one tends to assume either incompetence or bad news. It would be nice to be proven wrong, rather than simply being told they are not incompetent. Personally, I don't go anywhere near Poloniex and haven't for about a year, because they don't give any explanations about why they just up and halt all Steem transactions. It's well and good to say that all of these conversations remain private, but frankly we don't even know they are happening. I'm really glad I got out of Poloniex and HitBTC when I did, because zero communication in the crypto world usually means you just lost all your coins.


Hey man tell @ned thanks for making more posts and for coming into voice chat discord with @mughat and for talking and responding to people on His SMT telegram group, (like how i had to get a response from him to dispell FUD article from "icoexaminer" "fake news site saying ned was leaving steemit, and made a post about it showing him confirming chat hes not leaving)

and so yeah its importanmt we hear from ned right now with the price this low

the price is the most important thing sometimes, sorry its true though, i wish it wasnt but people just care about their investment and if the truth is that steem just needs some new upgrades and THE the market will react and steem price will grow... WELL we NEED to hear that frpom ned, i KNOW he cant speculate on the price but i think itd be reassuring from SOMEONE to explain all the reasons why steem COULD be worth very high as a cryptocurrency I think THAt would be responsible and prudent, because to not reassure users is a lil risky.... letting them have to just deal with low price on their own and come to terms iwth it on thri OWN is risky... some cant handle it and will panmic powerdown and sell... especially after ned powers downm.. because peopel dont know the difference between a sell and a power down and that they are completely different and powering down doenst mean at all someone will sell.....ned is just using that steem for othe rprojects like @brixtongg some im guessing music project? Anyway music SMT sounds cool and anyway, i am SURE the projects neds powering down to fund are going to HELP steem, but people NEED to know that!

I know ned cant talk about secret new projects but his wallet is public so he should write a post explaining how the icoexaminer article claiming he is leaving, is all fud and wrong......i know it sucks ned has to make refrebnce to a new secrety project but he can just at least ensure people that hes not trying to sell his stake and its DEFINITELY not HALF of his stake as the fake news article on icoexaminer claims

anyway thanks fopr the constant engagement with the users man!

u came from the users as an organic DEDICATED user and we love that about you tim!

Hiring from "within" like you and Inertia were some of the best decisions ned made in terms of hiring that I know about :)


Ned would not be able to make any public statements that could affect the price without running a serious risk of committing a crime. Given his position, it would likely be seen as market manipulation.

Regarding his power-down he did make a reply here:


Yes, @Cheetah has bothered me, and there are many bots and things we can talk about. We can always try to reform Cheetah and the other bots and the systems. Some bots and some people have accused me of spam. They put me on blacklists on Steemit. I told people about it and made it through it, it seems. Not too sure of the details and it does discourage new users. I've been banned on YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, on many websites, social networks, many times, for many years. So, I've learned how to deal with it but not everybody may be like me. So, I understand that Steemit is tough to learn and live through, especially the first month or so for new users.

I have used Bittrex for SBD and there may be other exchange markets out there as well.


It would be nice if there were official rules to follow and cheetah also used those rules to determine bad content. Instead, they are changing their own criteria and leaving a wake of destruction.

There are only 2 major exchanges that support SBD.
#1 Bittrex, However Bittrex only supports English language.
#2 UpBit, However UpBit only supports Korean language.

That is my point about the language barrier. Most people that already speak and understand English don't think twice about SBD on exchanges, because they aren't impacted. Everyone else has the problem.


There's Blocktrades too. And also, Bittrex is unavailable to certain countries now, I don't remember the whole list, but parts of the middle east and India, I think. They just up and closed those people's accounts with a "too bad, so sad" blaséness about it. 😬


Isn't Binance considered a major exchange?

I think you are right in asking so many important questions. There are many more questions too. What exactly has the Content Director been doing under the hood all this time, unrelated to creating/directing content? I almost laughed when I saw the title because I thought there was no such thing as a steem content director.


Binance doesn't support SBD and they are a major multilingual exchange. SBD listing on Binance is exactly what we need.


Binance is a major exchange but doesn't support SBD yet


This comment is too long and too off topic, therefore I am not responding and muting the user so that I will no longer see anything they post ever. Short and to the point questions are always welcome, though I would prefer they are also on topic (which this comment is not). My blog is not an opportunity for people to air all of their grievances with the platform. I am here to engage with considerate users. This user is not considerate and now has lost the opportunity to engage with me.


I just want to point out the irony of your statement.

As a content director responsible for ensuring "production of Content coming out of Steemit Inc", and yet your first official public interaction as content director is to make a statement to ignore the people that have concerns and suggestions about content coming out of Steemit Inc.


I'm just asking the questions that everyone has. I'll let the readers read through the comments and determine who is being inconsiderate.


so having Steem on binance is not good enough for you?? its only one of the biggest exchanges in the world.

I will support that a website might not be a bad idea, with a little bit more information for the layman to be able to understand what is going on. There seems to be a bit more coming out of the Steemit Inc what information is concerned and that is only positive.
But they are very hard to reach. For example I am part of a team that is organizing a conference here in the crypto valley in Zug and I wanted to reach Steemit inc to see if they could send a speaker but they are a closed box and nothing ever came back from my inquiries. I even send an invitation to @Anrarchy /Andrew Levine on linkedin with a message explaining. No message back, nothing and that was disappointing (invitation still pending by the way).

I have been here a while as well and had an early run in with cheetah, like 7 months ago and nothing since. So i did not know things had gotten that bad. And for Europe, I would say that most people that are in crypto understand enough English to handle an exchange. It would be an added small boost to get a few more but I doubt it will make that big a difference until the overall issue is fixed that we do not have a big enough to constitute a steem middle class.

There are 1% accounts (roughly everything over 500SP) and the minnows and a lot of the SP is sticking to the top and not flowing down fast enough. And then what is flowing down is taken out instead of being powered up.


Binance doesn't support SBD. You have to understand that the language barrier is going to limit new accounts and potential investors. The value of STEEM is tied to the number of active users. If you exclude all the people that don't know English or Korean, then that is a huge population. On the currency side, you have to consider that most people pick an exchange that they like and stick with it. Therefore, they are limited to whatever that exchange has. SBD is just not available which makes it useless as a currency. Other currencies have dedicated staff working aggressively to get their currency listed on exchanges . What is STEEM Inc. doing? Nothing?

STEEM is severely deficient with the number of exchanges it is listed on. Compare it to all the other currencies in the top 50 and you will see there is a problem. Remember you have to subtract Poloniex and HitBTC. They both have stopped supporting transfers back in January. When you take those exchanges out of the picture, the number of exchanges that STEEM is listed on is downright dangerous.


Hi @felander, I'm sorry I was unable to respond to your invitation. Unfortunately, we are incredibly busy and get a lot of those types of messages. I do read every message I receive and I encourage people to email me at [email protected] I read all of my e-mails, unfortunately I can't respond to them all and do my job. Thanks for the invite though!


well could you please revisit the proposal, I will send you a new message, we have a slot open and would really like to have someone from steem there if possible
resent through linkedin


I saw @cheetah go after a post that quoted a Bible verse. It seems they found similar content...seriously?

They have picked a tough nitch, and may need to add a little more thought to their program.


Yep, cheetah needs to go. The very name makes an accusation, and the accusation is often false but it kills a newby post dead as a door-nail. When I complained I got told "It just upvoted you" but it was the LAST upvote the post got and I see it happen on pretty much every post it "upvotes."

I am just really glad to see that more people from behind the scenes have started communicating with the public. It is good to have a name and face with this big entity known as Steemit. There have been lots of problems over the 300 days or so that I have been here, but there have alos been lots of solutions, lots of fixes and lots of success. Keep up the solid effort behind the scenes.

Welcome to Steem Community @andrarchy! As a gentle reminder, please keep your master password safe. The best practise is to use your private posting key to login to Steemit when posting; and the private active key for wallet related transactions.

In the New Steemians project, we help new members of steem by education and resteeeming their articles. Get your articles resteemed too for maximum exposure. You can learn more about it here: https://steemit.com/introduceyourself/@gaman/new-steemians-project-launch

I still remember your early posts really well talking about the steem economics and potential in a more non-technical way. They really helped me see things in a different light and motivated me to do better myself. We had some great talks early on as well and I can't think of anyone better to fit the role you currently have in the Steemit team!


Thanks man! I appreciate that. Can you believe how old those are now? Seems like a lifetime ago and yesterday all at the same time.


Seems like a lifetime ago and yesterday all at the same time.

Yes lol, I've talked with many about this phenomenon on Steem before, time moves in a weird way here. :D

The improvements in recent communications has not gone unnoticed! It is really nice to be seeing and hearing more of what is happening at SteemIt, Inc.!

Well done.


Thanks, glad you feel that way!

Hey!! So good to see a post from you after meeting you for the first time at the Dlive event. This was a great read - basically what you told us that night. I would still would like to chat it up sometime, you left me with a few questions haha.
Looking forward to some more content from you :)

Great meeting you!


Thanks! You were my beta testers ;) And great meeting you too


Great pic guys!

Oooh I remember seeing your video explaining steem a long time ago

I thought I saw @beanz there dancing on the second video.
But anyway I just wish you more success in steemit by helping the community grow and its value soar @andrarchy


Good catch!

Great to see you still out there @andrarchy and appreciate all the work you are doing for our beloved SteemIt!

If Steemit Is The Tesla Of Social Networks then Andrew, you are the Adam Levine of Steemit Inc. :-D Actually you look a lot like him. Haha!

I really admire your story. It is truly inspiring and clearly shows what persistence can do in the long run. If you had stopped after some of the failed attempts then we wouldn't be able to have this privilege to see you as the Content Director of Steemit. Even though I know you must be very busy but everyone else would agree with me when I say this, "We need to see more of such blogs from you frequently" :D Cheers to the exciting times. :)


Thanks man, that's the plan! More blogs!

It was great to get to know you a bit, Andrew. I'm glad to hear that you guys are getting to a point where you can do some more content creation, and I know for a fact that most of us has really appreciated the increased rate of updates done by the @steemitblog account. Keep up the great work!

Best regards from @valth

Hi @andrarchy! I think this might be the first time I've reached out to connect with you! Hugs!!! Loving the #steemfam vibe with you!! About that 16 character passcode. Do ya have any more info on how to use and store it securely? As to not get hacked and how to secure tokens. Also, as a suggestion, let's re-word the term mostly currently referred to as 'cryptocurrency' that sounds so hideous for such a beautiful thing that is becoming!!! 💚💜🌱🙌🐣


Hey @yogajill. I'm not the right person for that. The main problems we see are people accidentally posting their passcodes publicly. Obviously that's a very bad idea! So try to reduce the risk of doing that. We're also working on/have implemented some UI changes that help prevent people from doing this, but user error will never go away. Another suggestion would be to use a password manager like dashlane, educate yourself on general computer security (there's nothing anyone can do about your computer getting hacked but you), and only use Steem applications that leverage SteemConnect or that have demonstrated clearly that they handle your keys securely. If you're not comfortable evaluating an application, then steer clear of any that don't use steemconnect. Hope that helps.

I actually agree with you on the term "cryptocurrency!" Unfortunately there is value in using words that people already understand and are comfortable with, so we work with what we have. Thanks for this great comment!


You're a sweetheart! Really appreciate your insight on the topic(s) 😊 and also grateful for your vote of confidence on Steem connect. I have been curious about that too but have not seen much about it. Just wish it would operate with posting key rather than the active key!!

Damn that rancid term 'crypto' it's gotta go!!


We're using the term "token" now more and more, so that's one way to go.


YES!!! Tokens Tokens Tokens!!!! E'ry where tokens 🤣 That's a real good way to go! I am glad to know keen folks such as yourself are thinking about things like this too! Little ripples makes big waves! Put some heat on it you have STEEM! 🌸🌸🌸 powerful force that steem!! Have a fantastic day 😊

If you make another marketing protocol, please follow the set of rules you create rather than wasting everyones time👌 Interestingly enough we actually value our own time/effort.


The two self-votes give this comment a lot of value!

Greetings, andrarchy! Best wishes for a very exciting experience here in this very cool community with many nice people :) Life is Beautiful

By the way, there are several groups you as a newcomer can join. They will stay with you for your journey, helping and mentoring along the way.

@greetersguild invite link https://discord.gg/AkzNSKx
@newbieresteemday invite link https://discord.gg/2ZcAxsU

Awesome to hear from a principle. I've only been here a month but I am very interested in hearing any of the details you may be able to share about what we can expect with/from hardfork #20. Particularly (and I know this probably isn't your bailiwick) what may be coming along in terms of better spam/scam filters and protocols--especially abuse of the introduceyourself tag, eliminating paid upvoting bots, having at least written guidelines against malicious downvoting with no reason, etc.

Thanks for all you're doing to make Steemit the best platform for connecting people on this planet!


Thanks! As of now the best source of information regarding HF20 is the following blog post: https://steemit.com/steemit/@steemitblog/proposing-hardfork-0-20-0-velocity. I doubt there will be significant changes.


Thanks for the information.

Can you possibly see your way clear to using your bully pulpit to urge such reforms in the future?


Nope. I've got my priorities, the company has its priorities and they project well into the next year. If you want something changed we're not the people you need to convince, it's the community you need to convince. The community elects the witnesses, the witnesses determine what has to be on-chain, and we help build code that supports those features. If you want something changed about steemit.com, again we listen to the community (not individual members of the community) and we look at github pull requests. If you really want something changed on either steemit.com or Steem, the fastest way is always to submit a pull request for the change or to convince someone with the requisite skills to submit the PR.

All greatness starts with a lack of success, and conversely those who succeed easily at first classically crash and burn. "there was no trust mechanism built into the internet", fascinating, one could say that about large part of our society. "accelerating the adoption of Steem by entrepreneurs and developers", thank you for that, and thanks for your communications and outreach !


Communication has always been an issue in society. Real life communication was best when we lived in smaller Tribes but turned into a disaster when we live in larger cities since everything needs to happen so fast so lots of stuff doesn't get properly communicated.

With a monetary Token reward system and Reputation system we are back to Tribes again but this time on the Internet. Which is awesome since we can move away from the clickbait Era where you need 2000 human clicks just to earn 1 dollar. It's not very resource effective since 2000 humans clicking on something is not very reliable. But creating real relationships that's way more reliable and stable.


good examples, ty


Your welcome. 😉

I'm so happy to see you creating content again. If you need to, create a new account just for random stuff. I did that and though I don't post on it all the time, I do once in a while just for fun. You're a great asset to this teem, and I know much of their current and future success comes from your leadership, deep thinking, and ability to draw from many different disciplines to build systems for success. I'm so grateful to have spent time with you and for all the many amazing conversations over the last (almost) two years we've had. You are an amazing person, and I can't wait to see where things go from here.


Thanks Luke! I like what you did there with "teem" ;) Really appreciate the kind words and I send them right back at you. And that's a good idea on a separate account, I just happen to have @andrewlevine, hmmm :)

@andrarchy It's really a very charming news for all of us at Steemit that the people behind it working very hard to for the betterment of this great platform and for the users also. I hope Steemit will be the number one social and content platform within a very short time. Best of luck for our beloved platform.

Following to read the comments

Yes, agreed, there is so much work behind the scenes which reminds me of when I was working on the Mea Omnia Project website which I abandoned some years ago but that project was basically something like Steemit. My favorite lawyer is @Cernovich but am sure you are great too. I'm new to you and have been on Steemit since June of 2017 and it does take people and work to do and Steemit is growing and can compete with Bitcoin in some ways. I'm Oatmeal Joey, nice to meet you.

it good to see the @andrarchy and @ned always updating us on vital issues concerning steemit. thank you guys...we appreciate you

@andrarchy It was really great meeting you at the DLive meetup. Thanks for taking the time to chat with us.

Also... Awesome to see you post again! It will be awesome to see what you drop moving forward!


Heyyyy! Great meeting you too. And I haven't forgotten about my Vlog Tokens ;)

much love and respect..thank you

Awesome! Thanks for the introduction!
Does this mean, that we will hear more often from you and the team, what is going on behind the scenes? I mean, like real PR and communications instead of the previous silence over the past months? That would be awesome! Thank you!


Have you looked at @steemitblog lately? We've been updating pretty regularly, but certainly plan to keep ramping things up.

@andrarchy This is first time I am hearing from you. Welcome from me as you introduced yourself here.
I have some request to you as you are content director of this community.
I am here around 1 month, with few days ahead. My opinion on the platform, what i have experienced for last one month. I had spent 90% percent time of my internet is on steemit,since my joining. I read numerous articles and blogs in this time as much as i was capable. I saw, lots of good contents to be remained unnoticed to the viewers and ignored by the community. Because they did not use boosting or bot or do not have enough voting power. People are creating good content with too much effort, while most of them will be remain unnoticed, if he or she do not have SP or money to make it visible. So, sooner or later they will left the floor or will diminish their effort to making a good content. Having a single $ 0.10 / 0.05 cent upvote can give the creators too much happiness. you should know that, as you are also a content creator. But, we are deprived from this feedback. 80% power is hold by the whales, who will never see our post or comment / up vote it. Others 10-15% power holder, sometimes upvote our comment on their personal post. 5% SP are all of us having. So, what do you think?
As a content creator, we can post thousands of shitty contents. But quality will not be there. Quality content need effort and time. If we want to produce more quality content, than we have to something reward in it. I d
found several people leave the place, because they found without money or power you are nothing here. If it is your goal, then i have nothing to say. But, if you guys want to make this platform more friendly and rewarding for newbies,you have to change the system. If you go to the trending and hot page, you will see 95% posts are using Vote-bot, 4% have their own SP to bring it there. Remaining 1%, or you could say, less than 1 are normal. It is nearly impossible for us to go there with a good content. No matter how much quality i put in it.
So, let me know about your thought on the matter as a content Director.


If you spend 90% of your internet time on steemit.com ... I guess it can't be too bad ;) But of course, we're always trying to improve things. Thanks for putting so much thought into your comment and for reading my post!


I am doing it, please do something about this. It will be more interesting and lovely place to stay.


Also...looks like u may not beieve me about around 90% internet time. Check my status, you will understand. In a month, here i am. with just 2 post of my own. Those were posted yeaterday though. Lol..

Nice to know a little bit more about the folks working behind the scenes as you say to make the Steem platform become what it is meant to be.

I started following you a few months ago, after you answered one of my comments about Steem and Ethereum in one of @cryptoctopus post's back in that time. I was very impressed by your answer when you compared both platforms and then when checking your profile I realized you worked for Steemit itself :)

It must be such an exciting time for you. Wishing you all the best with this job.

Hello Andy, really an interesting and inspiring post. Was hanging to each and every word written. Also good to see more faces behind the scenes.

Hopefully, we will get to hear from you more often. What has been accomplished so far is amazing, and I'm sure better years are ahead. Never before have I felt at home as much as I do here.

Do have a splendid night.

It will be nice for the community to also know what's going on, from time to time.

Gonna follow your blog, obviously. :)


Thanks a lot. Welcome to this awesome community and it is my mission to keep you all updated on what we’re doing.

Thanks for your work behind the scenes, I do hope a lot of changes are implemented for the advancement of the platform, especially for new and struggling creators, during my research on steemit, before I joined the platform, I remember watching one of your videos on youtube when you talked about the struggles of creating valuable content and how they are perceived in the steemit community, that makes me believe that you are indeed the right candidate for this job.

steemit still has a long way to go, some notable changes I see is the absence of the views counter, which was a good marketing decision because most posts on the trending page have little views compared to upvotes.

Thanks for updating us on your work on steemit, I do hope the best in the coming future.


Yes we need more stats to track in the future. People love it and it's a great way to find out how you are doing. Twitter is awesome at this. Hopefully we can move away from the clickbait era that we have had for a long time and create real quality communication instead.

Cor boney, this is a fantastic post. I loved reading your journey to here and the video of steemfest 1 bought back done good memories!

Looking forward to more updates.

"Content director" sounds incongruous for a platform like Steemit when the content that gets shown is determined by algorithms. Is this going to change? What does a "content director" do?

It is encouraging to me to hear you were unsuccessful before. ;)


From the post: "We had to develop a system, grow our staff, and get all the necessary pieces into place that would enable us to give the kind of insight into our engineering operations that people want and need, without consuming a significant amount of engineering bandwidth. Building and overseeing this apparatus, as well as contributing to it, is my main focus as Content Director."

I oversee the production of Content coming out of Steemit Inc so that we can provide insight into what our engineers are working on. That has nothing to do with how content is displayed on steemit.com

Dear @andrarchy. I am happy to know that there is somebody in Steemit who has taken care of Steemit contents. And I want to propose you my humble and simple idea to increase quality content in this platform. I call it "premium content". I hope you have time to read my idea here: https://steemit.com/steem/@blogiwank/20180522-smt-premium-content-explain

I hope you like it.

Top work :) plse keep up the momentum! I'm less concerned by some of the issues raised here. I think Steemit is on the right track. 'good content' comes in all shapes and sizes here.

Gracias por el gran trabajo que haces y hacen todos los trabajadores de esta plataforma, es algo digno de admisacion y de reconocimiento.

Me gustaria tomarme el atrevimiento en este comentario de pedir mayor apoyo a la comunidad hispano hablante de la plataforma Steemit ya que como todos, nos gusta compartir contenido y darnos a conocer en las distintas áreas y aunque se ha visto cambios la comunidad sigue pasando apercibida la mayor parte del tiempo.

I'm a big friend of you.

The community is enthralled with your transparency. Keep up to fantastic work my friend!

The upgrades in late interchanges have not gone unnoticed! It is extremely pleasant to see and hear a greater amount of what is going on at SteemIt.

Hey Andrew! A lawyer! Ouch! And I did like you. All joking aside, count me in and call me anytime if you think I can help!


Haha, well I never actually practiced if that helps!


Yes. It does help. You are officially forgiven! Damn I’ll be glad when EOS launch is out of the way. I’m tired of us being in its shadow for the last year. Hey, do you own a Tesla?

Hi Andrew

I like Steemit a lot in theory, but it's some of the practice I'm worried about, specifically the flagging wars that are going on here. This is very bad PR for Steemit in my humble opinion, I've seen a lot of people turned away from the platform already by this kind of behaviour. This is in spite of the fact that I've only just started to spend any serious time on the platform as well. Here is an example:

malekalmsaddi troll abuse and flawed steemit system

I am going to put my findings on this together in a post when I have finished investigating. When you let the wealthy ones silence any voices of dissent, then you're just mirroring a corrupt world - I don't think that was Dan and Ned's hope somehow, from what I've heard from them.

It could be that this is something they anticipated should be sorted out by the community as it were, I get the impression they were thinking somewhat along those lines. However I think it's possible the theory is not matching the practice so it might be worth your while to at least listen to these concerns to get a picture of how the usage is evolving.



Thanks for the comment! It shows you really care about this platform we put our blood, sweat, and tears into. My response would be that anything good is worth fighting over. You call it a "flag war" I call it "users passionately engaging with one another." We are focused on making sign up 10x better, launching Communities, launching SMTs and of course making sure that steemit.com and Steem continue to lead the industry in their performance. Steem is a protocol, every supposed problem is really an opportunity for a developer to build a valuable application.

I must say that the path you've taken with all the tryouts, the falls and ups, shows that whom believes and is true to itself, always thrives. I wouldn't dream of following the same batch and reaching the same highs, but for sure I will try it!
It is easy to lose sight, not to see a vision in what you adhere to, it happened to me several times even if I spoke to myself to keep to the things that I am good to, but always something has put me to try something else. And..as always...the road is hard, the progress is slow and most of us lose patience and look for a shorter way. I started to realize for not so long that the walk up is the one that strengthens us and which makes us more experienced. So, my new motto is:


Well said! That’s exactly how I try to see the world

Sometimes the efforts we make for the progress and success we want to capa need a little bit of raping, but for the people who do not appreciate the effort that we do. Greetings to the director sir we can be a good steemit partner.

I have been on Steem for a few months. I am not seeing much content. I am seeing some really weak post hoping to get upvotes, etc.


That's how I view this comment :)


That is hilarious

Your story is truly inspiring Sir, and I've gained a lot learning that each step in someone's life is a lesson for the next class. After some years of collating experience, now you enjoy each and every of the past lessons. This is more or less like mine, I think I'm always failing but now, I realize I'm juxtaposing lessons for the future. Thanks for the motivation.

It’s great to see you pop up in my feed. Sounds like you’ve had a fascinating career. You’re definitely a great addition to the Steem team.

It seems that there’s a lot more marketing to be done to get greater adoption of Steem and more users to the Steemit platform. I saw a post recently that said only 1% of users hold more than 500SP. This is worrying since it means there aren’t a large number of accounts who can support new projects coming on to the platform. It could also be a sign that people aren’t sticking around long enough to help build the community and grow their SP.

I think the real challenge will be to create the community we need where people feel encouraged to stick around and grow their accounts. I was lucky to quickly find some amazing people who motivated me supported my content. But not everyone is that fortunate.

I suppose my question is how are we going to draw large numbers of new users to Steemit and then keep them here?


By connecting more people together and make them learn more about Steem. The demand will go up either way since we are moving towards 10 billion humans on Earth and that everyone is having access to the Internet. People are coming and learning more all the time. You are more in top 5% with 500 SP if you look at real human accounts. So it's not really that bad.

Users will come either way. I poured Coca-cola on two smartphones on YouTube and it drew more than 100 million clicks. People there is plenty of and they are all interesting in new innovative Technology since the phones are now the new boring after the 2016 peak. Now it's mainly software that people will find exciting. Building the new future interface that humans will use in this attention economy.


We're actually not obsessed with getting as many people to join Steemit as possible. That's a vanity metric. We're obsessed with creating a valuable network. We're obsessed with getting as many great people on the platform as possible while ensuring that this totally unique and unrivaled platform continues to perform as it should and continues to lead in innovation with respect to rewarding content creators.

The Communities product that we have made a lot of progress on (called Hivemend on the backend) is what will dramatically enhance people's ability to find great people on the platform and provide those people with more opportunities to have their valuable contributions receive the attention it deserves from the people who are interested in that information.


^^This is exactly the kind of answer I’m glad to hear! I think this attitude will ensure that that steemit can have sustainable growth and continued commitment from quality creators. So happy to catch this comment from you as well. ❤️

Hi Andrew,

Thank you so much for sharing your story! From reading your post (and from what I've seen for myself so far in the short time I've been on Steemit), it feels like this platform is finally pushing the Internet towards a truly democratic societal structure (if that don't sound to high falutin'), rather than the vehicle for corporate chicanery it has otherwise become in the past 20 years.)

Although Steemit is still something of a well-kept secret amongst Joe Six Pack and Sally Soccer Mom, I firmly believe it will make Facebook, Twitter et. al. irrelevant once it approaches the tipping point.

All the best!



Hey @jamesdeagle, good to meet you. Thanks for the thoughtful comment and I agree!


Perhaps not irrelevant but it will surely push them to update their current models. The two core things will be a monetary Blockchain Token system and the second will be a real reputation system so people behave great and to reduce spam. Even on these other platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter it can be very hard to find quality content since everyone is trying to create shock factor material.


Personally, I've been thinking a while about how to address a reputation system. There are certainly things we could do to improve our reputation system, but I have believed for a long time that a well-designed token was really the only solution ... hmmm, this might be better to leave for a future post ;)

Hi @andrarchy and thanks a lot for your post and thoughts. I find it great to be able to get in contact with the people who are working really hard behind the scenes to make this platform the new leader in blockchain-powered social media. They are our unsung heroes :)

I am very new to Steem but the few months i spent here have been awesome. The positivity, support and sense of belonging that permeates the community is something i have rarely experienced during my online life.

I have found lots of people who ready to give their support in the most selfless way imaginable and I cannot be but thankful for that. I just wanted to let you know that what you guys are doing here is a real game changer for all of us, and i trust i am saying this on behalf of all the Steemit users.

Thanks A LOT for all your hard work on this and I am really looking forward to witnessing the evolution of Steemit in the near future.

Have a good one and Cheers from Prague ;)


Great post, bro!

Hi Andrew!

What a lovely post from a representative of Steemit. I’m still fairly new, but it’s been a crazy but rewarding rollercoaster ride. My feedback to you is that this platform has offered constant motivation and inspiration to extend and explore my creative horizon. I came because I was interested in the curation; I’m staying because I have so many things I want to try. This is as a result of all the great content creators here and the supportive discord communities. I believe there is genuine and sustainable enthusiasm for this platform to grow. I’m glad to hear you now have the time to share your thoughts and keep a channel open to us. I’m sure if a cat or two sneaks in, no one will bat an eye. :)

Have a beautiful Steemit-inspired day!



Haha, thanks for that feedback. I think you're focusing on the right things and are clearly a valuable addition to the community. Are there things that need fixing? Absolutely. That's literally all we think about: what's broken, what can we do to fix it, and how high of a priority is it? But I think as long as people approach it from the perspective you are, they will have a great experience being part of this community and this new approach to social media. Welcome!

Thanks as a artist entrepreneur I am excited to see something like steemit come to life your article was very informative i am still learning on how to best use steemit so I will be watching your past videos
Thanks Peace

Andrew, thank you so much for this personal and enlightening post that not only let us know who you are but also let us in on the thought process that is going on behind the scenes.
I completely agree that this platform, just like life, is all I what you focus on and I'm sorry you got attacked by some Steemians.
Yes there are things that need fixing but Steemit is also still in beta and trying to do something that's never been done before.
After reading all the comments let me just say thank you, because of this platform I was/am able to create content around things I'm truly passionate about and connect with other humans all over the world who share in the same beliefs, passions, and inspirations. I can honestly say I wouldn't be putting myself out there in this way without the platform.
Just yesterday I interviewed a guy from New Zealand.
Anyway, keep up the good work. If there is anything I can do to help just ask. Look forward to meeting you in person one day

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Well met @andrarchy.

Overwhelmed by gratitude.

This window into your story is respected and welcomed. It began to fill a Hole in the Whole I didn't know existed.

I would be curious if any of your coworkers plan to or have done this same kind of intro.

Our stories unite us... So much of life attempts to divide us and set us at odds with one another...

I see you now... That's beautiful... That's the essence of Steemit to me.

I am honored to be part of this... What I call a grand social experiment, one whose Currency is Kindness. ( not sure if that sentiment was mine or @freedompoint's originally... It was a high energy eruption of conversational beauty )

Thank you for your dedication and contribution. Please extend the same on my behalf as appropriate with your team.

With sincere Hugs, @borrowedearth.

You sound like a great guy...nice to meet you and thank you for all your hard work.

Thank you for all the work you are doing. STEEM has really awakened something in me, and I too, feel a burst of content creation coming from within. I have a lot of experience in marketing.


I plan on bringing 100's if not 1000's to STEEM.

Also, I am currently between jobs and would love the opportunity to work with steemit. Keep up the great work and I am hopeful for the future!

Nice! I really appreciated this! No wonder you did so good in that video you made with me, since you dabbled in standup and short films. I still get a major kick out of that! Keep dong what you do!

Can we have a community suggestion box?
Can we have flag reviews for redemption in the case of errors or improper use?
Can we have 5cents bonus for over 100 votes. Minnows content reward.
Can we have a steem newsletter? I have a great voice for "steem news"
Can we have a back again hash tag...getting to know why steemers leave..like pricing or if they were I'll we can support them

Can there be minnow adoption to help witnesses and tech get out info and share work load.
I have more but that's it for now. Thanks for all you do. I love the Steemit platform.
So great job to you and your team!

Thanks for the information. As a growing, relatively young platform, a platform with a system in place completely different from others, it is expected to have some problems, it is also expected to have to adjust things from time to time because things don't work the way they were intended to work.

In this light, I'd like you to take a look at two op my posts. They both describe problems that should be looked into.

  1. Downvoting
  2. Bots creating their own community within the Steemit community

For most people the last one is just about an annoyance of getting followers who are in fact bots. In my opinion the issue is more serious than that.