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a Warm Welcome to new STEEM SETTLERS! Our culture here has been horrible and we want to change that into something better, CULTURALLY SPEAKING - Only!

We do not want the STEEM blockchain to be re-coded into a nanny-state, a welfare state or a broken state. We want to see culture change so there is generously spaced so that we can have disputes and arguments without ganging up to destroy one another. We want a culture that is an inch more thick skinned then what it currently is in.

Agree with me or I will NUKE your account - an attitude we can CULTURE AWAY!

For COMMERCE to thrive, people need the freedom to prosper on their own merits and investment without the threats of being ganged up upon because User X was drunk on Day Y and said Z. Remember Sovjet Russia? COMMERCE did not thrive under such leadership and bad culture, same with Venezuela, North Korea, Cuba, etc. COMMERCE cannot thrive in systems like that, because the embedded protectionism creates a fear of getting rekt, rich or offend someone.

I have thick enough skin to take some insults, I am also not afraid of insulting someone to grab their attention.

I have been a BOSS since 1998. Someone scouted my talent and gave me a promotion to lead the team instead of being led by status quo. A good decision for sure - during the 3 years I worked there we upped the sales-curve by over 70% without adding liabilities/more people to salesforce which was what they did from previous "normal". I set the bar so high that I call in from time to time just to check if anyone has broken my personal sales record, my team's sales record and my regions (2) sales records, and til this day I am still at the top in that company.

Less ABUSE, More Informed, Less WHINING, Focus on what makes you money!

I hate WHINERS, you either work for bearish traders as paid shills, or you are emotionally unstable and need to control yourself. WHINERS complain about that they do not make a lot of money on their posts, but they never say that straight. Instead, they whine about whales, dolphins, bidbots, not being seen, not getting attention, everyone else is stoopid... right?


Come and talk with hundreds and thousands of STEEM users from all frontends at http://STEEMspeak.com or use our Discord link: https://discord.gg/TP6HYAx We celebrate 2 years anniversary!

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culture is a main thing of human life.steem culture really very good oppurtunity for every people.its digital smart technology.every people very soon success this platform.if they are doing good work pefectly.your every post very helpfull every steemians.because when i read your post i am learnning alots of new thng of steemit work matter.you gives me encouraging of your post.i appreciating your every post and supporting your work.because your post writing thought always perfect and original.thank you for your good post.very well done.take care yourself and best of luck of your great work.mau god bless you. my dear friend @fyrstikken


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@fyrstikken why am i still banned on steemspeak discord? You said I could come back yet both my accounts are still blocked with no explanation for a week now? whats up? Arent I gonna celebrate the Steem Bull Market Run like planned?

And Wheres the Ackza Puppet Doll you promised? :)

Always good with selfreflections... I have taken my serious hits by bullies in your chat... even I am a true anarcho capitalist and flat earther... a very rare breed these days... a warrior of the truth..

Dont I deserve some huge upvotes on my posts from today now??


#1 I have been telling myself since day one when I joined up. Those little posts that are pennies now will be worth a lot more eventually when STEEM appreciates. If you truly believe in the success of the platform.

#2 What other platform can you sign up FOR FREE and start earning immediately?

#3 In a truly free market you gotta take the good with the bad. This is not a sprint. Its a marathon and all of crypto is in the same race.

#4 Don't argue with the Viking BOSS

#5 Here's some puppies


marathon is right! and gratuitous puppy pics!
keeps morale up


#1 I have been telling myself since day one when I joined up. Those little posts that are pennies now will be worth a lot more eventually when STEEM appreciates. If you truly believe in the success of the platform.

Not only that, every those pennies received for little posts compound in many different ways. To start, there is the inflation rate that adds to the SP (actually MVests). Then you have the fact that every little bit applies to your own VP. Each post has the ability to garner comments which can lead to interaction which then leads to followers. Finally each post adds to your totals so when someone goes to your blog page, they see you are active.

And yes the eventual appreciation of STEEM will help all this too.


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Another major issue, minnows arse licking.
Im glad you posted this. It proves what I wrote earlier that Steem is nothing more than a money making computer game where everyone is fighting for a bit of money.
It brings out greed and jealously, the worst human emotions.
Sad that there is so little charity or humility on this platform.
Its so easy to tell people to stop whining when youre in the position youre in, why not simply shut up instead of preaching or could you not think of something original to post when you desperately wanted to post and get another huge reward?

I think begging sucks too. There a whole host of contests and games to participate in. All that is needed is to follow directions and you get a shot at the prize.

One request I woukd make is to make purchases of broken tools and fix them. Who wants to wade through broken dApps to find the one that works? I like certain features of once operating and functional dApps. If you look at Altcoin companies out there buying up virtual real estate. We should too.

I agree retaliation is not fair play. We came here for opportunities not disparity. Maybe drop a comment expressing your disagreement. Then if it persists, flag reasonably.

I like to surf the new feed to find New Users that follow directions and put real effort into telling us about themselves. They usually start diving in and participate in challenges and engaging others.

Thank you for drawing attention to this @fyrstikken.


Oddly, I've made more from the handful of contests I've thrown my hat in than in all my postings combined. (Still noob)


Exactly. There is no need. All you have to do is search 'contests' and, BAM! Something to do.


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By and by I think the general population who whimper have choosen to be apathetic as respects understanding the complexities of the stage and should chill. Nobody's to be faulted for your circumstance.In any case, I think the steem blockchain has a ton of working to do yet is squandering a considerable measure of time not doing that. At some point or another options will jump up and being pioneer won't prevent you from being thumped out.
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Just a great to create your post.

Thank you very much for discussion about this topic.

Keep it up and carry on your activities I will support to you.
Just it my [email protected]

Totally agree. Trying to "protect" people will only lead to the majority getting hurt.
I know, my parents and grandparents lived in communist country.


when push comes to shove there are a rather large group of us in spite of differences of opinion at times can rally when needed and that is a beautiful thing my friend
nice post ;)

All great advice! Thanks for this


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Hello, excellent publication, I totally agree that our culture has preached beautiful values, we want to make a difference by harming other people, we start to change that it is never too late to add something positive to life. I invite you to know a little more about my latest publications, in my blog. You will find interesting publications about my work waiting for you to like it. Greetings, blessings for all readers.

Sadly, online culture brings out the worst in people. People are safe behind a screen and on the other side of the world and say and do things they never would in an office. Expecting that to change, is more or less unreasonable. It would mean changing human nature lol

I support everyone having the opportunity to make some money here and If you don't agree with me I will do nothing about it!

Kudos, Got and kept my vote for a reason
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culture needs to be maintained every human being. 👍👍

Yarrr! As a world-renowned swashbuckler, I support this sentiment! On me ship, we make whiners walk the plank! I'm still new to these waters, but from what I've seen with me one good eye, the general culture definitely is in need of a paradigm shift.

Our bearing be set north! Set sails! Catch that cultured wind! We're setting off to new lands with booty abound.

Is that why i got booted from steemspeak, and the bot discord?
Because you wanted to improve the culture?

Personally I think the people who whine have choosen to be lazy as regards understanding the intricacies of the platform and should chill. No one's to blame for your situation.

But I think the steem blockchain has a lot of building to do but is wasting a lot of time not doing that. Sooner or later alternatives will spring up and being pioneer won't stop you from being knocked out.

En Venezuela pasa algo mas Serio que un estado proteccionista, la realidad es que son comunistas ladrones, disfrazados de buenas personas.
es un tema bastante complejo, me gustaría saber si hay espacio en el canal de discordia para hablar en español. lamentablemente no hablo ingles.
Saludos amigo mio. también soy un vikingo de piel dura, hehehehe.

I get to understand your point. I live in Venezuela and I know how harmful a protectionist system can be. It is good that you try to sow a new culture in Steem although it is not easy, except with so many pessimists. But we must work on it and aim for the economic and cultural growth of our community.

Maybe I have been lucky to not cross anyone that has tried to do anything against me, and it is always counter productive to try and code in censorship...

The nice thing with a free market of ideas is that the best ideas will tend towards the top.

I love to debate ideas, and because that involves controversy, going to draw in some level of arguments / conflict. The other platforms are hemorrhaging numbers because of censorship, so it's important for long term success to avoid that.

For all the good of Steemit, that doesn't mean there aren't issues. IMO, the biggest complaint I have is that content expires after 7 days... There's not really a use in making; for example; a tutorial for a topic that might get a trickle of interest over years, it will only ever be worth what was seen in the first week.

The abuse of the system is pretty flagrant... The bots have far too much influence. However, from time to time people can be spotted that have developed a following over sufficient time that they don't NEED bots. That is a massive challenge for noobs, watching your 750 word essay getting almost nothing, while some can make a paragraph of nonsense making sometimes in the 1000$ range...

In case I wasn't clear, I generally agree, some complain far too much, don't want to put any effort and expect miracles, and trying to pull value from others you disagree with harms the community, when the mute feature will produce the same effect without the negative repercussions.

In case I wasn't clear, I generally agree, some complain far too much, don't want to put any effort and expect miracles, and trying to pull value from others you disagree with harms the community, when the mute feature will produce the same effect without the negative repercussions.

I agree. STEEMIT can be a strange place. Social media should be fun and light. Making money is icing on the cake.

Happy Anniversary to Steemit ! 🎂

Yes we need culture change on Steemit and that means healthy actions, sometimes people can have debates in conversation or disagreement but these kind of stuff should not lead towards the flag wars.

And the platform is driven through the thin layer of emotions means we don't know who is facing what situations and in what situations they working to make something and if they face unnecessary flags then it will demotivate them and inturn it will force them to leave.

So, we have to continue our work in our way and possibly we don't like next person's work but it's their effort, their niche and their way of presenting so instead of complaining, if you have some guidance which can help next person then give them and this way at individual level we can create great culture on this platform.

Yes, it's tough to bring this culture when we are dealing with million emotions but we have to start this at individual level so that it can cover in aspect to increase the growth of this idea and in my opinion we can observe the change for sure.

Thanks for sharing this post with us and wishing you an great day. Stay blessed. 🙂

Steemspeak has banned me. I am glad and it is not the first time nor the only server that has ever banned me. Most, with the exception of a few are, little people. Sad little people. @fyrstikken is smart to surround himself with these little people. They have no mind of their own.

Good for you @steemspeak! You were the original STEEM Discord channel. Everyone after you is a hardfork. In SteemSpeak there is only one that I have seen that has true loyalty to its chief. If Steemspeak and its founder were ever in a bad way, it would probably be only @inertia that would go down with the Captain and his ship.

Everyone that has spent maybe five minutes in the server, knows that SteemSpeak is filled with racists, antisemitic folk, and women haters with the exception of one. We insiders know who she is.

Lay down with dogs? Get up with fleas. Only reason I am mad for being banned is because I am a nosy fuck. Now don't know what the self-important shits are talking about.

Be assured you disciples of the STEEMSPEAK channel. Unlike Trump, your Messiah has a heart, but like any smart business man if you become a problem, you will be dropped like a sack of potatoes. Ask @walden. He knows. You think that the STEEMSPEAK community had a revelation? An Epiphany? No honey. He became unprofitable baggage.

No judgment from me. I am by no means a Saint. Taking away @walden's delegation was nothing more than a PR Move, just good business by a fairly smart businessman. A man I call friend and asshole in the same breath.
#thisisnotademocracy #steemisaplutocracy #getafuckingclue #readthewhitepaper #growasetofballs

Oh by the way...
Upvote me and I will upvote you (don't want to disappoint @steemcleaners), maybe I will make you a famous witness... Uh oh you are already my witness. Get your ass to work as you work for us poor people Mr. Booster man.

You see, my comments are better than most posts you upvote! Yes I am a legend in my own my mind, yet I have something to say, unlike your little hangers on and I do it quite eloquently. Most with sense have branched off and visit now and again. Take note of those that stay in your server. Some out of loyalty, many out of what can I get?

Listen to an old man, pick your friends wisely. Those that will tell you things you wish not to hear? Keep these folks close. Listen to their counsel. Those that agree with everything you say? Survey their asses elsewhere. Those men/women/others who agree with you constantly? They will destroy you.