What is the next Steem-Bounty promo we should run?

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Doing some thinking and planning for the next weeks.

What do you guys think should be the next promo?

Most importantly it should:

  • create awareness
  • give value to many users
  • generate business
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I often post bounties and posted about it a couple of times and I've had a few enquires on the use of it and got some steemians to use them. I even placed a bounty on someone else's post just because I liked it and hoped it would get her more responses and answers

The people who are using bounties are the ones who are now familiar with it so why not let the next challenge be for outreach. Ask users to find other users posts and place a bounty on someone elses post and share that post. That way it can reach users you don't normally reach and it creates extra interest

Also when setting up a bounty now that steemit can filter resteems, it would be great if bounties were resteemed by the @steem-bounty account and use that as an additional marketing tool to get the word out there and get more people interested and involved.

Finally since the https://steem-bounty.com/ website is running Google Tag manager you could easily add facebook, Twitter and Google Remarketing pixels so users who have visited the site can be tracked and advertised to, to bring them back to the site as well as using that data to model audiences that would potentially be interested based on their matching traits in user behaviour

Due to the rise of steemmonsters and that in a week the combats begin, perhaps it is a good challenge to upload videos showing the battles and explaining the strategies to build the decks that we use

What about a twitter campaign where Steemians post all of their work with #steem-bounty for a set time, say a week at first, and whomever gets the most retweets wins a bounty? It would create awareness on and off the platform and as far as I know, there aren't any twitter gods on Steemit, so one person couldn't just crush the competition.

I've personally used math puzzles and riddles to create a lot of engagement. It is also a skill based game with a promise of specific rewards. All your 3 points can be achieved if you can find a great collection of brainy questions and riddles and other similar challenges. (TED Ed Riddles is a good example) Make it a weekly thing for continued engagement.

Another one would be recommendation bounties. Think about a specific kind of game or movie you want and put on a bounty. Here is an example of a similar event: https://steemit.com/steembasicincome/@vimukthi/share-your-underappreciated-science-fiction-hideen-gems-movies-and-win-steem-basic-income-shares

At least half the people engaged with me on that post were engaging with me for the very first time. It only cost me 11 SBI shares at the end.

A secondary method would be design contest for logos or mascot etc.

Best of Luck!

Hi @knircky, Just learnt about Steem Bounty a week ago. I think:

Most of the Steemians are Minnows and they care about getting upvotes more than anything else. There are several ways to earn free upvotes and grow fast at Steemit. The next promo could be about listing all those ways and who does it better than others, wins.

Also, less people know about Steem Bounty so there should be aggressive social media promotion to get the word out. Weekly contests is the best way to get huge attention of the audience. Just my 2 cents!

Steem On!

Partnership with communities. Strength of Steem is in its communities. Most reside in descord. Establish partnerships with as many communities as possible with a portal to steem-bounty itself. Hire a steem-bounty rep to work on tradional “knock the door” marketing.


You know any that may be i terested?


My first approach would be to communities, and community building efforts that are running various contests already. At the same time offering them something beneficial, for example one thing they can interested on is more exposure on their contests. They can be convinced to use steem-bounty for prize distribution, which they already do manually. It is not that difficult to acquire the lists of on-going contests. I can make the list if needed. But they need to be approached.

Another idea, is partnership with dPoll app. Maybe dPoll would be interested in integrating steem-bounty to the polls people make. Win win for both projects.

I don't fully understand the business model for steem-bounty. I should read up more.

Some competition for best bounty hunter and best bounty writer, weekly, monthly and a league with general rankings. If you have a programmer, why not have a point system like in Partiko, get points for upvoting, commenting and/or writing a bounty.

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VIP System is on agenda.

First - THANK YOU for this service and your kindness at my blogpost :-)
I suggest a Pay It Forward
I blog about something and have a bounty at 10Steem.
Everone who get a bounty of me with at least 2 steem have to do their own bounty pay it forward. Everyone that gets at least 0,5 steem have their step to take.
OK - I think you understand the way .

Resteemed to spread more awareness about @steem-bounty.
I think about join the voiting club too. Seems to be very interesting.
Perhaps a good idea to do a promotion for that.


Please try it for a few days and let us know what you think. There is no risk as u can stop any time and no invest is needed. U really cannot lose


As you perhaps know until now I did not have used an autovoter ever.
Does that not collide with my voting behaviour?
I try to get not under 85%.


No as you can still vote like you want. If u have extra voting power u will get extra votes from it.

From my own experience i really like it as it works in conjunction with normal behaviour.

I really want to see how guys like you like this service. So please let me know how u feel about it after using it a few days


Until now I am very pleased. It is a helpful tool and I will write an article about the voting club too.


Signed up.

I think you should create a "title" for the best Steem Bounty HUNTER... Something along those lines.

It would create awareness like the majority of contests, many users, especially recently joined steemians would be attracted to boost their account.

Ask people to set up a simple contest or giveaway. Giveaways are pretty popular these days. People can give away @steemmonsters cards, @sbi shares, feedyourminnows membership, incinboost shares etc.

Now the smaller accounts have such difficulties to survive, they could use a guaranteed monetary prize when they enter a contest, game or giveaway

Publications in favor of education. A campaign that promotes different types of education. I am a teacher and the truth, I would like to see how much you know and what innovative ideas can be developed.

To promote awareness, is to focus on newbie when new steemian get attracted by @steem-bounty believe me it will spread.
In term of business, i think any business which resemble that of @steemmonsters should be consider.

I appreciate @jmbh85 work. Am thinking the next promo should involve featuring people in post thereby bring them to @steem-bounty.


Thank you for your words to me, it is really done with a lot of passion and faith.

Dear @knircky, i think that the best way to promote steem-bounty is what @jmhb85 did because it generate business. Create awareness and give value to many user is automatically doing when many people join on it.
I think, as awareness, it would be great if who is an active steem-bounty maker can get some reward as RC because this is the main thing i miss after HF20, it is very frustrating trying to answer to people who comment your post and you have not enough RC...:(((


Thanks for your recommend, regards.

I'm not 100% sure about it because all the given 3 options seems important. As 1st and 3rd options are somewhat related. For example: If you'll create awareness about your business then it will be automatically promoted.
Now there's 2 options left i.e. 1st and 2nd and they can be done on alternate weeks. Although for coming week, i'll like if it would be about awareness.


These are not options but requirements

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OK then a contest can be run by you to create posts about steem-bounty.

It'll help to add useful content on steemit as well as your requirements will also be fulfilled

The post that provides rewards through Steem Bounty to more users wins. Part of the price would be distributed as an extra bounty through the comments and part would be given to the post author.

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Create a promo for those using @steem-bounty to create post informing others of the new service Steem Vote Exchange Club.

This does two things. It advertises @steem-bounty and gives awareness to the new initiative. Two birds with one stone :)

How about a fiction contest.

I write stories so maybe this is a bit selfish.

However, you could announce a flash fiction contest with say 100 words count. You can choose to judge yourself or ask the community to do that through upvotes on the comments/entries

It would bring awareness, at least to the writing communities.

It would also give value to writers/readers

Should be good for business too

But then, what do I know? I'm just a writer

sry for hijacking this thread but for the vote club would it be possible to see from who you got a vote from? So you can see better who is a "natural" supporter and who comes from the club?

I realize you can just check their blog and look if you voted for them but still it would be convenient


you can see this in the logs already. Have u checked that out?


nope did not saw that. thank you

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