I am excited about this $50 Bounty!

in steem-bounty •  4 months ago

Today I saw a bounty by @eturnerxbountysb.JPG that s prominately placed Nr1 in the current biggest bounty category on steem-bounty.com.

Check out his post and earn some of it: https://steem-bounty.com/bounty/steembasicincome/eturnerx/music-ziruza-sos-contest-for-steem-bounty-and-steembasicincome-units

It looks like a fun competition.

If you want more prices check out the other bounties that are up for grabs:


If you want to make your SteemPower instead of doing the work yourself join the club! The Voting Exchange Club lets you accelerate your account with your own SP.

You can find more about it here:

Happy Rewards Hunting!

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I'm officially a "Steem Bounty Hunter", I'm addicted!!
Mostly because of posts like this, not only they are giving you a chance to win some STEEM, but the content is really good, in this case I´ve started to hear more of this music style.


Thats awesome!!!!

Hi @knircky, I'm @checky ! While checking the mentions made in this post I noticed that @eturnex doesn't exist on Steem. Did you mean to write @eturnerx ?

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Thx that was helpful!