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Staking has come out with a list of popular coins that you can stake for a little bit of passive income.

Pundi X is at the top of the list on their website because they offer one of the highest staking yields per year at about 25% with some of the highest liquidity for these rewards. So if you stake about 2 million coins in your ERC-20 wallet and don't move them for the entire month, then you will recieve about 42,000 tokens at the end of the month.

Staking coins on this website range from as low as 0.01% per year for staking NXT coin to as high as 59.68% per year for OkCash. However, investing in a coin based purely on staking rewards can be risky. If you invest in coins that offer great staking rewards, but the staking rewards are too high, then this could lead to massive sell-offs, and inflation, and ultimately crash the price.

I like this website because it doesn't simply sort these coins based on percentage gains per month, but it also takes into account the risks of buying into these different staking coins by having a category on the website called "risk". Risk in the opinion of the website is a combination of a number of factors including marketcap, liquidity, price stability, inflation, community, public interest, and developer activity.

Neo is also a well known coin with yearly staking rewards in the form of their gas token which offers a yearly staking reward of about 4.6% currently. Even though the staking reward is about 4.6% per year, their token is listed on a lot of exchanges and has very high liquidity which means that it will be relatively easily to sell Neo or your staking rewards when you decide to sell Neo. Neo also has a stable risk rating when you compare it to Pundi X which has a moderate risk rating according to the website.

Take a look around the website in order to decide if any of these coins pique your interest. I think we all want to believe that there is this idea of passive income from staking any of the tokens or coins that we own, but there is more to it than this. If the staking rewards are too high as in the old project Embercoin which was giving out staking rewards of nearly 10% or more daily if I remember correctly, people were generating millions of coins within a matter of weeks which ended up devaluing the coin completely. Also, if you look at this website you'll notice that Ethereum is now listed on their website with a minimum staking balance of 32 ETH in order to receive about $20 worth of ETH per month at the current value. ETH is listed with a staking reward of about 6% per year which will probably not lead to massive incentives to sell ETH in bulk unless you're holding thousands of ETH.

Basically, the point of this article is that staking rewards are a great way to earn some passive income especially if you believe in the long-term vision of the coin/token. However, don't fool yourself into thinking that staking rewards create completely risk-free passive income as their are a number of factors to consider and the biggest factor here is probably liquidity. If the coin does not have enough liquidity (not very easy to sell on the exchanges, low trade volume) then having 1 million of a coin is going to be pointless. Anyways, nothing I say here is intended to be financial advice, and you should always do your own research. This website is also missing a lot of popular coins that you can stake, but it is helpful for giving you an idea of the risk you may be taking when investing in a coin with staking rewards.

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Liquidity is what matter most in must staking rewards coin, because most staking rewards coins does not have a lot of liquidity in the market which might leads to a plunge in the price . I make my investment criteria on crypto currencies also based on passive earning crypto coins because you can still earn some free crypto coins just by hodl most of these coins which makes a good investment @the4thmusketeer


I think Pundi X is an interesting project with good staking rewards, but it is important to make an investment into projects because you believe in the coin and not just for the staking rewards. Just my opinion.

Staking really is a great concept but you are right about being wary not to just consider the rewards but the big picture which is the sustainability of the project and it's value. I really like what I call "cold staking" coins (forgive me if that has been COINED somewhere already...and for the pun, couldn't help myself) where you don't need to keep your wallet open on a computer 24/7 to accrue rewards, like NEO. Just login once in awhile and retrieve then go on with life!😃 Anybody suggesting other cold stake coins would be much appreciated!👍

Liquidity has the main function in the company including anticipating funds if there is an urgent need. Liquidity is also needed to measure the availability of cash and cash equivalents in fulfilling short-term debt. Liquidity is also needed by investors to assess whether the company is eligible to get a capital loan or not. Liquidity is needed to carry out daily activities.

This concept looks good but at the same time it's risky too. Isn't?

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Yes, staking is a good way of generating passive income, but it isn't that simple. There are a lot of factors to consider.

Liquidity is the company's ability to fulfill its short-term obligations. Another definition is the ability of a person or company to fulfill obligations or debts that must immediately be paid for with smooth assets.


Yes, you are correct. I think I was referencing market liquidity instead of liquidity. Market liquidity is more about how quickly you are able to sell off your shares of a company without drastically affecting the price, and how quickly you can make the sale. Both forms of liquidity here are important.

yes, the higher the rewards obtained will be proportional to the risk that must be at stake. In fact, you must use free money to invest

Wow. Very good article!
Im saying it this way because I found it on trending.. :D
Thanks for the website, truly looks like a help. :)
Got a new follower ;)
Greets from germany


Haha, thanks. I'm trying to produce good content overall, but what is good content? I don't really know the answer to this question, so I try to provide a mix of useful information and updates. Thanks for the comment!

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This concept looks good