Reason For Everything

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Reason for Everything …..

…… was Sativa’s whisper for this blog post.

She always is connecting with me daily and/or in my dreams whether I remember them or not, or unconsciously. She mingles with my thoughts and all of the communications dove-tails with my blogs, as with the last one, ‘Prime Directive’ where we hit on synchronicity, which is really a wonder to behold. As I’ve warned, as I do in ‘my’ book, once the mind is open and respondent the inflow of circumstances and events as well as imagery increases many times. Like the photo that I was drawn to in my last blog, this image here popped into my life as well. But it did so only when I was ready for it as it will do for You, but only when you’re ready for it. If you’re not ready, You will not see it. It is a ‘prime directive’ in it’s own sense and it’s all one big Divine intervention.

It’s all planned out, and that means EVERYTHING in this life. And particularly photo/imagery are like that with me, being a photographer. If I don’t see something on a daily bases that doesn’t catch my eye to want to capture it with my camera, I will see an image that another photographer presents that is meaningful to me at this time/space; like the photo here on the back of a cereal box, no less. And just how that box of cereal just had to be backwards and facing the other way I’ll never know. I don’t even buy that cereal. But, I found, if you analyze everything too much you lose the beauty and wonder of it all. And you might start to fool yourself and think there’s not a reason for everything. Everything just happens, right, and there’s not a reason why this product shot of whole and growned cinnamon resembles a ‘Q’ ….WRONG.

Because, take it from me or any other artists/photographers, they just don’t do that. They don’t just throw something in there and it turns out the way it does by chance, and they just keep it and then run for a break or the next job. Not only did the photographer, possibly more than one, use many different kinds of cinnamon, light and dark products, many different kinds of backgrounds, lenses, lights, filters, cameras and settings, these hundreds of images were viewed later for the final pick. They, the editors and such, probably had a few images they were deciding on, in many cases arguing about it, right up to the minute before publication of this one you are now looking at from a cereal box.

It looks like a ‘Q’ because it is supposed to look like a ‘Q’ not because of another reason you can conger up. And, funny, again, if you aren’t ready to see the ‘Q’ and understand the meaning behind it, it will not ‘click’ with you. When you walk down the grocery isle like I did, or even buy it and take it home and happen to see the back of the box, bells will not go off if you are not in tune to ‘hear’ them. Even if you are not of a particular political persuasion you may not catch it. Could even see that the placement of whole and growned cinnamon resembles a ‘Q’ but the meaning, the real meaning will fly right over your head unrecognized like a cloaked UFO.

Yes, it is all planned out right down to the details you would think are so minor. In fact there are no minor details. Artist have their story to tell that is very dear to their heart and they rarely, if ever, leave anything out or forget anything. They are the God of their creation and are very possessive of it and it’s out-come, and rightly so. And they certainly don’t want some one, whoever the hell they are, to interfere telling them, or forcing them, to do it any different than how they perceive it to be done. The artist certainly, God forbid, don’t want, whoever, telling them to making their creation longer or shorter. The length of it is the length of it for a reason being because that happens to be how long it is. Reminds me of a scene in the movie, ‘Amadeus’ about the great musician. Mozart completed one of his concerts and met the Bishop (I guess) after the show. He told Mozart that his composition was much too long and to shorten it taking out a few notes. Mozart reply’s (with an attitude of course) “this is absurd,” and adds, “which notes would you like me to take out ….”

The point being, how dare they, whoever the hell they are, interfere with greatness, interfere with someones Divine inspiration as if they are somehow on equal terms with the creator of this piece.

Take for instance the director Stanley Kubrick. Of all the hollywood directors I can think of, he is the most, “reason behind his madness” directors with a mission. I’m sure there are others but none, I feel, are as more ‘in your face’ as he is, or rather, was. He was also told, according to the following video, to make his movie, ‘Eyes Wide Shut’ shorter in length.

In his movie, ‘The Shining,’ the scene where Danny is playing on the floor of the hotel, he is wearing a sweater with ‘Apollo II’ knitted on the front of it. If whether you think we did or did not land on the moon, feel certain that there is a reason for everything, again, and why this artist spent the money and time to put this on that sweater of an actor in his film.

I hope, with this blog, that I opened Your eyes. There is always a reason for everything that an artist does, what a politician/controllers/cabal/gatekeepers does and how at odds they are, or they should be. When they become partners is when You should back-off and really review what you are in fact truly seeing. It is your eyes that are the windows to your soul and your being. Treasure this and don't take it lightly. You are a galactic being; treat yourself as such.

Till the next time/space dear ones ()>*<()
L O V E and L I G H T always,
Sativa via JR

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