Does anybody feels like social media is convincing people wrong?

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I am around my 30s, i remember when i got my first PC, the first internetaccess back then. My imagination about how the world would look like in 20 years was only positive. And it remained that way... until social media pop up. In the beginning I really liked the concept, but now everything is about a fake life. Friends of mine getting back from holidays and i assumed they had a awesome time, are only talking how bad they actually felt during the holidays and how many disputes they had. Me who only saw it on social media was pretty much convinced about that they had the time of their lifes. Always smiling on those short videos called stories. All the food and fancy places they have been, and they still hate it.

All these is making me wonder why do we actually fake happiness? Do we hope to get happiness out of fake happiness? Like spending 5$ and getting 10$ back?
If i fake happiness, others think I am happy so they admire me which is making me happy? But doesn‘t this mean I hsve to constantly spent fake happiness to get happy? If people are getting bored of me do they stop admiring me?

I remember when my biggest struggle was the fear of quicksand because cartoons showed them a lot. An irrational fear, I miss those times, because those were my fears, small and irrelevant...

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