Hacienda Jalisco and Playa Del Carmen - Smartphonephotography


That night went so fast after Xtreme ATVs and Ziplining, I barely had time to snap any pictures.


We finally made it back, showered and then immediately got back on a bus to head to Playa Del Carmen’s 5th street for some local shopping and cuisine.

(Some of the best tacos I’ve ever had in my life)

Before we headed to Playa Del Carmen, we visited a jewelry factory and a tequila distillery and taste test.

(That 2nd bottle ALMOST had me spending $100 USD)

When we finally arrived on 5th Street, I had to make a quick Walmart run before enjoying the festivities.

(Scott and I almost had heart attacks when we saw these numbers 😆)

The night ended after stumbling upon an amazing live dance show and a lot more walking.

Peace ✌🏾

#playadelcarmen #mexico #vacation #tacos #tequila

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