The Mad Cat Inn, Pidley

You never know what you will come across when you are out and about. This is the Mad Cat Inn in Pidley, Huntingdon. A traditional country inn where you can spend an afternoon sampling the local ales and food. They have a good reputation for Sunday lunch which I have yet to sample.

Mad Cat Inn, Pidley

mad cat medium shot.jpg

I took a couple of photographs of it as the odd name grabbed my attention. It turns out that this is the only inn in the whole of Britain called the Mad Cat Inn. That's pretty interesting in and of itself.

There are other pubs and inns with the word cat in the title. The Cat and fiddle, The Cat in the custard etc. these are mostly marketing initiatives rather than of any historic interest?

mad cat long shot.jpg

What’s the difference between and Inn and a Pub you ask? An Inn traditionally had accommodation for travelers.

Back to the Mad Cat. How did it get such an odd name?

Mad Cat Inn Sign

The story goes that the landlady some years ago ordered a new sign for the inn which was originally called the White Lion.

When the artist turned up with this sign. A local wag said it looked more like a Mad Cat and the name just stuck. What do you think?


The Mad Cat inn has been around a very long time. Built in 1648 and on the edge of the fens. It is an important part of the picturesque village of Pidley. I wonder how many pints of ale they have sold in all that time?

Edge of the fens

edge of the fens.jpg

It's amazing what you can discover when you dig a little deeper into your local area. What was a simple stop to take a photograph of an unusual pub sign took me on a little trip back into history.

Hope you enjoyed this taste of local history.

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It's amazing what you can discover when you dig a little deeper into your local area.

That's one of the fun things about Steemit I think @molometer. I've learned so much about my local area as a result of taking a photograph and then doing some research.

I'm not sure I buy that story about the mad cat name. The sign doesn't look even slightly like a lion. Surely a sign maker couldn't be that bad! 😊


I agree that it is one of the many fun parts of steemit that you get to dig into things a little deeper.
Its something that I would do anyway just for myself and I'm pretty sure you do the same.

Writing it down and sharing it with people adds something more to the photographs from a historical point of view. Who knows who will see these images in the future?

As far as the story goes. It came from a pretty well established source in the pub game. Having said that. This is the internet where nothing is truly trustworthy :)


I do dig into things but maybe not so much when I see something everyday. That's why I so thoroughly enjoyed my ten days away @molometer. I love exploring new places. Just following m y nose. 😁

wow this has almost 300 votes great job!
I think it is wonderful something like a building goes back to the 1600's. So old and historical.


And they still serve beer and food. :) Nice to see something so old still working as intended.

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