SECURITY & PRIVACY HARDENING: Windows 10, it's a dumpster fire of an operating system. If you're forced to interact with it, READ THIS.

in security •  10 months ago

It's a straight up dumpster fire.

If, for some reason, your hand is forced to utilize this garbage operating system on a machine, boy do you have some work cut out for you if you want to use it in any fashion that somewhat resembles not being a cash-crop that unknowingly bows down to the man's every beck and call. And even after you thoroughly gut this dumpster fire of an OS, you should still NEVER trust it.


I recently had to wade through this mess and I thought I'd share some of my findings that I found helpful.

Are you privacy and security conscious? If not, you should be, otherwise you're kinda stupid :-/. Just keeping it real. If you're stupid, you can change that! START CARING!

Anyways, here's the guide that I used and found very helpful/informative. It saved me tons of leg work and time, major props to the writer of this article, Andrew Douma.

Click here for the guide --> Penetration Testers’ Guide to Windows 10 Privacy & Security

Declining payout because this isn't my work, just sharing something that I found helpful and may be useful to others.


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I hear you man! I had a contract job to harden the worstations of a new environment build for a power company. It was all Windows 10. Its was such a cumbersome long winded process to bring everything to where it needed to be. Some of the default Windows 10 config is beyond stupid.

Thank you for this information. I hope I find the content useful too. Like you said, it is an act of stupidity not to be security and privacy consciois.

Man, that's a huge laundry list of security countermeasures. I'm so glad I still use Windows XP. lol


It's disgusting that you have to do all of that just to even begin to worry less. Even after all of that, you can't trust the OS.

I'd suggest jumping ship from XP, though. It hasn't been supported for a couple years now I think, so 0-dayz in the wild remain in the wild and pervasive.


I'm using a stripped version of XP called naked Windows XP so, its never been supported. I've never ran antivirus software or anything on it but I've been pretty good at keeping it secured.


You should try transitioning to Ubuntu or Qubes Linux. I think you'd like it!

Thanks for sharing, this post is very useful.

Thank you for this information master @matt-a

Yup, windows 10 is horrible when it comes to privacy and security. I get called everyday to troubleshoot some malware/virus/security issues at my workplace. The final windows, this is not

Hahaha... Traumatize? What do you think is your suggestion for that after dumping...

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I'm forced to use Windows 10 by the company I work for ... and worst, they use McAfee as their only protection plan. They don't even allow workers to install things such as Anti-Spyware/Malware programs.

So far, we have been very lucky. But these guys are really gambling with the company's security. We don't even encrypt our own customers passwords!!! :-O