Overview of Polish Starts under the auspices of "PKO"

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Being involved in running events also has to deal with sponsors of these running events. Some companies sponsor one race, but there are also companies that support many different running events. Today I just want to tell you about one of these companies, more precisely a bank called “PKO” and about those running activities that it supports. Bank PKO is one of the companies in Poland that not only supports cross-country activities but also promotes this sport in the country. As it happens, the run that gives joy, health and energy has made it hard for the bank to say. But the company describes it like this:


“Running, especially over long distances, shapes a person, develops a state, teaches humility, but also perseverance in achieving a goal. How is this bank concerned? Every success is a derivative of a well-prepared strategy, the proper allocation of resources and the consistent implementation of plans. Runners have a lot of peace, enthusiasm, and energy - these features are extremely useful both in the marathon route and in a banking environment where competition is equally fierce. ”


My introduction to the start-ups under the auspices of PKO Bank began in Katowice during the Silesia Marathon when its first half marathon ran there. And this event then gave a lot of joy and energy. During all the running time I managed to get into several running events under the auspices of PKO Bank, so there was a little curiosity as to what events are supported by PKO Bank as a whole.


Seeking information on the activities supported by the bank, he once came across a program with the rather interesting name "PKO Biegajmy razem". The PKO Biegajmy razem program combines all running events related to the bank.

What is included in the “PKO Biegajmy razem” programa:
Bieg Urodzinowy
Tropem Wilczym
Bieg Piastow
Polmaraton Wiazowski
Polmaraton Rzeszowski
Poznan Polmaraton
Bieg Konstytucji 3 Maja
Bieg Europejski
Bialystok Polmaraton
Bydgoski Festiwal Biegowy
Polmaraton Kurpiowski
Polmaraton Solidarnosci
Nocny Wroclaw Polmaraton
Bieg Swietojanski
Walecki Festiwal Biegowy
Bieg Powstania Warszawskiego
Letni Bieg Piastow
Polmaraton Szczecin
Wroclaw Marathon
Bieg Charytatywny
Bieg Lechitow
Silesia Marathon
Maraton Rzeszowski
Poznan Maraton
Bieg Niepodleglosci Warsawa
Bieg Niepodleglosci Rzeszow
Bieg Niepodleglosci Gdynia
In addition to sponsoring races, PKO is also a strategic partner of the nationwide BiegamBoLubię campaign, which allows all willing fans to training at athletic stadiums under the guidance of professional instructors of the Sports Education Foundation. Also, as part of the “BiegamBoLubię” promotion you can get a free consultation from a coach.


In addition, the program “Biegne dla….” Runs every time. Races "Bieg Charytatywny" have their own program "Pomagamy z kazdym krokiem". The main purpose of these two programs is to raise funds for children with serious illnesses.


A little bit about the future in 2020, PKO wants to launch a series of races called "Korona Śląskich Półmaratonów".

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