Today's Weed News for September 20th 2018 #CANNABISPOLICE

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For today's weed news we go to the great province of Quebec.

In a recent statement Quebec's Provincial Police Force known as the Sureté du Quebec or simply the SQ announced that it is forming a brand new police squad that will only have one mission: put an end to Quebec's underground cannabis market.

The new force will consist of 54 officers and is going to be called the ACCES Cannabis (which stands for "Action Concertée Contre L'economie Souterraine")

The SQ said that they plan to devide the ACCES Cannabis into three separate groups. Two of the groups will be in Montreal and one of them will be in Quebec City.

All that these 54 officers will be doing is fighting to eliminate Quebec's black market entirely after legal cannabis becomes available less than a month from now.

Although it sounds kind of scary, the creation of such a force really comes as no surprise to most people in the region because Quebec is viewed as having an overall "tough stance" and overly cautious approach to the upcoming changes in cannabis law.

Some are even calling it one of the least cannabis-friendly provinces in the entire country of Canada. Therefore creating an anti-underground-cannabis taskforce is something that could be expected.

I'm actually kind of curious to see if they will be able to really get rid of the black market for good. I feel like that has been the goal of pretty much all police departments everywhere for the last decades upon decades and none of them have actually really been successful.

But I guess there's nothing else to do but just wait and see how it plays out.

And that's what's up in Quebec!


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may take time for regulation ,but black marketing is a bad thing for this.