Part 1. Important quantitative aptitude topics to crack Interview

in quantitative •  7 months ago

Hey guys! Welcome. One of the head cracking rounds that we all have faced at least once in our lifetime during Interview is 'Quantitative Aptitude', commonly known as 'Apti'.


Most of us face difficulties in preparing for this round. We get confused as to what topics is to be covered and all. Well! It also depends on the company. Few companies concentrate more on quantitative aptitude than logical reasoning and few vice versa.

So, friends here I have listed a few major topics that has to be concentrated to crack the aptitude round. Let's take a look.

Problems on Trains.


This is one of the common topic which is asked in almost all the companies. Calculating the length of the train or platform while a train is traveling at 'x'kmph. Train 'x' travelling at 'p'kmph and train 'y' travelling at 'q'kmph at what time will they meet if both are travelling in the same or opposite direction. And many other examples.

Height and Distance.


This topic includes find the height of the pole. Find the distance of the man from the pole and so on.

Simple interest.


A man invested $x for 'y' years at the rate 'p'% p.a. calculate the simple interest. Guys this is a very huge topic and solving more problems on this benefits a lot.



This topic seems easy but this is also that topic which tends you to loose marks easily. If today is July 11, 2018, then what is the day of the week on June 1, 2020? After how many years will the calendar of 2005 repeat again for the third time? Tip: Solve using the calculation of the odd days.

Time and Work.


Many different types of questions appear under this topic. 'A' can do a job in 'x' days, 'B' can do the same job in 'y' days. What is the time taken if both A and B work together.
Tip: First try to calculate the work done by one person in one day. This helps in further calculation.

I'll come up with more such topics in the upcoming blog. Good night and take care Friends.

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